Transferred to Montgomery, Alabama

“Thank you,” to everyone who continues to pray for my dad. After being in Berlin, New Hampshire for the past 19 months, he was moved to Montgomery, Alabama last week — his 14th move since his incarceration began on November 6, 2006.

Those of you who know him well won’t be surprised that he talked about the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as he could during his 40-hour bus transfer. He said that witnessing opportunities included talking to a Communist Chinese student studying in New York, four Russian students on a four-month tour studying English, a man from India, five Ukrainian students in the United States to work and travel for four months, and several others.

The prison camp in Berlin had about 100 men. The one in Montgomery houses nearly 900. Dad began making his Name Book Marker Tracts and paper airplanes the first day at his new housing and the requests started pouring in with many men asking for their name to be put on a book marker. Dad made nearly 300 by the end of the second day! Wow! Wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of those guys trusted Christ!

Dad is scheduled to go to six-months home confinement on February 11, 2015. Following that, he will begin five years of probation.

Dad’s new address is:
Kent Hovind 06452-017
Federal Prison Camp
Maxwell Air Force Base
Montgomery, AL 36112 USA

Thank you, again, for your prayers.

All for HIS glory,



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