Berlin, Montgomery, and Atlanta

Dad, Kent Hovind, arrived in Montgomery, Alabama at the Maxwell Federal Prison Camp after his 40-hour bus ride from Berlin, New Hampshire on May 14. After being there only five days, he was called to the office, handcuffed, and taken to the Elmore County Jail. He was not informed why he was taken there and spent 21 days in the crowed, unairconditioned jail.

My family drove up to visit him, but could only see him through the glass at the Elmore County Jail. It was an emotional visit, as Dad had not seen any of his grandchildren for three years. He was never officially informed of why he was moved – which is terribly frustrating for anyone. Helpless to do anything to ease Dad’s frustration, unable to hug him, and knowing that he desperately needs dental work done made it hard to see him in these conditions. We departed our hour visit, anxious for him to get back to the Prison Camp at Maxwell AFB, as this was the best facility at which Dad had been during his seven-and-a-half year incarceration.

On June 6, he was handcuffed and put on a bus which took him to the Atlanta Transfer Center, his third time there. This facility has been referred to as “the armpit of the Bureau of Prisons,” as the Atlanta Penitentiary facility was built in 1902.

At this time, we do not know how long he will be in the Atlanta Transfer Center, nor where he will be sent next. We continue to trust God’s divine work in my Dad’s life and in the lives of those whom God may choose to use Dad to influence for Christ. Although letters are very encouraging, we are not posting an address at this time since we don’t know if he will receive his mail there at the transfer facility, nor when he may be moved, in which case all of his mail may not be forwarded. When we have an address to which you may write, we will post that information. Thank you for praying for my dad.

Eric Hovind

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