Update on Dr. Hovind Trial and Thank You

To those of you praying for my dad, THANK YOU. His trial has been rescheduled to begin on February 9th and I am told it will last for about one week.
While a lot of attention has been brought to his legal case, I know that it will be his desire to see others come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that will always overshadow his current circumstance.
My Dad spent his life teaching others about the truth of Creation and the lies of Evolution in order to overcome one of the main hurdles destroying our culture and share the Gospel with others. His teachings are still among the most popular teachings regarding science and the Bible.
If you have never learned these truths, you should take the time to watch how Dr. Hovind was able to communicate a timeless message that is so timely today.
Seminar 1 – The Age of the Earth
Seminar 2 – The Garden of Eden
Seminar 3 – Dinosaurs and the Bible
Seminar 4 – Lies in the Textbooks
Seminar 5 – The Dangers of Evolution
Seminar 6 – The Hovind Theory
Seminar 7 – Questions and Answers

As always, Thank you for your prayers. Other than the date of the trial, the information posted in my last update is still accurate.

Eric Hovind


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