The Trial Begins…

First, thank you so much for checking in on my dad. He has now been in prison for more than 8 years. During this time God has used him to lead over 500 men to Christ, allowed him to read over 1500 books, and to author several books on various topics.

For the past several years, we have been expecting to see Dad home around February of 2015. However, on October 24, 2014, the government handed down an indictment from a Grand Jury granting permission to prosecute both Kent Hovind and another gentleman for mail fraud. Dad is being represented by a public defender who said that these charges are unique in that typically mail fraud is used when someone defrauds another individual out of money. In this case, there was no money defrauded. Dad’s trial began Monday March 2nd, 2015. I’m told it should last about two weeks. While I cannot comment on an ongoing trial, I will post updates here once the trial is over.

I read a blog by Peter Reilly, a blogger who has been following Dad’s case, and he gave a summary of what is happening. You can find that summary here.…/government-coming-down-harder-on-k…/

As his son, I can speak for all the family in saying that we are ready for him to come home. His grandchildren are ready to see Grandpa again. He is not a threat to society, and can never repay any debt that is claimed to be owed while he is locked up in prison.

My hope is that the government would be reasonable and show leniency to my father considering the time he has already spent in prison.


Eric Hovind


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