Charges Dropped by the Prosecution for the May 18, 2015 Trial

With the assistance of a pool of attorneys, a Motion was filed by Dr. Hovind’s Public Defender last week against the prosecution’s charges for the new trial that was to begin today, May 18, 2015. However, on Saturday night, May 16, 2015, the Prosecution filed a Motion to drop all three remaining charges. Therefore, there will be no new trial beginning May 18, 2015.
This does not necessarily mean that “it’s all over.” Because the prosecution dropped the charges with prejudice, they may be backing up and re-thinking other charges to seek a new indictment. But the drop of these charges is, indeed, good news.
Dr. Hovind still faces the one guilty charge from the 2015 March trial for “Contempt of Court.” However, a motion to acquit this charge has been given to the judge and is still under advisement.  Dr. Hovind will remain in custody at least until this motion is ruled on by the Judge. If that charge is not acquitted, then Dr. Hovind will be sentenced on June 12th, and the charge will be appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. 
At this time, Dr. Hovind is still scheduled to be released in August of 2015. Please continue to pray according to Luke 6:28 and Matthew 5:44.
We would like to celebrate this amazing news by encouraging you to support what Dr. Hovind has spent his life teaching. There are many people speaking on the subject of Creation around the country and many of them started their ministries after watching Kent Hovind’s videos. We would love for you to prayerfully consider a gift of support to help us as we continue to synergize the efforts of many creation ministries through the Creation Network. 
Thank you for reading and for your interest in this case. 
For God’s Glory, 
Eric Hovind

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