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May, 2006

Dear friends of Creation Science Evangelism (as well as a few enemies, scoffers, atheists, skeptics, lunatics and assorted bad guys that are on this mailing list for a variety of reasons),

Greetings in the name of the Great Creator of the universe!


Quick News and Reviews

After a 3 ½ year battle with cancer, Paul Jewell, my son-in-law, went home to be with the Lord on March 30 just a few weeks after his 30th birthday.  He had been sent home from the hospital the day before and was sooooo glad to be out of the hospital!  We set up a hospital bed in our spare bedroom and he spent the night at my house one final time.  At 6:15 the next morning Paul’s dad and I went in to relieve my wife and daughter.  They had been taking shifts trying to make Paul comfortable.  As Paul’s dad and I were holding Paul and meeting his needs I was reading Acts 7 out loud.  At 7:15, just as I finished reading, “And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep.” Paul also fell asleep for the final time.  It was such a peaceful passing!

Paul’s dad is a pastor in the Jacksonville, FL area.  Paul gave up a great paying job with Wal Mart distribution to join our ministry team.  He ran our shipping and receiving department for years.  He was the perfect man for my only daughter and we will certainly miss him.  He and Marlissa sang specials in church often and Paul was often a key figure in dramas and plays at church as well.  The kids all loved him!  Their wedding has been played nearly 20 times on America’s Funniest Home Videos.  I did the ceremony and had my cell phone ring at the end.  It was the Lord calling to say, “what God hath joined together let no man put asunder.  Paul, you may kiss your bride.”  The startled/disgusted/shocked look on Marlissa’s face was classic!  You can see the clip on our Seminar part 1.  It does make me a little jealous that Paul got to see Jesus first but I’ll get my turn some day.

Please keep Marlissa in your prayers.  The funeral was April 2 at Marcus Point Baptist Church where Paul and Marlissa sang in the praise team.  The funeral was very moving and many have already been saved due to Paul’s testimony.  DVD’s of the funeral are available and the entire story is on our new blog site as well as things you can do to help out.  There is a fund called Adopt-A-Jewell to help couples adopt children in Paul’s honor.

Bible Lands Cruise Oct 31-Nov 9

Have you ever wanted to tour the Bible Lands?  Here is your chance of a lifetime.  We are combining a 10 day cruise of the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Greece with a creation conference.  This will be golden opportunity to see scores of things talked about in the Bible, have a ball on a first class cruise ship and study God’s creation in detail.  Costs range from $2200 to $3500 depending upon how fancy a room you want on the ship.  This would be a great time for a second honeymoon (or third or fourth… any excuse will do).  Call our office for a brochure or to get more details.



The last six universities I have spoken at could not find even one professor willing to debate for the evolution side.  They seem to only be brave enough to push evolution off on students where they have an obvious academic and psychological advantage, but since they cannot fail me, fire me, cut my paycheck or intimidate me, they run and hide!  We are praying for opportunities to get into more universities this year.  Please check with Christian clubs on campus to schedule a creation lecture so the students can hear the truth.

There are still a few openings this year for both my son Eric and myself to book creation seminars. If your church or group is interested please call the office right away.

Creation Camp

Our Pensacola Dinosaur Adventure Land has had thousands of visitors from all over the world and is still growing.  We get a steady supply of interesting artifacts from people and we add new attractions often.  However, we are looking for property now to start a second DAL that includes overnight camping and space for our Creation Boot Camp.  If you know of any church or scout type camps that may be available please let us know ASAP.

There are several properties in Mississippi we are looking at and if God leads and provides we will be asking for help to get started.  We are open to any location but the Southeast, close to where we are is our preference.

When we find suitable property (this year we hope) we will need lots of rocks, minerals, fossils, skins and skulls of animals, science equipment and museum artifacts.  If you have any interesting artifacts gathering dust in a closet, why not get them out on display for the cause of Christ?  We have three types of things in our museum: things we bought, things given to us on loan and things donated.  We don’t care how they come.  We just want to use science to glorify God and bring souls into His kingdom.

Truth Radio

After nearly three years of doing our “Creation Science Hour and a half” it is hard to believe that there are still atheists and evolutionists out there, but, from the calls and letters we get daily it looks as if we have job security for centuries to come.  Tell all your atheist friends or just those with legitimate questions about the Bible or creation to call in.

Every day we start off the program by saying, “We believe the Bible is literally true and scientifically accurate and the evolution theory being taught in our schools is the dumbest and most dangerous religion in the history of planet earth.”  That usually lights up the phone lines!  Anyone can send questions via e-mail, snail mail or AOL instant message screen name, “drdinolive.”  You can listen in on the internet ( or from 4:30-6 CST or you can get a CD of an entire month of programs for just $10.  Check the web site or call the office for details.

New products

Check our web site for scores of new books and witnessing products.  The new “Think” series of creation posters is a great success and teachers love them as teaching tools.  Also, the completely redone 2005 Creation Seminar Series is 18 ½ hrs long and now contains 5 hours on 2 DVD’s just in part 7, the Q&A section!  Previous customers can get the entire new series for just $75.  Be sure to check out our new catalog for other new products as well.

New Record!

As I finished my seminar in Minnesota last month a young man and his wife came up to me and said, “Brother Hovind, your DVD’s have changed our lives!  We share them with everyone.  You said it was OK to copy them and we have!  So far we have copied and given out 12,000 of them and seen many souls saved!”  I have met many people who have copied over 100 and one who had copied 11,000 but so far, 12,000 is the record.  If you want to minister and support our ministry at the same time you can get DVD’s in bulk from us at great discounts.  Why don’t you start a creation ministry by giving away creation tapes and changing lives?  Anyone can do it!

When I began this ministry 17 years ago, I told God that there were some things about His children down here that bothered me.  He said, “Me too son!”  I said, “God, if you want me to go into evangelism there are a few conditions I would like to make. 1. I will not charge money for people to come to my seminars. 2. I will let people copy my materials. 3. I would not send out monthly letters begging for money and 4. If He did not supply the needs I would quit.”

Seventeen years later I still today marvel at how God has supplied and at the tens of thousands of lives that have been changed by people giving out copies of our simple messages on creation.  People put them in public and church libraries, on cable TV, give them out as presents and pay skeptic relatives to watch them.  Hundreds of public school teachers show them in their class.  Some atheists even give them out to friends hoping they will laugh at the “stupid Dr. Dino man.”  Several have been converted this way!  One of our supporters is a bank teller who had one of my DVD’s on the counter at the bank.  One day a huge biker saw it sitting on the counter and asked what it was.  She told him it was a video about dinosaurs and the Bible.  He said, “Can I watch it?”  Since he was 16 inches taller than her she said, “Sure!”  He invited his entire motorcycle gang over to watch it while they had a beer party and everyone loved it!  What on earth are you doing for Heaven’s sake?

Needed? (or just a wild idea)

My brother Ross was very influential in bringing me to Christ over 37 years ago.  He is now retired from public school teaching and has a new Harley-Davidson which has definitively given him a “Harleyer than thou” attitude.  (Just kidding!)  He has become consumed with Harley fever and is collecting the Harley “dip dots” (to put on his map) from dealers all over.  They cost anywhere from $0-$4.  I would like to get him one from every dealer in the world to show my appreciation to him for bringing me to the Lord.  If you have a Harley dealer near you, and our ministry has touched your life, and you would be willing to get him one, please send it to him with a letter explaining how CSE has helped you, so Ross can get a small taste of what awaits him in Glory.  I think we will all be amazed at the “ripple effect” from each of our efforts for Him. His address is Ross Hovind 19216 Springfield Rd. Groveland, IL 61535.  Thanks.


In response to the CSEblog post “Why can’t they just submit?” – I ask that same question of my wife… LOL. But I also ask that same question when I see Christians leaving the leadership of a godly pastor. I also ask that same question when children don’t obey their parents. Apparently, it’s all part of turning away from God’s word, and setting oneself up as a higher authority.  Our freedoms and privacy are crumbling. The collectivist nature of government and media helps in a one-world order, and nothing will be exempt from its control. I pray you have victory in this Dr. Hovind.

Mr. Hovind, Your web site is the dumbest thing I have ever seen!  How can you call science a religion?  Everyone knows the Bible has lots of mistakes and evolution is true.  You people scare me!  Get a life!  NB, NY

Dr. Hovind, I was fortunate to be able attend the Kent State University and see Dr. Hovind live for the first time! I was disappointed, but not surprised, that the KSU professors backed out at the last minute. The Doc was well prepared and carried on with a brief version of Seminar #4 “Lies in the Textbooks.” I could see the look of disgust and shock of the “science students” as they failed to provide evidence for their religious beliefs on evolution and were willingly ignorant of the facts before them that proved their beliefs to be lies. I wish I could have spent a few more minutes with Dr. Hovind, but I was afraid to interrupt while he was setting up, and I didn’t have enough time to stay after we wrapped up. So I just chickened out, shook hands and said, “I love your videos.” ( Oh well, maybe next time. Until then I will be studying and working on my own creation ministry in northeast Ohio.

We will NEVER submit to anyone but God! We will stand tall and rejoice in our suffering, praising His name all the while. Amen. Jamie Emerson.

Dr. Hovind, Excellent work, well done!  So far your seminar videos have gotten my brother, who’s not a Christian, to start reconsidering all those dinosaur stories we heard as children about them living “millions and millions of years ago” (we actually went digging through our cupboards for our old dinosaur books and looked through them). He’s also realized what a joke evolution is, so I think his new dis-belief in the textbooks, may just allow him to look past his current dis-beliefs in God and Christ, and see the truth.

I’ve managed to get him to come to church with me once or twice, but last week (since starting to watch the videos), he decided to come on his own!  Keep up the great work, you’re definitely making a huge difference to the world! Thanks, and God bless, Ross

Dr. Hovind, CSE has been an incredible influence in our family. We’ve never been to the museum or DAL, but really want to sometime in the future. The DVD series has had a major impact on defining clearly our world view as Bible believing Christians not only on creation/evolution but on how we should live as Christians. I received the series as a gift last fall and have viewed each of them COUNTLESS times. The ministry has caused me to open my eyes to a lot of spiritual things and the heresies that are prevalent today in many of our churches. One of the many things that has become vivid to me after studying the material from CSE and my New Defender’s Study Bible (bye-bye NIV)is how much more God is than we can comprehend-yet he cares about the smallest things that are going on in our lives. There have been some major changes in my life in the last six months and knowing that Our Sovereign Creator is fully in control is so real and dear to me.
All of that to say-Praise God for His Sovereignty. The battle with the evil one will continue as long as we are obeying the Word. Praise God that CSE is undergoing these “battles”. Jesus WILL be glorified through this. May we all continue to pray for CSE and know that Christ is not taken by surprise by these hard times.  A Yankee Dentist

I would like to invite anyone whose life was changed by brother Hovind’s Ministry to join the battle in prayer, e-mail, letters, donations, whatever you can do to help.  My life was forever changed by the message of creation boldly proclaimed by my friend Dr. Kent Hovind.
Now is the time we can help him in any way that we are able.  Every day that DAL is closed we are missing a chance to spread the good word about creation and salvation thru our Lord Jesus Christ!  If we are truly in Gods army now is the time to mount up and ride!!  Lord Bless, Chris Jason  [We are not closed but having two buildings temporarily closed is bad- KH]

Dr. H. I’m not certain where to post this, but it is really something of which we all need to be aware. Recently, the Texas Academy of Environmental Sciences had a special guest speaker, who has also been named Distinguished Texas Scientist 2006. This guest, Dr. Eric Pianca, advocated the extermination of 90% of the Earth’s population via airborne Ebola to an enthusiastic crowd of colleagues. Here is a link of a first hand account of the speech.  [See our video #1 for more on population reduction plans by the NWO idiots.]

Dr. H. It’s sad when people misquote, or even selectively quote God’s Word. I was there when Mr. Whitehead [county commissioner] only quoted half of the famous “Caesar” quote; something that most – if not all – secular voices are guilty of. It deeply annoys me when people are not honest (with themselves) enough to be honest with everybody else. I pray for the ministry and for God’s guidance upon the persons in charge. JS Florida

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  1. FlakyLMD May 24, 2006 6:12 am Reply

    I knew about your dear SIL through my son Nathan. I know you each ache missing him. I’m so sorry for your loss and pain. What reunions we will enjoy when we get to see our saved loved ones again!

    I’ll be praying for your ministry, for your strength, your health and protection. Guard your spirit, your mind and your tongue – always remember who you belong to and seek HIS will.

    Because of Him,

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