Help us design the bus!

Design the Bus competition! Three weeks only!

Wanna help spread the gospel and earn a great prize at the same time?

Last year a friend of the ministry donated an awesome motor home to the ministry for us to travel to meetings in. (There are 12 of us in it now as we travel home from preaching in Peoria) We have really enjoyed traveling to meetings and being able to take family or staff with us but…… the bus paint job seems a little plain and does not advertise for the Lord or our ministry as we travel so…. We are looking for a cool paint scheme idea.

If you have artistic talents or just good ideas, you can help. We would like the design to be bright, crisp, sharp, jump out and grab your attention, involve all four sides of the bus yet each needs to “stand alone”, and include a creation theme with dinosaurs and/or Noah’s ark and people, modern or biblical type dress, interacting together, our DAL logo and our web site. We are not 60’s Hippies but still love bright colors. One option is to use the existing paint job as a base and have sections where it looks like it is being ripped open to reveal the scenes. This bus will be a rolling evangelistic billboard as we travel as well as while parked in front of DAL in Pensacola.
Click here to see a few ideas, some sample clip art and the size of the bus.

To win the prize your design ideas must be submitted in electronic format in a way that is able to be used without being redesigned by us. We would like to be able to separate components of the pictures as well. Contact Dan Valles in our art department for details.

The winning design will receive a complete set of our DVD’s (Seminar, Debates and Topical-$350 value) plus a lifetime pass to DAL for the entire family! (a priceless value) Design ideas will be posted on our web site for everyone to vote on and final judging will be August 4th.

Even if you don’t have real artistic talent your rough ideas sketched out would be welcome.


  1. Joshua Mullins July 14, 2006 10:57 am Reply

    Im not very good with a computer, but what about Noah’s Ark in the back ground with a 1/3 horison and in the forground have the image of the flood carving out the grand canyon. Then perhaps higher on the bus, like by the windows or close to the top have the immage of a comit shattering the canopy of ice around the earth.
    you would throw in some water dragons (water dwelling dinosaurs) in the ocean to give the conbination of people and dinosaurs.
    I think the immage would get people to look and think, that what they see is not in the ordinary but something out of the indoctronation textbooks they have been taught in school.
    Thanks for your time.
    Joshua E. Mullins


  2. ollyd July 15, 2006 7:01 am Reply


    I like the idea of designing your bus, and I like ALL the ideas suggested! I’m no graphic designer at all, but wouldn’t it be neat if the dinosaurs were pictured in a way that runs counter to the common evolutionary teaching about them? For example, since it was mostly BEFORE the flood that dinosaurs were able to grow so large, and since the animals didn’t eat each other then, what about a ferocious-looking T-rex eating grass, standing next to a gazelle or something? Now, THAT would draw the curious!

    Thanks for all your good work — God bless you!

  3. cstministries July 15, 2006 9:26 pm Reply

    Just heard about the arrest. If anyone knows how Dr. Hovind is doing, please post. The noose is closing fast folks! It’s interesting that this is happening to Dr. Hovind just as Islam is closing in on Isreal. Our redemption draweth nigh.

  4. breadoflife July 19, 2006 10:02 pm Reply

    maybe you could include the phrase “science vs evolution debate” on the bus somewhere ; )
    i’m sure that’d get a few ranting atheists’ attention

  5. Raptorman July 22, 2006 1:19 am Reply

    Hey, I’ll design something if you like, and send it in. I’ll try to get it in before the deadline, but I’m a dreadful procrastinator.

    God bless and take care!

  6. Raptorman July 22, 2006 2:39 pm Reply

    That sounds like a great idea. I’ll see if I can get something drawn up for you guys. God bless!

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