Knee-Mail: Barnabas—The Starter Motor

Knee-Mail: Barnabas—The Starter Motor
From: Kent Hovind
Sent: September 24, 2009
Posted: June 21, 2010
To: Barnabas
Subject: Encouragement

GOD: Hey, Son, are you ready to learn something?

kh: Sure, Lord. What is it today?

God: Do you remember the problem with the van on the trip to Arkansas?

kh: Yes, Lord. The starter motor went out and I couldn’t get it started until I replaced it. It was tough repairing it on the side of the road with only a few tools, but I did it.

GOD: Was anything wrong with the motor?

kh: No. That 350 four-bolt main was a strong engine! It ran great!

GOD: If you got it started.

kh: Of course.

GOD: So all that horsepower would be wasted without a starter motor to get it going, right?

kh: Right.

GOD: Let’s go meet Barnabas. He is doing mission work on Cyprus… That’s him under the tree. Go talk with him, Son.

kh: Ok, Lord.

KH: Excuse me, Barnabas. May I ask you some questions?

Barnabas: Sure! Have a seat. How can I help?

KH: Well, what got you started in mission work?

BA: I was raised here on Cyprus. I’m a Levite. I was in Jerusalem when the great revival broke out (Acts 4:31-33). It was incredible! Souls were being saved and lives were being changed. God filled us with His Spirit and we preached boldly to all who would listen. If anyone had needs ,we sold things to meet those needs. I sold a piece of land I had to feed the poor. I love helping people. My name even means “son of consolation.”

KH: If you are from Cyprus, what were you doing in Jerusalem?

BA: My aunt Mary and my cousin John Mark live there (Acts 12:12; Col. 4:10). Mary’s husband died and left her the big house to take care of. I go visit once-in-a-while to check in on her. Jesus even held his last supper at Mary’s house years ago. I became very active in the Jerusalem church. When we heard about Greeks being saved in Antioch, the church sent me with several others to see if God was really working with Gentiles now.

KH: What did you find?

BA: Oh, He was working alright! I stayed there about a year exhorting them to stay close to the Lord (Acts 11:23). The church really grew and souls were saved (Acts 11:24). It was great!

KH: So what did you do after that?

BA: I went to Tarsus to seek Saul (Acts 11:25).

KH: Wow! That’s quite a journey. Isn’t Tarsus about 150 miles away by land and over the Nur Daglari mountains?

BA: Yes, it is. But, the trip was worth it. Saul had gotten started serving the Lord a few years back (Acts 9:26-27). I helped him then, too. He seemed to get discouraged and sort of went home and quit. I knew God could use him in a great way if somebody could encourage him and get him started again.

KH: Did it work?

BA: Wow! It sure did! He has been one of the most zealous evangelists in the whole world for years now. He and I went on a missionary journey starting churches all over Cyprus and Turkey (Acts 13-14). He is a brilliant Bible scholar and can answer any questions the skeptics give him. He proves that Jesus is the very Christ.

KH: Does that upset some people?

BA: Oh man! It sure does! They got so angry in Lystra, they stoned him to death (Acts 14:19), but God raised him up to continue preaching. We had a great trip!

KH: So why aren’t you with him now?

BA: We had a little falling out over my cousin John Mark (Acts 15:37) and split up into two teams. God used it for good. I hear Paul is all the way over in Greece now starting churches and winning souls. He will do far more for the Lord in his lifetime than I will ever do. He’s smarter, more zealous, and a better preacher than I will ever be.

KH: Does that make you jealous?

BA: No way! We just want to win souls and glorify God. I’m just glad I helped get him going again after his lapse into discouragement.

KH: So you were sort of like a starter motor.

BA: A what? What’s a starter motor?

KH: Never mind. Those won’t be invented for hundreds of years. My bad. Now I see why God wanted me to talk with you. We may not be the point guard to do great things for God, but if we can help encourage others to get moving for the Lord, we have done our job.

BA: Not sure what a point guard is either, but I do try to encourage people. I do my best to serve God and try to motivate others to do the same. If they end up doing more than I, then “Praise God!”

KH: Thanks, Barnabas. I’ve enjoyed talking with you. Oh, and when we get to Heaven, I’ll explain what a starter motor and a point guard is!

GOD: Let’s go home, Son. …Does that help you?

kh: Wow, Lord! Yes! I can’t do everything that needs done for your kingdom, but I can encourage others to do great things.

GOD: You can and you have. You got your children going for Me as well as lots of others. Sit back and watch what I do through them now. I’ve got your back.

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  1. Brooke Gagne July 29, 2010 5:27 pm Reply

    These posts are so encouraging and creative!

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