God Plans Ahead and Has a Sense of Humor!

From: Kent Hovind
Sent: July 21, 2010
To: Jacob Miller
Subject: God Plans Ahead and Has a Sense of Humor!

Dear Jacob,

You were unwittingly an answer to prayer last night. It’s a crazy story of God’s providence and sense of humor. Let me explain.

Yesterday, July 20, at 8:00 a.m. my name was called on the prison loud speaker to come to the office—seldom a good thing! I have three pro se motions into the court, any of which could set me free, and so I hoped it was the call to go home. It wasn’t.

They said, “Pack your stuff. You are going next door to “the hole.” When I asked why, they said (in typical BOP Bureau of Prison fashion) “We can’t tell you.”

S-o-o-o-o-o I packed all my books, files and manuscripts and personal belongings into 2 duffel bags and was taken next door to the medium security prison to go to the SHU—Special Housing Unit—a.k.a.—the hole. After spending nine hours in a holding cell with no bathroom, I was put in room 119 in the hole.

Knowing it could be weeks before I saw my property again, I asked seven guards for a Bible. None of them had one or would get me one. Throughout the long day in the holding cell I prayed several times for God to supply me a Bible to read while they s-l-o-o-o-o-w-l-y figure out what to do with me. Apparently, I’m not in trouble, but am probably being moved. You never know for sure when you are in prison.

Knowing that I would not get my Bible for weeks, and that the BOP book cart would probably only have NIV’s or other modern translations which have thousands of problems (See Seminar 7), I prayed for God to specifically provide a King James Bible for me.

I had only been in the room about thirty minutes when they brought mail. That is another miracle in itself, that mail came to the hole the first day! In the mail for me were three books from you, Jacob. A Cruden’s Concordance (for which I was also praying, because I had loaned mine out at the prison camp and forgot to get it back in my haste to pack), a book about Free Masonry, and a 1611 Edition King James Bible! I was s-o-o-o-o-o happy God answered my prayer s-o-o-o-o-o fast! I opened it to read a passage I’d been thinking about all day, and quickly realized that this was really a 1611 KJV before English spelling was standardized in later editions. For example, the word “he” is spelled “hee” and “hie” in other various places, as well as lots of other ancient spellings.

I have always wanted to own and read the 1611 version, but it struck me as funny that God answered my prayer e-x-a-a-a-c-t-l-y as I had prayed! I said, “Real funny, God! You gave me what I prayed for alright. I guess I should be more specific next time and ask for the standardized spelling too!” God and I had a good laugh. Then I realized that God had to have spoken to your heart weeks ago in order for those specific books to arrive right on time!

Thanks for the books and thanks for being sensitive to God’s voice. The whole incident reminded me that He is working on a much bigger picture. I can sit back and relax and read the book I’ve wanted to read for years while I “wait on the Lord.”
The passage that had been on my heart all day reads like this in the Bible you sent. Pfalmes XLV 1:10 “Be stil, and know that I am God: I will bee exalted among the heathen. I will bee exalted in the earth.”

I don’t know how long I’ll be here (the man across the hall has been in the hole for over a year!) but as I stay in this cell twenty-three hours a day; comb my hair with a plastic “spork”; write with a 4? rubber pen; and eat some cold french fries for supper; I’ll be continually reminded of God’s wisdom and providence as I read the books you sent.

Thank you, Jacob!

In Christ,
Kent Hovind

P.S. The Web Site http://www.bop.gov/inmate_locator/index.jsp will list my location and address for those who wish to write. Mail really helps when you are in prison, but I may be slow to respond for now as there is very limited paper, envelopes, and stamps when you are in the hole. And no, those cannot be sent to me. I must buy them through the prison system. I’ll answer mail when I can.


  1. for Jesus’ name: Phillip-George (c)1974 July 25, 2010 1:49 am Reply

    bro. I got a photo reproduction 1611 new testament last year. and it was a tremendous blessing. yea, spelling doesn’t seem to matter much. they were into the meaning. seems like from old testament to new semantics was being elevated over syntax. smith wigglesworth purportedly took issue with people calling him out over spelling – Yes, but did you understand what I meant?

    the old fonts, print styles also cause one to read the text more slowly than normal and i believe there is a blessing in that as well

    bro. I hope it isn’t another layer of entrapment! should you open mail with a “fictitious rendering” of a name on it?

    a bit lazy of me, but i should know what the E. stands for.
    Brother: Kent-E……….: Hovind
    suspect that is how it appears in the lamb’s book of life [with those dots filled in]
    -in eternal Truth rendering. I humbly submit

  2. for Jesus’ name: Phillip-George (c)1974 July 25, 2010 2:56 am Reply

    another thought. I know its only ‘the movies’ but I watched a james bond film last night. the remake of casino royale. Mr Bond is captured and tortured at one stage. His torture/ torment ends when it is clear He isn’t going to talk. people watching the torture step in to execute the torturer, whose life depended on him getting the information out of the prisoner. even though its just the movies it is impressive to see a witness of resolve stand against evil.

    there were a lot of saints who didn’t recant under torture. the stoic resolve to die with their testimony in tact honours their Maker. even now.
    marie durand, french protestant, was in ‘the hole’ for 18 years – scratching the word “resist” on her prison wall. she won.

  3. cookster July 25, 2010 7:06 pm Reply

    Dear Kent,

    I love reading your posts and haven’t commented in a while. I seems you are making the best of a bad situation and it has really opened my eyes to our wicked prison system. I will be praying for you and I hope to see you released soon! Your ministry has really been a blessing in my life, and I can’t wait until the day when you are out of prison. God bless you and stay strong my friend.

    Just a readers note, I love Dr. Hovind’s ministry but strongly disagree with his stance on the King James only. So as to keep this a tension free blog, click on my name to go to my website and see the overwhelming evidence against King James Onlyism.

    In Christ, Steve.


  4. Michael Traher August 12, 2010 12:37 am Reply

    I still don’t remember how I stumbled across this blog site. But anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. I’ve given away a couple KJV Bibles to people that I witnessed to, the first of which was the only one I had with me at the time, and prayed that the people I gave them to would get saved and read them. Both times I did that, I was in Jacksonville but I live in Orlando. The first time I didn’t have a replacement, but the next time I got smarter and decided to leave an extra in the car. I felt like I was starving the first time I made that mistake. If I forget to bring my Bible with me it feels terrible so I usually keep one in the car. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have it taken away.

    I love reading the very words of God in English, so I have KJV bibles scattered throughout the house like pens.

    But most importantly this message is to a good friend who I’ve never met, but he has encouraged me greatly, first in sowing the seed that led to my salvation, and second encouraging me through the attitude with which he goes through his trials.

    Thank you Dr. Hovind, for being a light in a world of darkness, and teaching me and so many others the truth about God’s word.

    Your brother in Christ, Michael.


  5. Anne-Marie August 12, 2010 1:26 am Reply

    Dr. Hovind: My husband spits nails every time he is reminded that you are in prison with an absurd sentence to boot while real tax evaders are moved into powerful positions in our government.

    I know, as you know, that God is using what men have meant for evil to accomplish His work through your personal sacrifice. Even though you didn’t ask for this, you have handled it with grace while not shrinking back in any way from your mission, the mission God put in your heart. My husband said it must have been a real slap in the face to your enemies in the prison system to deny you a Bible & have God provide it for you in spite of them.

    Because of you, I have been on a mission to be educate others about the errors in many Bible translations. Earlier this year I participated in a Bible in 90 Days challenge. While it was an awesome and worthy endeavor, I was really disgusted to see that the man who started it was an unbeliever when he set out to read the Bible in 90 days. That’s not the disgusting part. What is disgusting is that he used the NIV & is now, as a believer, promoting this challenge using the NIV. This Bible translation ignorance is so pervasive! What’s worse is that far too many pastor’s are lost in this ignorance too.

    So, my question to you, if you ever have the opportunity to answer it, is: How do I start a dialogue with my own pastors and elders about Bible translations? What resources should I point them to? How/where can I better educate myself so that I can intelligently explain what’s wrong with things like the NIV?

    And in case I didn’t convey this, I REFUSED to use the NIV for my 90 day challenge.


  6. Vincent August 13, 2010 1:09 pm Reply

    Dr.Hovind I hope your well my brother. You will see God showing his power and revealing the special love he has for you again. For I know all too well the situation your in. And each of us that are fortunate enough to experience God’s power and love in such an intimate, personal, one on one way, are never the same again.
    For our every thought hes aware (psalm 139) and this we are always aware. Fearlessness of the world is perfected! Glory be to the King of Ages! May God Bless you and keep you

  7. Lynette August 31, 2010 6:02 am Reply

    Dr Hovind, “The Lord in the midst of Thee is Mighty”!
    The banner above your head reads, LOVE!
    God’s Time is Perfect Time!

    May the Lord of Hosts bless you greatly!!

    Lord Jesus return Soon.

    Love Paul and Lynette X

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