The Latest News – 09/27/06

What’s Happening at CSE? Actually, lots of stuff. First, we are currently without a web master (and looking for one) so I must apologize for the web site not being updated often. This does not mean nothing is being done here however.

Second, several thousand people have enjoyed the in depth study into God’s creation that was provided by the four college level creation courses in our 100 series. If you enjoyed the 100 series you will love the 200 series! Our college class CS 201 is available Oct. 1. We plow over some of the same ground but plow deeper and longer this time. Creation speakers or those just interested in expanding their knowledge base will benefit greatly from the latest information in this fascinating field of research verifying God’s Word. The materials for the 15 hour course is $75. Each student wanting to get credit should send an additional $25 with no limit for the number of students using the same materials.  CS 202 is under construction now.

Third, the IRS battle will be over in the next few weeks one way or the other (win or lose). I have had dozens of lawyers and tax specialists look at our ministry and tell us that we are not breaking any laws and the three charges they brought against us are bogus but, we are not in Kansas anymore. In Oz things are different. With the IRS, everyone is guilty until proven innocent. As for the media, well, they just need a new piece of meat to grind up every day to sell their papers. Truth and the destruction of innocent lives mean nothing to them. They just want to keep the paycheck coming in. See I Tim. 6.

Since the paperwork to dismiss the case had not been filed to be part of the public record until today, I was instructed not to discus things or defend myself (this has been hard to do) but now I can share a few details. The IRS charged us with, A. 12 counts of not withholding taxes from “employees,” B. 46 counts of taking money out of the bank to pay ministry bills (they called it structuring) and C. one count of threatening an agent because I filed a complaint with his boss for his numerous violations of the law over the last 5 years he has been trying to indict me on something.

Since the following documents were created in a different format there are a few spacing and punctuation glitches here that do not appear on the original. With my limited computer skills I did not attempt to fix them. Click here to see our motion to dismiss counts 1-12 and 58 (motion to dismiss counts 1-12 ), and here (motion to dismiss 13-57) to see the motion for counts 13-57. The government has 14 days to respond.

So where does Romans 8:28 fit in? As a result of the charges and pending trial several churches have cancelled seminars. Only two called to talk with me first. Scores of articles attacking our ministry and accusing us of breaking the law have appeared in news media all over the world including many “Christian” media outlets. None called me to verify the story before they bore false witness against us.

Several of our staff have left the ministry here. There is a great spirit among the remaining ones and the work continues at a slightly less hectic pace. Dinosaur Adventure Land is still open and doing fine but the attendance has dropped off some due to the negative publicity coming primarily from the stupid Pensacola News Journal article claiming we are closed. The reporter either lied or was just incompetent but the result was the same. It still saddens me to know that so many Christians just believed him and repeated the lie. Their conduct violates many scriptures about gossip, bearing false witness, slander, and speaking evil of a brother. The Christian army is the only one where they shoot their own wounded!

On the positive side, the three months being at home with only a few local meetings have been a great ‘vacation’ time to spend with my family, grandkids and staff as well as DAL visitors. After 17 years of preaching nearly every week and being gone from home over 200 days each year this was a welcome change. I also had time to start new projects and finish some old ones.

I can only guess what God allowed this for but here are some of the options we have thought of so far: God is testing us like Job. John 9:3. God is punishing us for sin. God was testing other Christian leaders to see how they would react toward us. God is going to use this to expand our outreach with the creation message even more. God is going to expose the evil in the world system. God wanted me to have more time to read and study. God is preparing us to be a better comfort to others. II Cor. 1:4. God is going to do a Mordecai type rescue. See Esther 6:4 with Esther 7:10!

What I have learned so far: The love of money is the root of all evil. I Tim. 6:10. Some people should not be given a badge and a gun. Prov. 30:22. Who my real friends are. Pro. 17:17. The Lord is the only one I can count on. Josh. 1:5. The founding fathers of America did a great job writing the Constitution. Many in government today ignore what it says. The cost of defending yourself against the IRS is staggering! God supplies our needs even in great testing. False accusations and threat of trial and jail puts an unbelievable strain on people and families. Never trust the media and cancel your newspaper subscription. Use the money for missions. My wife is a great friend. The book of Job means more to me now more than ever. All Job’s friends offered wrong reasons for why Job lost everything. They all assumed he was guilty of some sin and told him so. I’m sure Job made all the headlines of his day with negative articles and know-it-alls spouting off in their Sunday School classes and pulpits about his sins. God’s grace is sufficient.

Trial, if they don’t drop the charges, is Oct. 17. Please pray the case is just dropped soon. This would demonstrate the grace and power of God!

What you can do: Pray for God’s deliverance. Correct the people in the media and internet that are spreading false accusations, send them a link to this blog. Send a link to everyone on your mailing list. Keep supporting our ministry by getting DVD’s and books and sharing the creation message with others. Send help to our legal defense fund by phone, letter, in person or e-mail. Contact radio stations to have me on as a guest to spread the creation message. Come visit Dinosaur Adventure Land and bring people with you. They will have a blast, get witnessed to and learn a lot. Keep winning souls and listening for the trumpet!

More later. KH


  1. Nehemiah Jeon September 27, 2006 3:52 pm Reply

    We are praying. We believe in the Lord. Keep up the good work! God bless.

  2. jsampsonPC September 27, 2006 4:43 pm Reply

    Dr. Hovind,

    You certainly have my prayers in this very grievous moment of your ministry. I sincerely pray that the LORD will get the glory, regardless the outcome. Of course I would like to see you continue to board those airplanes, fly those miles, and win them souls. Words cannot explain my gratitute to you for being such an inspiration to me, and a great minister of God in helping me become closer to the LORD over the last few years.

    May God bless, and continue to watch over, your family and Ministry.

    In Christ,

  3. NY Bro September 27, 2006 9:02 pm Reply

    My family and I are praying for you and your family, Dr. Hovind. We have been blessed by your Creation Seminar and have shared it with several others too. You have spurred us on to further study. May the Lord give peace to you and your family in this difficult time and may righteousness prevail.

  4. jwilliamsemt September 28, 2006 12:14 pm Reply

    My heart is so heavy upon hearing the news of all the betrayal going on concerning you and your ministry. I wish I lived in your area. I would work for you without hesitation. I am unemployed at this time due to an injury but I could do meanial tasks. My wife is working here in southern Florida. That is the only thing that holds me back from coming up there and working for you. As I type this I realize I’m getting angry. How can those who name the Name of Christ betray you at this time? I pray for you all, now those prayers will increase. Not only for you but for those who so blindly betrayed you and are guilty of “kicking a good man when he’s down.”
    My brother Kent, the Lord God will sustain you and yours through this time. I can’t for the life of me understand why Christians would believe the media, the IRS, or anyone for that matter who would slander your name and accuse you of breaking the law.
    I’d better go for now. I can tell the blood pressure is rising.
    May God continue to bless you my faithful brother.
    James R. Williams

  5. [email protected] September 28, 2006 2:09 pm Reply

    Dr. Hovind,
    Thanks so much for the update. My family and I are praying for you and your ministry!
    God bless you!

  6. windmillacrefarm September 28, 2006 4:17 pm Reply

    The media is so one sided- reading about your arrest just reconfimed why we threw out our TV last year!
    It is awesome to hear how you respond to these alegations and are seeking God in His wisdom. We will keep spreading your videos with a lesson about the evil worldliness with the media slantd toward secularism. Keep on Brother!
    Kat Cunningham

  7. AlainaJ September 29, 2006 12:52 pm Reply

    Our Kingdom is not of this World, so we can not epect the World to understand the things of God. Jesus taught this very principle. We we be hated by all men, who are not Born Again by Jesus Christ. We are also told to expect trials and persecution in this world, but our reward will be in heaven. Many will fall away during times of persecution, but Jesus says he who overcomes until the end will be saved. Mr. Hovinds teachings scare the enemy and his followers. Satan will try and destroy all who oppose him. God Bless you and we will be praying. Jesus is our example of suffering. His disciples were killed or exiled, they too sufferred for Jesus. Yet, the Body of Christ will prevail. God Bless.

  8. hibby September 29, 2006 1:56 pm Reply

    I will be praying for you Dr. Hovind. I confess that I do not understand your battle completely but I stand by you and will be praying for you. My family has been greatly blessed by God through your ministry. God used your seminar to open my father’s heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. My best friend at work also repented and trusted Christ as his savior after watching all 7 of your seminar videos in one day!! I also have rededicated my life to serve God. I quit my job as an electrical engineer, packed up my wife and kids, and am presently attending a good, fundamental seminary. What I am saying is THANK YOU. Taking a firm stand for the Lord Jesus will draw the attention of the enemy’s camp. Just Keep your eyes on Jesus, He cannot fail. The Lord bless you.

  9. louielouie September 29, 2006 6:39 pm Reply

    The I.R.S is a JOKE! :)

    Read its history. It operates illegaly.

    God is laughing at all these lost souls at that agency for their goofy behavior.

    Christians, don’t be afraid of the I.R.S.. There just people doing their jobs.

    How BIG is your God, guys? You got the picture?!

    Let’s all pray for for Dr. Hovind and let us all move on!

    god rox! :)

  10. robert felix September 29, 2006 7:10 pm Reply

    Dear Dr. Hovind,

    First, please forgive me for not sending something to help. I am in between jobs and hope to hear some good news next week. If all goes well we are going to visit DAL again in the next 2 weeks. I want to give something to help. I already pray for you almost everyday with my family. I am giving out your tracks from Chick publications and steering parents to your website for good items for raising children.

    Again, please forgive me for not sending something sooner.
    I will, God willing, send something soon.
    With much appreciation in Christ,

  11. kb8tez September 30, 2006 7:50 am Reply

    Dr Hovind,
    It is obvious that satan has nothing to combat evolution. So now satan is using the world under his control to try and shoot the messenger. If I was in your area I’d be more than happy to work as your webmaster. I’m sorry to hear you having to go through all this. Although, great lessons can be learned during these great trials. It would be great if you could speak at our church in Rochester, MI. It seems that most people in my church, even our ministers, haven’t really heard of your work. Even though one of our ministers himself has gone to several schools/universities to speak on Creation science and the bible. He has heard of your website though. I will be speaking with our “minister for families with youth” in a few weeks to discuss your DVDs and perhaps have him play them for the youth. The more people (primiarly school age kids and parents) that see these videos the better. I guess when you are “speaking for Christianity”, you become a big target for satan to try and hit. I was saved by God’s hand through creation science several years back, it may have even been you that I heard on the radio in our area. I am still trying to find where God wants to use me in the ministry. I feel His calling, but I still have no idea where. However, Jesus did say in Matthew 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. If satan isn’t trying to attack us, we’re not doing something right. God bless you Dr Hovind. You have been an incredible witness to me and my family, and hopefully soon to be a witness in our church. I hope to see you soon.

    In Christ,

  12. chris jason September 30, 2006 8:10 pm Reply

    Dear brother Kent,

    You and Jo and your family are in my prayers everyday. I pray that the Lord
    gives you strength,wisdom,and grace in these trials and tribulations that are
    ahead.We are helping Eric with the bookstore when He is here on the 7th. I sure
    would like it to be both of you so Wisconsin could get a double dose of the Hovind
    Boys!If anyone is in the millwaukee area lets support Eric and have a huge turnout
    for his seminar on 10/07/06!

    ALWAYS your friend in Christ,

    Chris Jason

  13. Living Dinoman October 1, 2006 2:33 pm Reply

    Dear Dr. Hovind,
    I hope that you can get the IRS suit fixed soon. The IRS should really pay for all the costs they caused you. We are praying for you.

    Phillip O’Donnell

  14. jamesandveybe October 1, 2006 5:56 pm Reply

    Dear all at CSE,

    We stand with you. We hope to understand more about the laws the government is bringing to the court, but we are two believers who support you against a government’s abuse of power.

  15. Sir MMPD Radick October 2, 2006 10:48 am Reply

    Dear brother Hovind,

    I just would like to encourage you to keep at it, despite discouragement.
    What CSE has provided has been an immense blessing to the body of Christ.

    We at Living Torrents are behind you, and are praying!

    -Mateo Gomez (Sir MMPD Radick)

  16. Christian Patriot October 3, 2006 1:14 am Reply

    Dear Dr. Hovind,
    You are truly an incomparable inspiration, a reliable & anointed source of accurate information, and a hero to all children of faith! Thank you for your example, your ministry, your devotion & commitment, and your candor & skill!

    I have been a pastor for over 35 years, and understand the heart-wrenching sacrifice you are experiencing. I admire you more than words can tell. My whole church joins me in prayer for you and your ministry at this most frightening, but also most potentially productive time in your ministry.

    You have a magnificent future, and God will see you through to victory… Simply “Stay the course,” my brother!

    You may find my last 8 years of ministry interesting, as it is somewhat relevant to what you are facing now from our “Dedicated Public Servants (?)” — our government officials! For over 8 years I have been traveling to and ministering in Russia and several other satellites of the former Soviet Union. I discovered upon my initial arrival there in 1998, that the Russia of Today, is like the America of my Childhood, and unfortunately, our God-hating, Christ-rejecting country of Today has become like the Russia of my Childhood! I love the United States of our Constitutional roots, but despise the “Political Correctness” which has corrupted our National Wholesomeness. It has made our citizens forget and forsake our Christ centered Biblical roots, and made us a truly, Decadent Society.

    My prayers are with you, my precious brother. I look forward to the time I can bring my church and young people to visit your DAL, and hope to meet you personally.

    Perhaps we can host you for a seminar or a debate.

    Romans 8:28, sincerely,
    John Hancock

  17. snowolf October 3, 2006 4:38 am Reply

    Hi Kent,
    If the truth be known when the story first came out I was a little shocked but I knew it was a scheme of the enemy.
    well still looking forward to your trip to south Africa, hope it will be soon. please add Nelspruit to your list of cities you are going to visit, will even organise you a venue here .
    God bless and keep up with the good work.

    Act 5:38-39 Now in the present case let me say to you, stand off (withdraw) from these men and let them alone. For if this doctrine or purpose or undertaking or movement is of human origin, it will fail (be overthrown and come to nothing); (39) But if it is of God, you will not be able to stop or overthrow or destroy them; you might even be found fighting against God!

    [email protected]

  18. cdboneil October 3, 2006 12:05 pm Reply

    Dear Dr. Hovind

    Dr. Hovind I just recently watched two of your videos about dinosaurs and evolution. I saw and heard what you said. I believe that you are a wonderful person, doing wonderful things and that no matter what God will bless everyone doing His work. I may be 18, but in I Timothy 4 it talks about young people still being able to set an example. I will pray for you and your problems.

    I work at a bible store in Joplin, MO. It is a wonderful place to work. We have people come to the store and steal christian CDs from us. It is a constant battle. The owner talks about how many struggles she is having just to keep the store in business. I may understand later in life how difficult it really can be, but for now all I can do is try everyday to be an example for Christ.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight.
    Carson O’Neil

  19. Dana S. Pennington October 4, 2006 10:31 pm Reply

    I had the privlege of showing segments of your videos to a combined adult and young people’s Sunday school class.
    One of the adults was a science teacher in the public school…she and her husband had never heard of your ministry…they were encouraged and copied all of your videos.
    A young girl came up after the video and said, “the science book Mr. Hovind was showing in the video is the one we are using in our science class!!”

    “The Cross of Christ is for propitiation… Our cross is for propagation!”

    His way of conquest is through death…

    God disproves Satan through the testing of God’s people!!

    We are a spectacle for both the angels and for the people.

    Your response to this conflict will be as powerful or even MORE powerful than all your videos combined!

    Fear is Satan’s tool of enslavement… when I overcome “the fear of death” … I break the weapon of Satan.

    Continue to be a “Fearless Spectacle” for HIM!!!

  20. Boomline October 5, 2006 9:47 pm Reply

    Hello Dr. Hovind,
    My Fiance and I really appreciate what you are doing. I saw a video on google the other day and thought maybe this guy could be a good resource for you.

    -Mike and Laura

  21. joshrjb October 6, 2006 7:01 pm Reply

    Brother Hovind,

    I’ve been praying for you, your family, and the ministry since I heard about this. My friends are praying, too. –Josh

  22. Art Cominio October 6, 2006 8:34 pm Reply

    I am very anxious about your situation, Romans 8:28 notwithstanding.

    I wish I was somehow in a position to do more than pray for you, but prayer is perhaps the most powerful help of all.

    Art Cominio
    Satellite Beach, FL

  23. Jeff Johnson October 9, 2006 12:01 pm Reply

    Dr. Hovind:

    Dallas, Texas, is praying for you!

    Also wanted to let you know that during the time that you’ve been under attack, as of last week, copies of your videos have now been sent out to 19 other nations! Nineteen! Soon, nineteen nations will get your videos. Soon, they will wake up to the evidence for CREATION! May God Almighty Himself, see to it that they come to know the CREATOR and REDEEMER!

    God bless you Dr. Hovind! And don’t forget … God is BIGGER than any problem. Like He says, many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord deliver him OUT of them ALL. (Ps 34:19) And, “all” means ALL!

    Jeff Johnson
    Dallas, Texas

  24. Misha49 October 10, 2006 1:42 pm Reply

    I am a faithful, young, Ukrainian fellow Creationist. I believe your orgonization and mission is one for the ages. It has done so much for people all around the world, but people are still expecting the worst from everyone. The want to find the worst in the best people. I believe that God has the power to help everyone out of all situation exspecialy out of being falsely accused. i want to leave one verse though: Rom:8:18. I stumbled onto this verse resently and it did wonders for my psyci(that spelling looks wrong).

  25. jodyy1977 October 11, 2006 7:32 pm Reply

    Dear Dr. Hovind,

    I am saddened every time I think of what you and your family have been going through. One thing I have learned in life is that there are two sides to every story. The moment I heard the IRS news, I did not believe you had done anything wrong. Some people are so shallow to just believe anything anyone tells them and I feel sorry for those kinds of people. The general rule about the media in my opinion is that “if it smells it sells.” That is an unfortunate truth! One way I analize accusations against a person is to try to look at their over all character and nature. Do people actually believe that a man who does not copyright his dvds and allows people to view many of them for free among other facts about you, would actually be greedy enough to rip off the government?! Give me a break! I bet the IRS has just been ithchin’ to get their claws on you. Anyway, I could go on for pages with this stuff! You and your family are in my prayers and I just wanted you to know that I am behind you and if I had been on your staff, I would have shown you my loyalty to the very end! God bless you guys!

  26. Charity October 12, 2006 9:21 am Reply

    Brother Hovind,
    As always you are in my prayers and the prayers of my family. I believe you will come out of this victorious. If God be with us who can be against us? Your Ministry has Blessed so many people all over the world and God is using you in a big big way. Stay positive and don’t let the world get you down. You have many friends who love you and your precious family very much. You will probably never know just how important you are to many people. I am doing all I can to get the truth out about this whole thing and to correct misinformation being spread around the internet.
    Always in my Prayers,

  27. alex rohof October 12, 2006 2:31 pm Reply

    well brother hovind i have been praying for you as are a wack of people at our church, it is indeed true that God shows our friends in our trials. it has been a blessing to see your work and to see that you are thanking God for the trials. i hope that God will work amazingly with this trial and that he will work it out according to His will. keep up the good work,
    your friend in Christ,
    alex rohof

  28. daro2096 October 16, 2006 3:39 pm Reply

    There is no law requiring you to pay Income Tax in the USA. Just ask them to produce the law and if they refuse the jury if there isn’t any corruption should find you not guilty. See Freedom to Fascism on Google Video.

    You are in my prayers. I am saved thanks to your talks and I hope God puts it in peoples hearts to dismiss the case.


    David Robbins from the UK

  29. Chrissy Hyles October 20, 2006 11:17 am Reply

    You all are in my prayers. You are a true minister of the Lord. Please don’t let this get you…all this action against you goes to show that you are making a huge dent in the fallacy being taught and practiced in the world today.

    God Bless You
    Chrissy Hyles

  30. David McDaniel October 22, 2006 9:33 am Reply

    Brother Hovind, We were just listening last night to a David Gibb sermon, where he describes how he lost a lot of support because he and his pastor were traveling around their state trying to drum up support for a Christian School that was being sued. The parents were at risk of losing their children to the state and everyone in their church and school was being attacked. Anyhow, David describes how many of the churches that were supporting his ministry dropped their support because he would not recant and renounce the action that he and his pastor were committed to. Shame on those churches and shame on the churches that have recently rejected you, before you have had an opportunity to defend yourself. I took the time to read your motions to dismiss the charges and would like you to know that we, my family, are praying for you and your ministry. The devil hates what you are doing, so keep up the great work. I first saw your material shortly after I was saved, on a VHS cassettes that had been copied a few times. Thank-you for clearing up the Creation vs. evolution issue for me. We are burning the latest set of DVD’s and have seen people get saved from watching these videos.

    We love you, keep up the excellent work.

  31. cscortes October 22, 2006 11:20 am Reply

    Dr. Hovind:

    I think you have been a great influence in my life and it won’t be Christ-like of me to cut and run when you get into a little trouble [under statement I’m sure]. With my MS in CS I watched one of your videos and had my scientific world ripped apart and I have never been the same since — thank you. I hope to be an influence like you some day, and I know I will face many of the same attacks that you are facing now. I don’t know how to get a hold of your ministry, but if you need someone to tend to your website while you find someone more permanent, drop me an email. I pray that my home city of El Paso Texas will someday be set free from the grips of evolution and I greatly appreciate your efforts.

    May God Mightily Bless you and your family,
    Cortes Family

  32. bachman October 22, 2006 11:32 pm Reply

    Dr. Hovind, I am a senior college student at an ostensibly Christian College who has comprimised on a literal reading of Genesis. Your seminars and work have been a constant source of inspiration and information. I pray that your verdict will be favorable, and even if its not, that it will somehow alert more people to the struggle going on. You’re fighting the war on the front lines, and more Christians need to get behind you and support you. I wish there was a more balanced report then the Pensecola News Journal (which I”ve used for updates, its sad). Stay strong, and I hope to meet you in person someday to relay how much the Lord has used you in my life.

  33. bionicduck October 25, 2006 3:26 pm Reply

    Dear Dr. Hovind,

    I just wanted you to know that I have been a listener of yours for almost 12 years and I think you are doing a tremendous job. I want you to also know that I have made the free audio files I downloaded from your site available on my website as well as a link to your I am in a Christian heavy metal band and have been thrilled by your series of videos and debates. I work at a local Post Office and have made many copies of your DVD’s and gave them away to alot of friends and that has changed many lives. My band just signed to a secular record company (because that is where the ministry is) and have had many debates on the topic of Creation vs evolution in their boards. One of the secular satanic bands downloaded your audio files from me and found them very compelling and interesting. I have been corresponding with them about the issues. I just wanted you to know how important you and your ministry was to me and I hope and pray in earnest that things work out the way the Lord wants. I know it must be hard. Today’s churches I find (around here anyway – Traverse City, MI.) are real asleep to the real issues of today and I think you are waging war and winning. Even the Christian school I send my boys and girls to have the evolution thing in their textbooks. I have spoken out against them but the teachers insist that they need to share with the kids what the secular world believes to prepare them for encounters. i don’t like that idea in 6th and 7th grade. Thank you for taking your life and dedicating it to Christ and this issue. Your sacrifice has made alot of difference in my life and I cannot wait to thank you personally some day either here or in His kingdom. You are a brother and mentor to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Matt Skrzypczak
    Feast Eternal

  34. Pingback : Esther Baxter
  35. [email protected] October 27, 2006 9:54 am Reply

    Kent, I need an address to send you the conference DVD’s – please send it to my email. We have edited your series into 42- 25 min segments and will play 2 segments per hour and will start airing them in their entirety on Nov 1st at 10AM Central on , they will also air on our affiliate WXEI in Crestview, FL which can be heard from Pensacola to Alabama on 95.3 FM at 10AM Central time. We would still like to air a live program for your ministry when you are ready. Until then we will air anything else you send us, we only have the 7 disc set and would like to air your debates and whatever else you have when these are done. We prefer the DVD format as we can use these in our Home school group as well. many blessings, Nicklas

  36. RonandCarol October 27, 2006 12:46 pm Reply


    We just watched the dvd’s but ordered them anyway, just to support your ministry. And for those who will judge you, you know what will happen to them!! Keep on smiling and do not give up, the Lord will give them a bigger bill. I pray in the name of Jesus that the justice system relaese you from all accusations and pray that Jesus opens their eyes to the real crimnals on this planet.

    May God bless you (and belive me he does)

    Greetings from

    Ron, Carol, Antony, Jesse and Joshua in Bahrain

  37. jigufli November 1, 2006 10:19 pm Reply

    i have heard about your troubles and am disappointed in your reaction, business practices and your ignorance of scripture. if you didn’t want to be bogged down by the details of taxes and other responsibilities, you should have hired a business manager to oversee such things andmake sure you did not get yourselves in trouble.

    your concept of jurisdiction is very anti-scriptural; i, too, took the course from the seminary in your denomination and it was the worst load of crap anyone could teach. no wonder you are in the position you are in.

    one scripture does not over rule another and all must be followed yet your own arrogance has led you to this point. which means you need to humble yourselves before God, accept your punishment and re-think your faith and see where you went wrong.

    i am sorry it was a christian organization that reported you to the i.r.s. and i felt they acted anti-scripturally. but that is the problem with christians these days, they are like you—they do not know or understand what scriptrue is saying.

  38. zaphnathpaaneah November 7, 2006 4:05 pm Reply

    read in genesis about when joesph was put in prison because he would not commit adultry with his masters wife and she falsely accused him
    then ………….

    watch arron russos movie american freedom to facism

    this is much bigger then you think !!!!!!

  39. warocuya November 7, 2006 10:10 pm Reply

    Hey Jigufli,

    You should read the comments by JR and Caissie on the Oct 29 Call to Prayer blog.
    It should help your understanding of scripture.

    Jesus never paid taxes to Rome. He paid the Temple tax listed in the Law of Moses. So therefore Render to Caesar what is Caeser’s and to God the things that are God’s…


  40. Eugene November 23, 2006 4:13 pm Reply

    Hi Dr Hovind. I live in South Africa and have seen all your DVD’s. Whatever you may have done, justly or
    unjustly, please know that I am praying for you. Your DVD’s have changed the lives of all my family and no matter what the outcome of your sentence in January, we will all still advocate the Truth to as many people as we can.

    God bless you for exposing the lies that have been spread by evolutionists and the like.

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