Dr. Hovind Answers Some Quesions, Again

Some of you recently asked Dr. Hovind questions. Here are his responses.

(The name of the individual that asked the question will be listed, along with their question, in italics. Dr. Hovind’s answer for the question will be immediately after in bold.)

How do you explain that in the Grand Canyon every different layer shows fossils from complex to simple organisms the further down you go. I’ve heard your theory on how the Grand Canyon was created, but what is your theory on why the fossils are in the order that they are in? And another thing, I live in South Dakota. Have you ever seen the bad lands? Well the layers in the rocks are very evident. Why do scientists claim those layers show millions of years per layer and what is your theory as to why they are layered like they are?

My seminar part 6 has an extensive answer to this one. So does “In the Beginning” by Walt Brown. Both on www.drdino.com or www.creationscience.com. Moving water causes multiple layers to form simultaneously as shown on video #6. A flood lasting about a year would cause extensive sedimentation thousands of feet thick and the force of liquefaction (among other forces) would separate fossils by density, body shape, habitat, size and complexity. The flood is the only logical explanation for the fossil record.
As for the nice neat sorting into layers shown in the textbook, not true. The so called “fossil record” is a mess! See Seminar 6 and let me know if you have further questions please.

Bruce Terry:
Am I correct in thinking that the oldest living thing on earth is about 2000 years old? That would put it about the time of the flood?

No. The oldest LIVING thing is a toss up between the Methuselah tree at about 4,400 yrs ago (tree ring dating is NOT an exact science- trees often produce two rings/yr) and the great barrier reef in Australia at about 4200 yrs old. See seminar part one for details. If you include human language groups at < 4,500 yrs old as a "living thing" it all adds up to confirm the Bible.

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  1. Corey Schlueter October 20, 2010 2:08 pm Reply

    As Geno and I have stated, there was a tree called Prometheus that was cut down that is older. Once again, I will mention that in Kent’s “Age of the Earth” video, his reference is for Prometheus, not Methuselah. Also, there are older living organisms such as Pando, King’s Lomatia and a Creosote bush.

    Also, the age of the organism does not equate with the age of the earth or when a global flood occurred.

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