Texas Textbook Battle

Written: April 29, 2009
Published: May 20, 2011

NOTE: This post was written by Dr. Hovind in response to an article (referenced below) ten days after the article was published. Though the article is now two years old, the information is still relevant.

Texas Textbook Battle

I tried. I mean I really tried to stifle my intense desire to comment on the irrational logic used in the April 19,2009 article on the “National Center for Evolution,” oops, I mean, “Science Education, ncse.org. I failed. I cannot stifle my desire to comment. The article was entitled “Consequences of the Flawed Standards in Texas.”

I really wrestled over it. Sometimes you answer a fool according to their folly and sometimes you don’t according to Proverbs 26:4-5. It is sometimes hard to know whether to answer. This time, I must answer.

Texas has long been a battle ground over accuracy in textbooks, largely due to the efforts of Mel Gabler and Neil Frey at textbookreviews.org. Recently the Texas state board of education voted in standards that dared to raise questions about the sacred cow of evolution. The standards would require that “students examine all sides of scientific evidence.”

Because the NSCE depends on grant money from the 19th century Andrew Carnegie Fund which he left to promote evolution, the director Eugenie Scott called the Texas board’s decision “a triumph of ideology and politics over science.” In the typical modus operandi of the NSCE, they do not define the word evolution, but rather promote outright lies being used as evidence for evolutionism. They use every means available to eliminate any opposition to their sacred theory being presented as fact.

The word “evolution” has at least six different and unrelated meanings or stages of which only the last is scientific. They are:
1. Cosmic evolution: the origin of time, space and matter from nothing in the imaginary ‘big bang’.
2. Chemical evolution: all elements evolve from hydrogen
3. Stellar evolution: stars and planets form from dust clouds
4. Organic evolution: life begins spontaneously from nonliving matter
5. Macro-evolution: plants and animals produce offspring of a different kind
6. Micro-evolution: variations occur within the “kind” For example, dogs, wolves and coyotes probably share a common ancestor. This does not prove or even provide evidence that dogs and bananas are related.

Every farmer on planet earth counts on #6 happening and the first five types of evolution not happening! When he plants corn he expects and gets corn—every time—no exceptions. Now, if the folks at NCSE or anywhere else want to believe the first five types of evolution, they are certainly welcome to do so. They are not welcome, however, to call it science and expect all the taxpayers to pay for their religion to be taught in public schools as scientific fact.

The Texas board did the right thing by requiring that students look at all sides. The problem is, when all evidence is shown, the evolution religion is exposed for the dumb theory that it really is.

Brown University professor, Kenneth Miller, has published biology books used by Prentice-Hall. He said they would do what they had to in order to meet the standards but added, “We will never put anything in our books that will compromise our scientific values.” I’d love to know what those “values” are. Miller has continued to use outdated examples as “evidence” for evolution many years after it has been proven wrong.

For many years he said that the “gill slits” on the human embryo provides evidence that we have a common ancestor with fish. Miller knows full well that Ernest Haeckel made up that lie in 1869 and that it was proven wrong in 1874. Miller even uses the fake drawings made by Haeckel 125 years after it was proven that the drawings were forged!

Miller still teaches that the whale has a “vestigial pelvis” even though it has been known for decades that the bones to which he refers are part of the whale’s reproductive system and have nothing to do with walking on land. I can see why he and Genie don’t want students to see “all sides”. He and the folks at NCSE use nearly fifty lies as evidence for their “theory”. These are covered in detail on Part Four of our Creation Science Seminar series. See drdino.com.

Next they will put the pressure on authorities to take the decision making power away from the board. The NCSE know well how to use the law and the court system as a club to beat any opposition to them into submission. Lenin and Stalin would be proud of their tactics.

Call the Texas board and thank them for their courage and tell them to stand strong. Call Texas senators and representatives and tell them to oppose any changes in how the people of Texas choose their textbooks. Write textbookreviews.org and send them $1,000 to help them keep up the great fight for truth, and then copy and give our video series to every one you know.

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