The New World Order

July 8, 2011

The New World Order

Mornin! Another beautiful day in God’s world. Satan wants to rule this place s-o-o-o-o-o badly! These next few years may get rough as he makes his final play with the New World Order. If you read Psalm 2, it puts it all in perspective! God is laughing at Pinky and the Brain wannabe’s plans to rule the world.

Fear not. Win souls and love God today. Soon, nothing else will matter.

We have new people coming into prison here every day with such outrageous sentences who have such great needs. We need to read more stories such as those by Alexander Solzhenitsyn that we might understand what is happening to America as she descends to a police state like Germany and Russia did. Alexander Solzhenitsyn tells of a man put in prison in Russia for being the first one to stop clapping at a welcome for Stalin! Hmmmm? Locking up as many as you can, for as long as you can, seems to be the mentality of anti-freedom governments.

Thanks for your prayers. Keep the main thing the main thing! Serve God!


  1. The Other Alice July 15, 2011 5:36 pm Reply

    Thanks for the word, Dr. Hovind. No matter what happens on the earth, there really is nothing to do but save souls. We’re praying for you, brother. :) God bless you!

  2. Rodawn sullen July 15, 2011 11:14 pm Reply

    Dr. Hovind I really appreciate your ministries and you standing up for the TRUTH! it has encouraged me and my cousin to earnestly contend for the faith. As iron sharpens iron, so Is your ministries sharpens me!

  3. Bob Knopf Creation Science Network July 16, 2011 12:33 am Reply

    Hi Kent,
    I don’t know if you ever see this, but we’re out here in the NW working away. There’s a lot to do. We have weekly 1/2 hour radio show (Exploring God’s Creatin)airing in Denver,CO, Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR, and 24/7 on our Web site. We now have an e-newsletter, a new FB presence, a few YouTube videos, and continue with seminars as possible. It’s been about 10 years or so since you inspired me into this fulltime ministry. The Lord has blessed us, and we’re taking His message of creation and the Holy Bible to as many as we can reach. I’m praying for you and the entire family. Eric and the others are making great strides. The Lord has really blessed them. CSE continues to be inspiring to all of us. – Bob Knopf

  4. adam allen July 17, 2011 2:36 am Reply

    Dear brother Hovind, thankyou for you fantastic posts. They are so encouraging and its so good to be able to still receive teaching from you. I am praying without ceasesing that you will be released from prison and given your freedom (since I and many otherd know that you are both innocent and wrongly accused! Many want to stop you telling the truth about the bible and creation.I have got together on facebook three hundred people who I have invited to pray for your release and I am going to keep on getting prayer warriors to pray for you and keep reminding people about you,your work and will not stop until you are released. Keep fighting the good fight brother, we all believe in you and you are constantly in my thoughts. May Jesus continue to bless you. And may you soon be free! Regards and love in Christ, Adam Allen cornwall england.

  5. Edward Moyers July 17, 2011 8:52 pm Reply

    hello mr hovind.. finally i might possibly get to say hi to you after so long of wanting to and to say that what ever the reason is that you are there in .. where your at is just more of an opportunity for you to do Gods work.. anyway i dont ever know if possibly you might have seen my website i made up about 6 yrs ago but it was because i came across a few of your videos on utube quite by accident, but once i started i couldnt stop. I have never heard of anyone present things the way you do and did and the authority you have to just not care what other people say or do about it.. but what you teach is the truth and after studying these things for the last 6 yrs it is like.. everything about what ive always believed makes more sense and is understandable. i officially became a christian in 1987.. but before that ive always belived and known that the earth was young and all the trivial things like are there to .. but i was looking up youtube for something not even knowing that videos like your were on and then after a while i started this creation site of my own inspired by you and by others like carl baugh and the others i cant think of now but the only real message is to put Jesus out to where people can come to him all the other things are nothing until he is found and nothing else is important until then.. but anyway…. no matter where your at satan is not going to stop you. he might want to think he is but and he can try but in the end he is going to get the boot.. anyway i got 2 other sites besides the one above listed. but stay strong and never let things to get you down like they sometimes will. i am way up here in Frederick, Maryland.. i first found you on youtube in 2005. and the message god gave you to proclaim is good and it is so understandable that i .. its like .. well its mindboggling how people dont want all the truth, but they rather believe what man says instead of what the bible says, but its like what you say… they dont want to give up thier lifestyle for what is right. andi just hope im not around for when the nwo gets started.. anyway.. i dont know why people dont want to or are afriad to dig into the bible and really study what it says and then they could find out what it is saying to and know what it means instead of leaving it up to supposed scholars or what not. but anyway,,im glad your ministry is still going strong and it is good that eric is continuring where you left off but i know you will be back still doing what you do best what God wants you to

  6. David Joseph July 18, 2011 3:58 am Reply

    As a 9 year old I became saved. So saved that I walked around the school all day with my Bible hoping someone would ask me about Christ. And they did. Lots of kids asked me questions. I answered everyone of them with knowledge far advanced for my age. At one point kids fired questions at me one after the other and I fired answers back, just as fast without even knowing what I was really saying. A few weeks went by and my knowledge of Jesus became well known. In science class we began to learn about evolution and we’re being taught there was no God. Some of my fellow students told the teacher that I had answers to everything about God. The teacher told me to stand up and then he asked me three questions. One, is God Perfect. I said proudly “YES!” . He then asked me, ‘Who made the devil? I said, “God.” . “Then” he said, “How could God be perfect if he made the Devil?”. I said, “I don’t know” The class broke out laughing at me. I nolonger took my Bible to school.I wondered for years, why God at that moment didn’t give me the answers that he had given me days earlier. But I know now. Like you Mr. Hovind, He wanted me to join the battle. He wanted me to know what these teachers of sin where teaching ‘His’ children, and how they felt having no answers to fight back. And so the battle I have joined. With you and the other children of God . As you well know Mr. Hovind it is not the United States that is our enemy or any country by itself, but Satan himself, just like my war was not with my science teacher.
    My war and your war is with the devil. When the time is right, I hope God will lead you to work with us. We have a long way to go. But Satan started it, and we Gods Children are going to finish it. Hoping to meet you in person someday soon. Yes I know where you are, but so does God… if God says soon then its soon.

  7. Luke July 18, 2011 4:44 am Reply

    *This might not be the best place to write this, but I could not see a ‘contact’ button.

    Dr Hovind. First I want to thank you for your tireless work for Christ. I know you are not working for the praise of men, but of God, but you are a great example of what it is to follow Christ.

    I have been reading the book ‘In the Beginning Was Information: A Scientist Explains the Incredible Design in Nature’ and it is been pretty amazing. It describes what information is and how it can’t form on it’s own. Though a lot of it appears greek to me, from what I take from it, it is a great book. I was wondering if you had ever read it or even heard of it. I was curious if you were able to receive books while in prison? I would love to send it to you, as I believe you would also enjoy the read. God bless.


  8. Rene Hershensohn July 19, 2011 1:36 pm Reply

    Dear Dr Hovind.

    I received your Creation Seminar dvd’s a week ago, from a complete stranger! Coincidence? NO! I have never heard of you or creation seminars before that. It’s just devine intervention! Even though you are in the US and under certain circumstances you are still saving lifes!

    After 32 years I can finally say I have been saved! You’ve put everything into perspective and there will NEVER be any doubt in my mind again. God is AMAZING and I am so thankful that he has used you to save someone like me. After years of searching for answers about who we are and what, I can finally give all the glory to GOD! Thank you so much! I am praying for you daily and will pass on the Creation seminar so that it can save another life.

    All the best and hope you will be able to come and visit us in South Africa one day!

    René Hershensohn
    Pretoria, South Africa

  9. Gerry Sawyer July 19, 2011 7:40 pm Reply

    I’m not sure if you are able to see youtube but I think this link will affirm what you are saying here regarding the end of America, and the new world order…my pastor is a messianic Jew, from the tribe of Levi..

  10. Edward Moyers July 23, 2011 8:37 pm Reply

    this is something that could apply too as a conspiracy but i wanted to bring it to attention to see what people thought about it. but, no one has been to the moon… no one would survive the radiation belt that is half way between the earth and the moon. but what they did, in 1969.. was only go into orbit around the earth for about a week or so..

    lying making you think they were headed to the moon.. when they was showing the earth supposedly out at 33,000 some odd miles from the earth, they were really just in a low earth orbit.. then a while after they were filming that shot they took down a transparent picture of the eath frm the window.. the whole inside of the ship lit up with the blue ocean showing through the window, but and they actually did there moon landing in the Nevada dessert.

    the link above is to a site that has a 2 part documentary on it..each one about 90 minutes to 2 hrs long.

    and a short minute video of them in the ship showing supposedly that they were far away from earth.

    but watch the video at the bottom first to see what im talking about. but watch these and think carefully about what you believe. but the us government wanted everyone to think that they had been the first ones to the moon and so they could say they beat the Russians to it… actually the russian astronaut yuri gagarin was taken out of his rocket so he would not be killed .. and the reason that the 3 did get killed i the test of the rocket was because one of them was planing to expose nasa for fraudulently reporting things but anyway, you can watch these and see for yourself what took place. they are very good documentaries about it…

  11. Corey July 23, 2011 9:05 pm Reply

    Edward Moyers,

    Humans have never landed on the moon, really? You do realize that they were several moon landings and the Russians even admitted that the Americans did it?

    And do not forget about the two space stations that have been in operation and plans to go to Mars.

  12. Edward Moyers July 23, 2011 11:15 pm Reply

    well theres a video link there to just few of the videos i saw that are really good and they do make sense with someof the things they have in it.. see the earth has a radiation belt that is between the earth and the moon and they know that the radiation is too strong for humans to survive it, and each. and the way the picturs look.. well the videos go though a much more examinat of it but it wouldnt surprize me any…. but they have actualkl footage of mistakes in the video from then

  13. Corey July 24, 2011 8:59 pm Reply

    Edward Moyes,

    Have you ever looked for the evidence to suggest that humans can survive and what kinds of ionizing radiation exists in space, what are their sources, what are the expected radiation levels and what protective measures are taken against them?

  14. Edward Moyers July 25, 2011 4:40 pm Reply

    the deep space probes and other satalites have measured the amount of radiation that is out there, if they didnt they wouldnt know it was out there but they have sent a dog out there and he didnt survive and a monkey even and some of those missions were stopped on purpose but made to look like accidents so they would have to come back before reaching the moon because they knew that they wouldn’t make it and they didn’t want to risk an astronaut possibly dying or getting sick. but they knew the radiation is there, but they didn’t know if a human could survive too well.. and they probably didn’t send them because of the other failures that has happened with the animals they sent into space, so they had them float around in orbit for a few days then film the landing part of the mission and the moon when they returned but shown them returning. or either had people pretending to be them in the moon sequences while they were still in orbit then when the time came they returned to earth.

  15. Edward Moyers July 25, 2011 4:43 pm Reply

    like the movie capricorn 1 or moonraker

  16. Corey July 25, 2011 8:25 pm Reply

    Edward Moyes,

    I suggest that you look for answers to these arguments since they have been debunked such as exposure from the van Allen belts was minimal: about 2 rem which is the equivalent of a 100 chest x-rays.

  17. Corey July 25, 2011 8:29 pm Reply

    And there is physical evidence of the moon landings: large quantity of moon rock that was brought back by the Apollo missions, a set of retroflectors, mirrors meant to be targets for ranging lasers, were placed on the Moon, and close up images of dust being kicked up by the astronauts on the Moon showed that it fell parabolically, as opposed to floating around in the air before falling to the ground like on Earth.

  18. Sonuahua Compton July 25, 2011 10:38 pm Reply

    I don’t know anything about moon landings….
    However I can answer Luke, You can have books sent to prisoners, however they have to come directly from book store or ministry with the receipt showing the purchase and the shipping. (so it has “proof” that is has not been “tampered” with) We have a Prison Ministry, and most prison rules are similar.
    Dr Hovind, thank you for your words of news and encouragement, I am going to use your news in our PFP Newsletter, and send you a copy. Bless you in your harvest. Keep your feet on solid earth, and keep the cycle sharp, do all as unto the Lord.

  19. Edward Moyers July 26, 2011 1:00 am Reply

    ah no there is not physical evidence of people being on the moon, what there is, is what they want people to believe is evidence. but the only thing anyone can go on is what they want us to know.. but there is no way to actually know unless a person tried to go to the moon themselves.. because nasa isnt going to tell people that it didnt happen. but it was just a thing they wasnt too sure on and didnt want to risk it so they shot the moon landing scense in a movie studio. they wanted to be the first to be opn the moon but they couldnt do it so they made it up just so they could have pride and be impressed with themselves because they did something before anyone else did, so the astronauts . were sworn to secrecy about it but they subtly blew wistles on it without giving any hints to nasa. and the film maker stanly kuberak haqd alot to do with filming the foot prints and saved the footage to show later. abd someof the white house officials say that like rumsfeld and alexander haix and kissinger and what not. thats in a video too. but its not hard to belive or understand when a person understands about how the goverment works and the hiden agenda of it

  20. Edward Moyers July 26, 2011 1:08 am Reply

    people have been in space, but not out to the moon.. so far they have only been able to send unmanned probes out there and even those were reletivley small probes.. like the voyager probes and the mars lander or what not

  21. Corey July 26, 2011 7:55 pm Reply

    Edward Moyers

    Can you counter my arguments and evidence without saying it is a hidden agenda? Obviously, you have not done the research, because if you had, you would realize that have been lied to.

    “Can a blind man lead a blind man, will they not both fall into the pit?”

  22. Edward Moyers July 26, 2011 10:53 pm Reply

    it wouldnt matter if i did or not the thing is people dont want toi think there was an agenda and they dont want to believe they have been lied to, when all they got to do is to go study and look up the claims after they have been told instead of asking for more when all there is to do after being told is look.. there are links and information out there to go look but people dont because of the preconcieved idea they have that there is no use to look,, and another reason is that they dont want to look because they will find the truth. but i have given enough evidence so far to be looked at, 2 hr long videos and one 3 minute video and there is one i mentioned about stanly kuberaks involvment with the whitehouse and the moon landing

  23. Edward Moyers July 26, 2011 10:54 pm Reply

    two, 2-hr long videos and one 3 minute video and there is one i mentioned about stanly kuberaks involvment with the whitehouse and the moon landing

  24. Corey July 27, 2011 3:00 pm Reply

    Link that shows that the movie/Standley Kubrick argument is flawed:

    One of the articles that suggest Kubrick was used to fake the moon landing is intended as a joke.

  25. Edward Moyers July 27, 2011 7:28 pm Reply

    no it doesnt show he was flawed, besides he was just a film maker who by the request of Nixon went and shot the scenes because they wasn’t sure if they would be able to or not in time. they just wanted to be the first ones to say that they got to the moon first.. knowing that there were really too many problems associated with it and would probably not make it so instead they sent the astronauts up to float around in orbit for a few days then they came back down and shot the moon landing in navada, then used the footage of them returning after they got the moon sequences done. but there are alot of things in the pictures they took of the fake moon landing set that they didnt scrutinize over because they just assuned people would believe it because it was nasa. and there are alot of inaccuracy’s in those pictures

  26. Edward Moyers July 27, 2011 7:31 pm Reply

    no it wasnt intended for an inside joke.. that was whistle blowing.. they told the truth knowing no one would belive it they wanted it to seem like it was a joke, knowing full well it was not.

  27. Edward Moyers July 27, 2011 7:32 pm Reply

    but they didnt come out and say it striaght because they didnt want to be threatened or fired or even killed

  28. Corey July 27, 2011 11:14 pm Reply

    Photo analysis of moon landing pictures:

    One more thing, who is “they”? The New World Order or a snake’s oilman who is in it for the money?

  29. Edward Moyers July 28, 2011 3:55 pm Reply

    the shadows are porobably going slightly in difrent directions.. and why when they were in the casule did theyhave clear color pictures taken with the video camera and then when the broadcast from houston they were low quality b/w fuzzy pictures.. it because they didnt want too much if the landscape shown with much of the detail and when buzz aldren was coming out of the lem he was lit of by an external lightsource that was placed there not far from where he was at… it was not the reflexion from the gound the lunar ground was not even brighyt enough to eluminate the rocks laying on the ground and in some books before they cropped the pictures it shows above the spot lights used to light up the ground

  30. Edward Moyers July 28, 2011 3:58 pm Reply

    the shadows are probably going slightly in different directions.. and why when they were in the capsule did they have clear color pictures taken with the video camera and then when the broadcast from Houston they were low quality b/w fuzzy pictures.. it because they didn’t want too much if the landscape shown with much of the detail and when buzz aldren was coming out of the lem he was lit of by an external light source that was placed there not far from where he was at… it was not the reflection from the ground the lunar ground was not even bright enough to illuminate the rocks laying on the ground and in some books before they cropped the pictures it shows above the spot lights used to light up the ground

  31. Edward Moyers July 28, 2011 4:01 pm Reply

    One more thing, who is “they”? The New World Order or a snake’s oilman who is in it for the money?

    the ” they ” being IE Nasa & the government along with other high profilers. but only a few of them knew what was actually going on. the people who did not have direct involvement in the thing was not informed about any of this plan.

  32. Edward Moyers July 28, 2011 4:05 pm Reply

    the astronauts themselves knew. if they didnt know something was going on they wouldnt have lied about how far away from the earth they were when really they were just orbiting around the earth.

  33. Lester Dugger July 30, 2011 12:36 pm Reply

    Dear Dr. Hovind, Im ashamed to admit that I didnt know about your plight until very recently. I have been very sick and lost about 8 yrs of my life and can remember very little of that time. I found your site on the net and watched your debates and teachings and was thrilled to find someone who refused to compromise the Word of God. I am so ashamed also of what our government did to you and your wife.I realize that if you dont compromise the Word of God that this world and satan will find a way to persecute you. We know how the apostles were imprisoned, beaten and even murdered and I know we are to expect that while we are here but it still angers me when its so blatant and they are so unashamed. A congressman lies and refuses to pay his taxes and nothing happens to him yet thats ok. But a man of God who is supposed to be exempt from taxes gets thrown in prison.
    I know how it feels to be treated like that but I cant imagine being in a supermax for 10 yrs. They must really be scared of you to put you in a place like that for taxes. I dont see how any jury could have convicted you to start with unless they were hand picked or told they better convict. Seems fishy to me. This gov is so corrupt now and this nation is so defiled itself I cant see any way that God can keep from judging this nation.
    I know that all we can do is pray for you and your family and I also know God knows what is going on and will take care of it.I hope you can forgive the people that did this to you and I sincerely hope you end up getting every guard and inmate saved while you are there. Please dont give up and know that there are a lot of people who love you and your wife and are asking God to get you through this. I hope to be able to see the day that Christ brings the judge, jury and prosecutor and they have to bow at our Lord’s feet and give account for their ungodly deeds. I have no money and we are struggling to get by on disability but I can pray and ask God to keep you and to help your son to keep the ministry going until you are released. Sincerely, L Dugger

  34. Enok July 8, 2012 8:25 am Reply

    This is soooo strange, I have been up all night getting new info on The New World order , tried to find your CSE on the topic to I hope its CSE 103 Class 4 CSE 103 Class 5 (haven’t seen them yet) and I get into this site and this shows up, this cannot be chance .. Stay strong Hovind

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