The Magic Globe Series: Kailey and Grandpa Visit Haiti

Kailey Hovind was really quiet after church as she rode home with Grandpa. “What’s on your mind there granddaughter?” asked Grandpa as they got out of the van.”

“I’ve been thinking, Grandpa, maybe God wants me to be a missionary someplace when I grow up. How do I know for sure?”

“That’s a great question!” said Grandpa. “I think God wants ALL His kids to be missionaries and to win souls to Him but He does call on some of His kids to quit everything else and go preach and teach about Him full time. There are some missionaries who feel led of the Lord to minister here in this country, and some who feel led to go to a foreign country. Is there any particular place you think God might want you?”

“I’ve been wondering about Haiti,” said Kailey. “Can we go visit it to see what they need down there?”

“I think that is a great ideal!” said Grandpa. “Let me call your mom to be sure it is OK first.” Grandpa called Danielle and she said it would be fine if they were back in time for lunch.

S-o-o-o-o-o, Grandpa and Kailey went into the science center and Grandpa handed Kailey the tiny key. She put it in the little hole at the South Pole of the Magic Globe and turned it until the globe began to hmmmm quietly.

“Do you know where Haiti is, Kailey?” asked Grandpa.

“It’s an island between Florida and South America,” she said as she began looking at that part of the globe.

“It sure is!” laughed Grandpa. “You sure are smart! You must be a Hovind!”

“I sure am, Grandpa, all the way to my toes!” she laughed as she wriggled her toes. “I see it Grandpa! Hold my hand tight and let’s go!”
She touched Haiti and POOOOOF!!!! Before they could even blink they were in Haiti on a hill looking over the huge city of Port-au-Prince. There were people everywhere and the city was a mess! There were tents set up all over the hills and lots of smashed houses. Most of the people seemed happy though and were smiling and singing as they walked. Almost all of them were black and wore bright colored clothes!

One black girl about Kailey’s age came over to walk with them. “Hello and welcome to Haiti!” she smiled. “My name is Renee.”

“We are the Hovinds visiting from Florida. My name is Kailey and this is my grandpa. We were hoping to learn about Haiti,” said Kailey.

“I would be glad to tell you about it!” said Renee. “I’ve lived here all my life and have studied lots about it in school. Haiti has lots of mountains as you can see. We are on half of an island and the Dominican Republic is on the other half. Our country is about 1/5 as big as Florida but we have almost 9 million people here, so it is pretty crowded. Most of the people are very poor.”
“Why are there so many tents all over the place?” asked Kailey as she looked around.

“We had a really bad earthquake in January of 2010. It knocked down thousands of homes and buildings and killed thousands of people. LOTS of people came to help build new houses but it will take many years to fix all the damage,” Renee said sadly.

“What was the date of the earthquake in Haiti?” asked Kailey.

“It was January 13th. Why do you ask?” inquired Renee.

“January 13th! That is my birthday!” replied a shocked Kailey. “I was eight years old that day and was busy celebrating my birthday. We sang songs about Jesus and had birthday cake. I didn’t know you were having a terrible earthquake at the same time! How can people here in Haiti still be happy? I see them smiling, but how can they smile with all this mess everywhere?”

“We have had LOTS of problems like hurricanes, floods, disease and even earthquakes but we just smile and keep going. We are a happy people most of the time.”

“Do lots of people here go to church?” asked Kailey.
“Some people go to church,” replied Renee. “About 80% of the people are Catholic and 10% are Baptist. Even though some people go to church not very many are really saved and try to serve Jesus. The majority of the Haitian people practice Voodoo.”

“What is voodoo?” asked Kailey with a questioning look on her face.

“Most of the people here are descendants of slaves who were brought here from Africa over 200 years ago. In Africa they worshiped lots of spirits and even their dead ancestors. When they came here and the Catholic priests tried to teach them the Bible they mixed both religions together. They do lots of singing, dancing, and sacrificing of animals. They believe this will keep the evil spirits from hurting them,” said Renee. “My aunts and uncles practice voodoo ceremonies all the time. I tell them it is really Satan worship and God does not like it but they won’t listen to me.”

“They need somebody to teach them the truth about Jesus and the Bible!’ said Kailey.

“There are missionaries here who have tried to do that!” said Renee. “There are some really good churches here with people who really love the Lord, but s-o-o-o-o-o many of the people are ignorant of God’s love and are s-o-o-o-o-o afraid of evil spirits that it is hard to get them to listen to the truth. Most people here never finish school and lots of them cannot even read. Satan seems to be extra busy on our island trying to keep people from getting saved.”

“I’m praying about being a missionary here, too.” said Kailey.

“That would be great!” said Renee. “We can always use more. There are lots of countries that need missionaries. Just work hard in school to learn all you can and stay close to the Lord. He will guide you.”

“Time to go home Kailey,” said Grandpa. “Hold my hand and say goodbye to our new friend, Renee.”

“Goodbye, Renee. Thanks for telling me about Haiti. I’m glad you know the Lord and are trying to tell others about Him,” said Kailey. “I’ll come visit again when can.”

Suddenly, POOOOOF!!! They were back in front of the Magic Globe in the Science Center. Kailey turned it off and handed Grandpa the tiny key. It slowly stopped humming. “Grandpa, what does a missionary need to know?”

“THAT’S a good question!” nodded Grandpa. “The more the better. Some missionaries study about medicine so they can be a nurse or doctor to be able to help the sick people while they preach to them. Some missionaries learn how to help build things. Those folks in Haiti sure needed lots of houses built! Most of the people in Haiti speak a language that is sort of half French. It is called Creole. It may sound funny but the more you study English, the easier it is to learn another language. You need to really study the Bible, too! THAT’S what those people need most of all. I’d say that if I thought God might want me as a missionary in Haiti or any other country I would study lots of English, lots of math and lots of history. I would also learn lots of stuff about health and how to fix things. It might be good to even go to school to be a nurse.

Even if God wants you to stay and be a missionary right here, you can always use those things. I feel God wants me to be a missionary to people all over the world who are fooled by the evolution theory. THAT’S my mission field.”

“Hmmmm,” said Kailey as she slowly turned the globe. “There are about 200 countries in the world. LOTS of them need missionaries. I’ll work hard to learn everything I can and just let God show me when it is time.”

“Great idea,” laughed Grandpa. “You can start being a missionary right now. Give your friends at school tracts and tell them how to be saved. You don’t need to wait till you grow up for that.”

“I already do that!” said Kailey. “It is fun!”

“Let’s go eat some lunch, granddaughter. I’m starving!” laughed grandpa. “We’ll visit more countries later.” S-o-o-o-o-o, they did!



  1. Kathy Jaggers October 25, 2011 10:38 pm Reply

    So glad to hear from you after a long break. What a great entry! Thanks for all your encouragement.
    The Jaggers Family

  2. Gayle Baxter October 28, 2011 6:53 pm Reply

    My heart is so full when I read your blogs, watch your videos, and
    remember you in prayer. How wonderful the “family gathering” will be in eternity with our Great Lord. I CAN HARDLY WAIT – NO MATTER
    enough about the lost brothers I haven’t even met, to make sure they are invited to the “reunion”. Always, Gayle

  3. Nichol March 7, 2012 8:40 pm Reply

    I enjoyed your blog it was of great use to me, if you keep providing useful info you will get many more users

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