Legal Updates

Last Updated: October 19, 2012

Dr. Hovind has been moved to a new location.

This is his new information:

Mailing Address:

Kent Hovind #06452-017
FPC PO Box 9000
Berlin, NH 03570

An official update will be coming from Dr. Hovind soon.

October 16, 2012

Dr. Hovind is currently being transferred to a new facility, therefore he will be unable to receive any mail until further notice. While in transit, we are not informed of the new location until he has arrived and is allowed to contact us. Mail that has already been sent to Colorado, but has not yet arrived, will not be returned nor forwarded. Please wait until we are able to provide the new mailing address before sending any mail.

Please pray that he is moved closer to his family.

September 8, 2011

Hey folks!
Congress is considering cost cutting measures (about time!) including cutting the BOP budget. They are getting some pressure to pass HR 223 but need LOTS more! HR 223 would cut prison time to 50% for 45 and older, first time, non-violent inmates. That would send me home! Please encourage your friends and family to go to this site and vote YES, “like it” to add support.

Click here to vote:
Vote for HR 223

or, copy and paste this URL into your web browser:

Thanks for your help!
Kent Hovind

June 27, 2011

Dr. Hovind has been moved to a new location.

This is his new information:

Mailing Address:

Kent Hovind #06452-017
FPC Satellite Camp Florence
P.O. Box 5000
Florence, CO 81226 USA

An official update will be coming soon as to the move from Jesup, GA to Florence, CO.

September 16, 2010

After waiting some time in a holding facility in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Hovind has been moved to a new facility!

He is now in Jesup, GA, and has informed CSE that his living conditions are much better there that his last location! He has email access, more time to be outside, and Mrs. Jo Hovind will have the opportunity to see her husband for the first time in 2 years!

If you would like to write to Dr. Hovind, here is his new mailing address:

Kent Hovind, #06452-017
FCI Jesup Satellite Camp
2650 US Hwy. 301 South
Jesup, GA. 31599-5676 USA

July 22, 2010

On January 11, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court denied rehearing the case. Further legal options are being reviewed.

The ministry is currently in negotiations to acquire property formerly seized by the United States Government.
March 26, 2010

After a six-month delay, the government has finally responded that they will sell the property at a fair market value of $971,000. This is substantially higher than their initial indication of $380,000; and so, our Board of Directors has scheduled an upcoming meeting to discuss the ministry’s options. We value your prayers during this transitional time.
September 26, 2009

Thank you for your continued support of Creation Science Evangelism! With God’s favor and your financial gifts, we’re still here!

On Friday, September 11, the U.S. Government indicated that they will work with us to reacquire ministry property. Upon completion of property appraisals, CSE will begin to negotiate the acquisition. We ask for your patience and prayers during this process.

Meanwhile, we stay focused on the exciting future ahead. We’re launching our new Beginnings DVD and small group curriculum in October. Creation Minute will soon begin airing on major TV networks. Additionally, we are partnering to distribute thousands of creation resources on major college campuses next month. It is your continued financial support that makes all this possible. Will you prayerfully consider a monthly partnership with us?
August, 2009

On Thursday, July 28, 2009, a federal judge gave the United States Government permission to seize ministry property as a substitute for payment of fines (not tax related) imposed upon Dr. Kent Hovind. In addition, the Government has given CSE notice that the property (including the homes of three families) must be vacated by September 15, 2009 if the forfeiture amount of $380,000 is not paid. While we disagree with this decision, we are complying with all the Government’s requests.

The Government has recently indicated that they are willing to sell the property to the ministry; thus, we can avoid moving to a new location. With this news, our Board of Directors has decided to preserve ministry property. Of course, this is a very transitional time for us and we ask for your patience and understanding. We will provide further updates as more information becomes available.

Last week, we asked you to consider financially supporting the ministry during this transitional time. The support has been amazing! Your prayers, letters, and gifts have made a huge difference. Thank you!

There’s still more to do. We are seeking 2000 more people to support us with just $100. Your financial gift will help to preserve our current property so that we can continue to spread the creation message without interruption. We look forward to quickly putting this behind us so that we can remain focused on the exciting vision we have for the future. Will you help?

If you are an investor and would like to help, please contact us at 850.479.3466.
May 22, 2009

Thank you the prayers and support for Dr. Hovind and the Supreme Court case. As of Monday, May 18th, the Writ of Cert has been filed and we wait to hear whether the Supreme Court will take the case or not.

This is how I understand it to work. Our Writ will be given to one of the justices of the Supreme Court for review. A staff of trained attorneys who work under that justice will review the Writ and then discuss with others if it is worthy of more research. If it passes their scrutiny more research will be done on the case before bringing it to the attention of Justice Clarence Thomas who is responsible for reviewing any Writs that come from the 11th circuit court of appeals. He will determine if it should go before the entire Supreme Court panel. If our case is brought up before the entire Supreme Court panel they will have another look at it and determine if it is a case that they are willing to take.

Please pray with us that this case will find favor in the eyes of those who see it and that God will be glorified in all of these trials.

I had the opportunity to visit my Dad this weekend and he is doing well. He is the eternal optimist. From his perspective, the glass the always half full. He is so much fun to hang out and talk with because he is so smart on so many topics. If you would like to read more about my visit with my dad, you can do so on my blog.

The Kent Hovind Legal Defense Fund is established so you can make donations to the:

Hovind Defense Fund
29 Cummings Road
Pensacola, FL 32503

To donate through our Web site, please indicate “legal” in the comments during checkout. Please note, donations to the Kent Hovind Legal Defense Fund are not tax deductible. As always, all other donations to Creation Science Evangelism are used for the spreading of the Gospel through the creation message.

Thank you again for your prayers and support.

For God’s Glory,

Eric Hovind
Letter from Eric Hovind

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, the past several years have been a whirlwind of activity for Creation Science Evangelism and the Hovind family. In November of 2006, my dad, Dr. Hovind, was convicted on three federal charges, and in January of 2007 was sentenced to ten years in federal prison. Despite the bad press, and the many misunderstandings, I am convinced that my dad is totally innocent of the charges brought before him. Currently he has served two and one-half years of his ten-year sentence and is in South Carolina at the Edgefield Prison Camp. My mother was also convicted on one charge, and in July of 2007 was sentenced to one year and a day in prison. However, she was granted a stay request pending the outcome of an appeal. On January 1, 2009, I received the notice that the 11th Circuit upheld every decision made by the district court and now my parents are both imprisoned. We took my mother, Jo, to prison on January 20, to begin serving her sentence. Please pray that God will give her strength as she goes through this difficult time.

Our attorneys sought to have the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals reexamine the case because the decision appears to legally conflict with previous Supreme Court rulings. However, the 11th Circuit denied hearing the case any further. This recent decision is a huge disappointment for those who realize the many questions of law involved in the case and who have prayed so fervently for the case to be overturned. This appeal would have provided opportunity to present arguments which could have released Dr. Hovind, dismissed Mrs. Hovind’s sentence, and rescinded the confiscation of CSE property. With this most recent decision by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court has determined that CSE may be forced to forfeit its property to the government. We are currently in litigation concerning this very issue.

We are seeking God’s direction in this matter, and we pray that these legal problems will not get the best of this vital ministry. I have no interest in fighting legal battles. I just want to win souls. This is why CSE exists, and I hope that you will join us in praying for God’s will concerning this situation. One thing we know for sure, God will glorify Himself, regardless of the outcome.

Despite the legal battles, our team continues to push forward presenting the creation message in a fresh new way.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!
Letter from Dr. Kent Hovind

Dear Friends,

The 11th Circuit denied our appeal without addressing many issues. Meanwhile, my wife was ordered to report to prison on January 20, 2009 to serve her one-year-and-one-day sentence.

The Hovind Defense Fund has been established to raise money and support to take this case to the Supreme Court. There are several key issues in our case that, if won, could help scores of churches, ministries, and individuals in the future.

Meanwhile, the assistant U.S. attorney continues to attempt to seize the ministry property. The government figured that the “damages” our “structuring” caused was $3,500, yet they want to seize $430,000 from me based on Title 21 drug laws! Because I do not have the money, they want to seize and auction off the ministry property! There are nearly twenty-five people living on the premises that would be displaced. Pray for Eric and the church attorney to have wisdom to stop this.

The ministry continues to send out DVDs in twenty-nine languages and reports come in every day of saved souls! If I were the devil, I would hate this outreach and try to stop it as well!

Like Joseph (Gen. 40:15), Job (Job 2:3; 27:5; 31:6), and Paul (Acts 25:10), I continue to maintain my innocence and integrity. God will be the final Judge (see Hebrews 9:27)! Be ready for that day!

My prison life is easy compared to many in the Bible and in Muslim and communist countries today. I am safe, rested, and in shape, and I have lots of time to read, write, and witness. Of the 490 men here probably one hundred are active in Christian studies and services.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Dr. and Mrs. Hovind?

A: Dr. Hovind is being held at a minimum security prison camp in Edgefield, South Carolina. He has been there for the past eighteen months of his incarceration. Jo Hovind has completed a year-long sentence and now lives at home in Pensacola, Florida.

Q: What were the accusations against Dr. Hovind and what was his defense?


1. Failure to withhold employee-related taxes:

From the start of the ministry, Dr. Hovind sought legal counsel on the proper way to compensate those who would serve with him in the ministry. He was told by several attorneys that as a 508 organization, CSE was not required to withhold taxes and that each person serving would be responsible for paying their own income taxes. For seventeen years the ministry operated without incident, and no notice was ever given to CSE or Dr. Hovind that the IRS wanted any changes made on this issue until the day the charges were brought.

2. Structuring cash transactions in order to evade bank reporting requirements:

Up until 2003, CSE withdrew cash in order to compensate those who served at CSE. There was no knowledge of bank secrecy laws and never any intention of evading Internal Revenue Service regulations.

3. Threatening and impeding the investigation of a government agency:

Because Dr. Hovind filed papers questioning actions of the IRS, which was his legal right, he was charged with “impeding” the agency. They also believed he “threatened agents with bodily harm” by praying for those involved on public radio.

Q: When will Dr. Kent Hovind be released?

A: Currently scheduled for release on August 11, 2015.

Q: What does this mean for the CSE ministry?

A: The United States government has placed leins on property as a substitute for payment of fines imposed upon Kent Hovind. Creation Science Evangelism is working with the government to negotiate the acquisition of the property. The ministry successfully continues in a new location under the leadership of Dr. Hovind’s son, Eric Hovind, and is fully complying with any requests made to them by the IRS. Creation Science Evangelism remains one of the foremost authorities on science and the Bible, reaching countless people with the Gospel through the creation message.

Q: What has CSE done to remedy the situation?

A: Creation Science Evangelism is fully complying with requests made by the IRS and believes itself to be in good standing. The ministry is using an employee-leasing agency to withhold employee-related taxes and conform to proper tax laws. It is now represented by a firm of certified public accountants to ensure financial accountability.

Q: How can I help?

A: Please consider supporting the appeal to the United States Supreme Court. The Kent Hovind Legal Defense Fund is now established so you can make donations to the

Hovind Defense Fund
29 Cummings Road
Pensacola, FL 32503

To donate through our Web site, please indicate “legal” in the comments during checkout. Please note, donations to the Kent Hovind Legal Defense Fund are not tax deductible. As always, all other donations to Creation Science Evangelism are used for the spreading of the Gospel through the creation message.

Q: How will money be dispersed?

A: Only monies indicated for the legal fund will be spent on the legal defense. As always, all other donations to Creation Science Evangelism are used for the spreading of the Gospel through the creation message. In the event that excess money is raised through the legal fund, it will be used by Creation Science Evangelism for the furthering of the creation message.

Q: Can I visit Dr. Hovind?

A: Unfortunately, visitation is limited to close friends and family only. Please feel free to write and encourage Dr. and Mrs. Hovind at the addresses listed below.

Q: Can I write to Dr. Hovind?

A: Yes, they love to get encouraging letters and testimonies. Please understand that while every letter is read and appreciated, it may not be possible for Dr. and Mrs. Hovind to send a response to each one.

Kent Hovind #06452-017
FPC Edgefield D-2
PO Box 725
Edgefield, SC 29824

Q: What can I send to Dr. Hovind?

A: Please limit correspondence to letters and postcards only. Unfortunately, books, CDs, and DVDs are not permissible.



  1. Richard Korkowski September 11, 2012 4:51 pm Reply

    Thanksfor all you have done in changing my heart for Jesus and the many men you have turn to the Lord as we still watch your tapes in Joshua house when is the day you are going to get out Blessings your Brother in Christ

    • roger m rose December 8, 2012 2:04 am Reply

      when I eat cheese, I get the urge to open some crackers and ham

  2. David Paul September 23, 2012 5:15 pm Reply

    Dear Kent,
    I met with you at your home circa 1996. You were, surprisingly to me very cordial. You demonstrated, your large rope swing and zip-line in your yard!
    I found you to be friendly and very kind with your time with me. THANK YOU!

    We discussed much and I brought you a fossilized drift wood sample I had found in a river in Florida. It was unusual in that the center of it was not fossilized but rather it was carbonized like charcoaled burnt wood. It even had a scent of a piece of wood that one might pull from an extinguised camp fire.

    I had taken the sample to the Gainesville University and had the paleobotonist examine it prior to briging it to you.

    Being an evolutionist, and not being able to explain he told me it was certainly unusual and to contact him in a few days so that he could research this. It took weeks to finally get through to one of his sub-ordinants who told me via telephone that even though the outside was stone and the inside carboned ‘burnt wood’ they would still consider it “FOSSILIZED” and that the professor was travelling and lecturing and was unable to speak with me personally at that time. Not surprisingly…he never contacted me again nor was I able to reach him again.
    You interviewed me on camera (as I remember it was your son running the camera]
    I don’t know if you remember this or if the interview was ever used, but unfortunately I lost contact with you as I encountered some great challenges in my life that distracted my mutual interest in Creationisim Science.
    Years have passed now and I am sorry to hear of your challenges and persecution.
    I encourage you in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ in your current situation to keep “running the race” in speading the GOOD NEWS of salvation and eternal life!
    I hope this reaches you as I am not very computer savvy and was unable to figure out how to “submit” my signing of the pettition to free you from prision.

    I pray for you and your family for strength and peace during this time of your lives.

    God Speed!


    • roger m rose December 8, 2012 2:01 am Reply

      it is obvious that im a person because I eat

  3. Jodi Williams October 17, 2012 11:59 pm Reply

    It says he is located at:
    P.O. BOX 898801

    • CSE (for Dr. Hovind) October 19, 2012 5:13 pm Reply

      That is a holding location, like a hub, which will then determine his next location.

      • roger m rose December 8, 2012 2:07 am Reply

        fast cars are cool to drive….. police try to disturb this

  4. Jan L November 3, 2012 12:33 am Reply

    Kent you are a great inspiration to so many people. I was deeply saddened when I heard you were unable to see your wife for 3 years. This is unbelievable and outrageous. You are in my prayers daily. Be encouraged in Jeremiah where God says, “I am the Lord thy God of all mankind is anything
    to hard for me?” God bless you Kent.

  5. May E. Hunt November 13, 2012 8:39 pm Reply

    This is the first I’ve seen Dr. Hovinds ministry videos and found them to be excellent and encouraging to my son and myself. I didn’t know till now that he is in prison. P.S. My son and I just watched a video about the illegal taxation of U.S.A. people with no written law for it and many people having the IRS taking everything they have including their freedom of speech. I am earnestly praying for you’s to remain faithful to each other and esp. the Lord Jesus and His Word. God Bless His ministry through your lives and testimonies. A sister in Christ Jesus. May.

  6. Ad Massar November 20, 2012 5:58 am Reply

    Is there no news from dr. Hovind?

    God bless!

  7. cosmin December 10, 2012 5:40 am Reply

    even if i am a ortodox crestin i think that the hovind theory of creationism is accurate! as a brother in christ y pray that you will be released soon and preach Jesus Christ gospel to the atheists against evolutionism! may all the kingdom of heaven fight for you cause! Luke 18,8…!

  8. terrie lilley December 12, 2012 9:16 am Reply

    a friend recently shared your dvds w/ me. i now share w/ my friends and neighbors. thank you for your courage in sharing Truth, and i will continue praying for you and your family. we can all know how powerful your ministry is based on the government response.

  9. Diane December 22, 2012 9:42 am Reply

    I watch Kent Hovind on tv in Creation Series everytime it is on. I had many questions about science and religion and Dr. Hovind has explained it all. I have a genius IQ, am not easily persuaded. BUT I ADMIT THAT KENT HOVIND IS THE REAL DEAL!! I have a closer relationship with God now because my questions do not stand in the way anymore. Kent Hovind explained it all to me!! He is in my prayers

  10. Diane December 22, 2012 9:48 am Reply


    • Diane December 22, 2012 9:49 am Reply

      Scroll to the bottom of the page and start reading up to find out why he is in prison.

  11. Ion January 11, 2013 6:46 pm Reply

    I am admiring your courage Kent.
    My church and I, are praying for you.
    Your friend from Moldova, Ion

  12. Mette hågensen January 22, 2013 2:14 am Reply

    Hello Kent. Thanks for your work. I have seen you on you tupe. I whish to make a
    Creation center.
    Who is best to contakt?

  13. Ad Massar February 3, 2013 12:22 pm Reply

    Does anyone know how it is now with Kent Hovind?

  14. Susan February 3, 2013 12:58 pm Reply

    Dear Dr. Hovind,
    We are so blessed by your teachings! We have just learned about your predicament and will be praying for your soon release. My husband and I so admire your boldness!

  15. Beau February 20, 2013 10:29 pm Reply

    Just letting you know how much we enjoyed your set of creation DVDs which someone passed onto us. The whole family sat in front of them – drinking in the content, and hubby keeps replaying them regularly. They are like food to us in a famine.

    I have also woven some of the points you made on your DVDs into different entries on my blog and into my Christian fiction ebooks for teens and Y/A’s. If you feel like a light quick read (and if you are allowed to download Christian fiction ebooks to read in prison) go to – the links to the fiction are on the free ebooks tab.

    (I’d better add that if you come across any “mistakes” in the creation content either on my blog or in the ebooks themselves please point them out and I’ll fix the errors in a later edition.)

    Stay encouraged in the knowledge that your preaching is not in prison – your words have echoes… as people understand the creation message through you and pass it on through speech and electronic formats.

    Warmest regards
    Beau and family

  16. Daniel Benner March 23, 2013 9:22 am Reply

    as i read these comments it struck me odd that the dates were months old-is anyone out there?

  17. Elaine White March 26, 2013 1:54 pm Reply

    Hi All,

    I am from South-Africa! Me and my family only recently started to watch Kent Hovind’s dvds, it is such an eye opener, i have copied the dvds and send it to at least 20 people. We are so useto corruption in africa and all of us thought america would stand for what is right. I realise that Dr Hovind could have upset some people in america because you know what he is right,! He preaches from the bible and all his facts are backed up..

    I am feel terrible as another human being that people can react this way and try to silent people who speaks the truth. If this means anything dr Hovind you saved anitber soul in south africa and it is me.

    Please keep us updated on your well being we are praying that God will step in and help you to get out of jail and spend time with your loved ones.

    Elaine White
    Biggesf south african fan for the truth!!!!!

  18. Robert White March 26, 2013 2:02 pm Reply

    From RSA in Afrikaans : Mag God jou lewe beskerm en weet God sal jou en jou famielie seun vir al die lewens wat jy gehelp het. Jy en jou gesin is in ons gebede en weet God is met jou. Mag die Amerikaner regering waker skrik en besef daars net een God!

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