Additional Charges for Dr. Hovind

First, thank you so much for checking in on my dad. He has now been in prison for more than 8 years. During this time God has used him to lead over 500 men to Christ, allowed him to read over 1500 books, and to author several books on various topics.

For the past several years, we have been expecting to see Dad home around February of 2015. We are praying that he will still be released in February. However, on October 24, 2014, the government handed down an indictment from a Grand Jury granting permission to prosecute both Kent Hovind and another gentleman for mail fraud. Dad is being represented by a public defender who said that these charges are unique in that typically mail fraud is used when someone defrauds another individual out of money. In this case, there was no money defrauded. Dad’s trial is currently set for January 5, 2015.

I read a blog by Peter Reilly, a blogger who has been following Dad’s case, and he gave a summary of what is happening. You can find that summary here.

As his son, I can speak for all the family in saying that we are ready for him to come home. His grandchildren are ready to see Grandpa again. He is not a threat to society, and can never repay any debt that is claimed to be owed while he is locked up in prison.

My hope is that the government would be reasonable and show leniency to my father considering the time he has already spent in prison.

Others have asked, “What can I do?”

1.     Pray! Pray that we will further the Gospel! I am so thankful for a dad that instilled in me the desire to preach the Gospel and win souls. My dad’s spent almost 20 years traveling the world preaching the Gospel through the creation message. His 18-hour Creation Seminar Series has been used by God to launch millions on a spiritual journey for which they are eternally thankful. Clearly seeing the issues and understanding how the theory-fairytale of evolution and the religion of atheism undermines the very fabric of society was the “knowledge that brought much sorrow” as Solomon put it in Ecclesiastes 1:18. This knowledge pushed our family to spend our lives teaching the truth of creation to the next generation.

In 1999, I began speaking for my dad and in 2008 launched Creation Today to pick up the mantel and continue the fight against this religious worldview that is being perpetrated through the public schools and is wreaking havoc on our society. This year, 44 million high schoolers will be indoctrinated with the humanistic worldview. It is critical to continue the mission that Dad started. The battle is huge and the stakes are eternal!

Through God’s power, the message of creation continues to strengthen the faith of believers and win the lost to Christ. Please pray that we can continue to proclaim this truth with boldness and creativity. It is still the Gospel that changes lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. If you want to see how God has directed us, click here.

2.     Pray! Pray that God would guide my dad each step of the way as he goes through this new trial.

3.     Pray! Pray for the family. These trials are not easy and we covet your prayers for clarity and strength.

4.     Send a note of encouragement. While the mail room at the jail is already frustrated with the amount of mail that my Dad gets, I don’t think it would hurt for you to send a short note of encouragement.

Kent Hovind #06452-017

Santa Rosa County Jail

PO Box 7129

Milton, FL 32572

5.     Go tell someone about Christ! In light of eternity, both Dad and I encourage you to take the opportunity today to share the truth of the Gospel with someone who needs to hear it.

All for HIS glory,


Eric Hovind

Santa Rosa County Jail — More Criminal Charges

Dad, Kent Hovind, was moved from Atlanta, Georgia to the facility in Tallahassee, Florida in the middle of July. Then, on August 13, 2014, he was moved to the Santa Rosa County Jail in Milton, Florida. The reason for Move #22 in his nearly eight-year incarceration, is to take Dad back to court on September 8, 2014 in November, 2014.

The prosecution obtained approval from Judge Rodgers to press more criminal charges. These allegations purport that the appeals, motions, and lawsuits filed by Kent Hovind are “frivolous” and that they have “encumbered” the government. In spite of the fact that in the county facility, he has no access to his legal files, he will be representing himself represented by a public defender at his September 8 trial.

Dad’s new address is:
Kent Hovind #06452-017
Santa Rosa County Jail
PO Box 7129
Milton, FL 32572

We continue to pray that this long battle will end in order that Dad can fully devote his time to fighting on the battlefield for men’s eternal souls. Thank you for praying with us to that end.

Eric Hovind

Berlin, Montgomery, and Atlanta

Dad, Kent Hovind, arrived in Montgomery, Alabama at the Maxwell Federal Prison Camp after his 40-hour bus ride from Berlin, New Hampshire on May 14. After being there only five days, he was called to the office, handcuffed, and taken to the Elmore County Jail. He was not informed why he was taken there and spent 21 days in the crowed, unairconditioned jail.

My family drove up to visit him, but could only see him through the glass at the Elmore County Jail. It was an emotional visit, as Dad had not seen any of his grandchildren for three years. He was never officially informed of why he was moved – which is terribly frustrating for anyone. Helpless to do anything to ease Dad’s frustration, unable to hug him, and knowing that he desperately needs dental work done made it hard to see him in these conditions. We departed our hour visit, anxious for him to get back to the Prison Camp at Maxwell AFB, as this was the best facility at which Dad had been during his seven-and-a-half year incarceration.

On June 6, he was handcuffed and put on a bus which took him to the Atlanta Transfer Center, his third time there. This facility has been referred to as “the armpit of the Bureau of Prisons,” as the Atlanta Penitentiary facility was built in 1902.

At this time, we do not know how long he will be in the Atlanta Transfer Center, nor where he will be sent next. We continue to trust God’s divine work in my Dad’s life and in the lives of those whom God may choose to use Dad to influence for Christ. Although letters are very encouraging, we are not posting an address at this time since we don’t know if he will receive his mail there at the transfer facility, nor when he may be moved, in which case all of his mail may not be forwarded. When we have an address to which you may write, we will post that information. Thank you for praying for my dad.

Eric Hovind

Transferred to Montgomery, Alabama

“Thank you,” to everyone who continues to pray for my dad. After being in Berlin, New Hampshire for the past 19 months, he was moved to Montgomery, Alabama last week — his 14th move since his incarceration began on November 6, 2006.

Those of you who know him well won’t be surprised that he talked about the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as he could during his 40-hour bus transfer. He said that witnessing opportunities included talking to a Communist Chinese student studying in New York, four Russian students on a four-month tour studying English, a man from India, five Ukrainian students in the United States to work and travel for four months, and several others.

The prison camp in Berlin had about 100 men. The one in Montgomery houses nearly 900. Dad began making his Name Book Marker Tracts and paper airplanes the first day at his new housing and the requests started pouring in with many men asking for their name to be put on a book marker. Dad made nearly 300 by the end of the second day! Wow! Wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of those guys trusted Christ!

Dad is scheduled to go to six-months home confinement on February 11, 2015. Following that, he will begin five years of probation.

Dad’s new address is:
Kent Hovind 06452-017
Federal Prison Camp
Maxwell Air Force Base
Montgomery, AL 36112 USA

Thank you, again, for your prayers.

All for HIS glory,



Home Confinement

Update from Eric Hovind

We received an update regarding my Dad’s release. According to his latest review meeting, he will be sent to home confinement for a period of six months on February 11, 2015. Dad continues to request that 6 months of Half-Way House time be added to that, as the BOP regulations permit up to one year of Half-Way House time on a ten-year sentence. However, the BOP regulations do not require them to grant a full year. It is a discretionary decision that lies in the hands of the BOP Administration.

Dad also continues requesting a furlough transfer closer to home. He is currently still in Berlin, New Hampshire, over 1,500 miles from Pensacola.
Kent Hovind #06452-017
FPC PO Box 9000
Berlin, NH 03570 USA

We all continue asking God to work all for HIS glory. To the many who are praying for Dr. Hovind, we say a humble thank you.

All for HIS glory,

Eric Hovind


About a week before Christmas as a man walked down the street, he noticed a sign in a store window that said, “Merry Xmas!” Being an algebra teacher, he walked in, found the store owner and said, “Excuse me, sir. Is there some sort of prize for the one who can solve the equation?”

With knitted eyebrows, the owner gave the teacher a puzzled look and asked, “What equation are you talking about, sir?”

The teacher replied, “Why, the one in 12-inch letters in your front window.”

The store owner looked at the window like a calf lookin’ at a new gate.

The teacher continued, “Your sign says, ‘Merry Xmas.’ I teach algebra. I can solve the X for you. It’s Jesus! Andrew told his brother Peter about Jesus when he said, ‘We have found the Messiah which is, being interpreted, the Christ.’ It’s pretty simple, sir. Jesus Christ is what is missing on your window. Is He missing from your heart, too?”

Eyes wide open, the store keeper looked like he had seen a ghost. Finally, he lowered his head and softly said, “Yes, I’m afraid he is. I wish I could find him.”

The teacher reached in his pocket and pulled out a New Testament. In a matter of minutes the algebra teacher led the man to Jesus.

The store owner said, “I think I’ll get some soap and water and fix that sign right now! Thanks for helping me find the answer to the equation. It is easy to solve now that I think about it. Jesus has been missing from my life for a long time. Thanks for stopping.”

How about you? Is Jesus missing from your life? Is He missing from the life of someone in your family or your neighbor? Have you led ANYONE to Jesus this year? We are about out-a-year, ya know. Let’s find somebody soon. If ya can’t get a big one, then get a little one. Somebody is HOPING that somebody will care enough to tell them.

Psalm 142:4 “I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul.”

Merry CHRISTmas!
Kent Hovind

Open letter to House speaker John Boehner and all US Congressmen

Open letter to House speaker John Boehner and all US Congressmen,

HOLD FIRM! NO TAX INCREASE FOR ANYONE! NO increase in the Debt ceiling! The government needs more money “from the rich” like a drug addict needs “one more fix” before he decides to quit or an alcoholic needs “one more beer” before he starts to sober up! STOP RIGHT NOW!

It should be obvious to anyone with one eye and half a brain that the REAL goal in all this political posturing by Barak Obama and many Democrats is simply the advancement of Communism in America. I don’t understand how ANYONE- Republican, Democratic or Independent can want to increase “revenues” even one more dime! There is a spending problem not a revenue problem but it goes even deeper than that!

The entire idea of “take from the rich and ‘redistribute’ to the poor” is pure Communism 101. Go to ANY communist country to see how they got there and the end result. They always follow Karl Marx’s thinking and the idea that you take two steps forward and one step back. Everyone thinks they backed up but they are actually one step closer to the goal! That is all Barak is doing. Don’t “compromise” ONE INCH!

Everyone in Congress, the Senate and the Executive branch (and judicial branch!) took an oath to follow and defend the U. S. Constitution. I would suggest they ALL get it off the shelf, dust it off and read it. It’s only a few pages long. It gives the clear limits of government. I can solve the financial crisis in 10 minutes! Follow the Constitution! Why are “The Feds” involved in: education? a war on drugs? foreign wars that don’t involve us? welfare of any kind? medical decisions of any kind?

You should follow the Constitution and “coin money” and shut down the mis-named “Federal Reserve” and put us on a real money basis. Why do you let private bankers print our “money?” Shut down about 95% of all government programs and lay off about 95% of the government workers and release all federal prisoners who did commit a crime on federal property like Post Offices and Military bases and scale the Fed WAY back to what the founders envisioned. Stop calling ANYTHING an “entitlement.” There are NO entitlements. No one is “entitled” to welfare, Social Security, Obama Care, Medicare, education or 1,000 other programs at the federal level. If ANY program cannot be found in the Constitution you swore to uphold, shut it down. Stop funding it! That is your job. That would “balance the budget” in 10 minutes!

There you have it. Everyone else seems to be giving their ideas on the fiscal cliff so I’d throw in my 2 cent’s worth. We went over the cliff MANY years ago. The ONLY solution to America’s SERIOUS problems is found in II Chronicles 7:14. Our problem is spiritual and the solution is spiritual not political. We need to return to our godly heritage. God would have spared Sodom if He could have found 10 righteous people. Are there 10 in Congress? The Senate? In the Executive branch? Judicial? I pray so!

The founders knew that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They also knew the power to tax is the power to destroy. They gave CLEAR instructions in the Constitution about taxes and what the federal government could and could not do. Go to and read what the founders said. They gave great advice for times like these!

Speaker Boehner, you folks in Congress are supposed to control the purse strings. Well, DO YOUR JOB PLEASE! Don’t vote for ANY spending outside the limits of the very document you swore to uphold. If the president wants to go over the cliff, let him. DON’T have your fingerprints ANYPLACE ON IT PLEASE! We need Statesmen NOT politicians! Ignore the polls, the Senate, the media, the critics and follow the Constitution please. For all of us!

Kent Hovind – POW in America

The Mayans Should Have Gotten A Bigger Rock

BROTHER HOVIND!!! Is Dec. 21, 2012 the End of the World? That’s when the Mayan calendar runs out!

Ahhhhh, NO! The Mayans should have gotten a bigger rock, that’s all.

Dec 21 is NOT the end of the world but it IS the first day you can watch an exciting new movie about the end times on youtube for free! :) Go to for details. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. PLEASE tell EVERYONE you know (or can get to know by then) that they NEED to watch this film and get ready for what is coming! Maybe get it on DVD for a belated Christmas present?

My longtime friend and Pastor, Steve Anderson and THOUSANDS of others (myself included) have come to realize that we “independent, fundamental, temperamental, right wing, radical, chicken eatin’, Bible believing Baptists” have been deceived about the rapture for the last 180 years! For 38 years of my Christian life I was taught and believed in the “pre-trib” rapture idea that was made up by a 15 year Scottish old girl in 1830! I just trusted the “prophecy experts” to have studied it and to know what they were teaching. NOT a good idea! “Study to shew YOURSELVES approved unto God…” Hmmm? I failed at that on this topic! Not any more though!

II Thes. 2:1-3 says the Day of Christ (the day of the rapture–NOT “Day of the Lord” as in NIV and others!) CANNOT come until two things happen: A great falling away and the man of sin (antichrist) is revealed. I see now why Satan has pushed so-o-o-o-o-o-o hard to deceive people about the timing of the rapture! So-o-o-o-o-o many are waiting for the Lord to come and rapture us out before things get bad. That is NOT gonna happen and Jesus NEVER said it would! He said, “In the world ye SHALL HAVE TRIBULATION…” Jn. 16:1-4, 33. (BTW- DON’T confuse tribulation with wrath!)

Why don’t you tell the Christians being killed by the hundreds TODAY in various parts of the world that “we will not be here for the tribulation.” (See Tell them, “God would never let His church go through suffering.” Ahhhhh, WRONG! Study the history of the 2,000 year trail of blood Christ’s Church has endured. It will be here in America SOON! I predict that because of the disillusionment over the false pre-trib doctrine that MILLIONS of believers right here in America will “fall away” from their faith and even turn other believers and their own family in to be imprisoned or killed just as Jesus warned us would happen in Mt. 24; Mk. 13 and Lk 21! Better read II Peter 3 CAREFULLY!

If you were a Jew living in Germany in 1933 and could see the future, what would you have done? If you were living before the Great Depression in 1929 and could know what was about to happen, what would you have done? If you were living in NJ on the beach before Superstorm Sandy hit and could see the future, what would you do? Well, we have a Book that tells us what is about to happen AND what we should do about it. That’s what this film is about! Watch it and get ready.

This is NOT the time to be scared or panic. 365 times the Bible says, “fear not…” This IS a GOOD time to get SERIOUS with your Bible reading AND your relationship with God! This would also be a great time to quit playing with that stupid ball (ANY ball) and win souls! (I been sayin THAT for YEARS!) This WILL be a GREAT time to win crowns! (Rev 2-3) Jesus told us to REJOICE in persecutions because GREAT is our reward! (He knows things that we don’t :))

Anyway, I can’t see the movie from here (unless I win my case and go home before that!) so please watch it and tell me what you think. If I can encourage you to stay true to the Lord in the coming persecution it helps me get the Dan. 12:3 prize! You can have the prize too! Mark Dec 21 on your calendar now and make a list of folks to blast an email, tweet, phone call, telegram, yell over the fence, etc to on that day to remind them to watch it as well!

I’ll see you at the finish line! It’s closer than you think! :)
Kent Hovind

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