The Church in G20

Imagine that you are called to pastor a small church in a town of twenty-two.  All the residents are men.  The town is less than 3,000 square feet, and everyone stays there 24/7.  Over 90% of the towns people are drug addicts or pushers, and most are repeat offenders.

You must eat with all them, every meal, everyday.  The whole town has 2 toilets, 2 showers, 2 tables, and 1 TV that picks up 4 channels.  The men hear and see everything that you do and say.  Every church member is a brand new convert.   Everyone has multiple problems in their personal life and family life.  You have 2 King James Bibles and 3 other translations.

Of the nine men who have trusted Christ in the last six weeks, one has gone home, two have moved to a new town next door, and another was told that he would go off to prison for ten years starting next month.  A fifth watched the news last week, as the death of his two best friends who drove into a building, was reported.  He cried for two days because he could not go to their funeral or visit the only survivor who is now paralyzed in the hospital.  All three were in their mid-twenties.

A sixth new convert is full of hard questions like, “Should I marry the mother of my three children who now live with another man, or should I marry the woman that I have been living with for the last four years when she gets out of jail?  Should I have my second child, who is fourteen, get a DNA test to see if he is really mine, or just keep quiet about it?  Should I get my last tooth pulled, or keep it?”  This new convert seeks sincere advice from the pastor for about an hour everyday.

The seventh church member just came off a drug spree and learned that his daughter is now married, has a two-year-old, and is having another baby any day.  His long term girlfriend is pressing charges against him for pawning her jewelry for drugs.  His trial is in six weeks.

An eighth church member accepted Christ yesterday, and just got in bed this morning.  He and convert number five were sent to spend the night in “the tank” for playing cards after lights out.  “The tank” is a small holding cell downstairs that is very cold, and has only a concrete bench and toilet.
New men, often high on drugs or drunk and often cursing loudly are brought in and out all night long.  It is not a good place to spend the night!

Your ninth church member has been saved two days and is a quiet African American man in his late forties.  He’s been in jail many times.  However, he now shows great interest in the Bible and wants to change his life and serve God.

At least five struggle daily with profanity.  All want to go home to be with their loved ones.  Two of the nine converts, seldom come to church, but still come to evening prayer circle.

The other town members range from “quiet and reserved” to “loud, vulgar, and disruptive.”  Some listen-in on your conversations, and some watch your every move, to see if this “Jesus Stuff” is real.  A few, can’t wait to see you fall.

Your church meets four to five times a day, for thirty to sixty minutes.
What would you preach on, twenty to thirty times a week?  Get ready, church starts in 45 minutes.

Pastor Kent Hovind

"Random Thoughts"

It has been nearly four weeks since our motion for acquittal was filed, and no ruling by the judge as of yet. I think that all of the motions of the trial can be viewed on the internet if you are willing to pay a fee to set up a PACER account. You do this by going to; then click on “Public Resources”; then click on “PACER” (Public Access to Court Electronic Records). Then you set up your account. Our case number is: Case No. 3:06cr83MCR

Another web address to check out for information about our case is

I wish I was free to tell my side of this case, but our attorneys say, “Not yet.” So those who hated me and/or the Creation Message before this trial will believe the worst, and those who loved me and/or the Creation Message I shared before this trial will believe the best. God, of course, will be the final judge.

I can say that while many things about this ordeal have been very hard for me, for my family, and for the ministry; and yet, it has also been a rewarding experience for me personally. Many parts of God’s Word have come alive for me, that I probably would have never seen otherwise. I’ve met people, had time to see things, to read things, and to meditate on things, that my hectic travel schedule of preaching during the past seventeen years has not allowed before.

One of the saddest expressions that I hear over and over again in here is “my baby’s mama.” It took me awhile to comprehend what they were saying.

Many of these men have babies by women to whom they are not married and no longer love. They cannot call them their wife, or even their girlfriend, so “my baby’s mama” does the job. The phrase tells me of heartache for all in the picture including the mother, the baby, and at least four grandparents.

It also speaks of problems for society for years to come.

The longer I live, the more I see why God’s way is best. I praise God for my wife of 33 years, our children, and our four and 7/8’s grandchildren! I will forever preach even harder for teens to stay pure until marriage, and then to remain faithful for life. The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence, but it’s artificial turf, or the water bill is terrible!

I have gained an even greater dislike for many stupid and ungodly television shows. I marvel that Christians do not see how bad our culture has gotten.

When talk shows and “court t.v.” shows approve of adultery and fornication for hours on end every week, America is in trouble! Judgment can’t be long in coming.

I do get to read the CSEBLOG postings eventually. I wish that I could give personal responses, but that will have to wait. There is no e-mail at the jail. I was surprised to see that Frank Zindler still believes that he came from a rock! I debated him about fourteen years ago at University of Ohio, where everyone said that he lost badly, and figured that he would see the light by now. I also can not understand how he can believe that humans are 99% similar to apes. He needs to watch Creation Seminar Part Four.

When I get out, I will be glad to discuss or to debate the issues with him at the University of Ohio if he is willing. Hundreds evolutionists have refused to debate, so far. What is the problem? Watch one of the debates like “Three On One” or “How To Debate A Creationist” (two of my favorites) to see why they normally run. Creationists don’t win because we are smarter, we win because we are right.

As for Lynn from Longview, (said this at 7:18 on November 21) I lived there for five years and don’t recall having met her. However, I do feel sorry for her. I would hate to go through life with her perspective.

Thank you to the many have written or called to show support in various ways. We are humbled, and thankful that the ministry continues in spite of Satan’s attacks.

Please fast and pray at least one meal this week for Judge Rogers to grant the motion for acquittal. On September 7, 1774, when the seemingly invincible British laid siege to Boston, the Colonists read Psalm 35. I have adapted this passage as my prayer.

More Later,

Kent Hovind


I’ve been here about a month now.  I am fine physically and even getting in a little better shape since I have time to work out several times a day.  The food is tolerable and the room is well lit and comfortable.  The five new converts that are in this pod with me are meeting with me four to five times each day for Bible study and prayer.  This is a pastor’s dream!  It would take most churches a year to cover what we cover every week.  Our group has been through, verse-by-verse, Matthew, Mark and Acts as well as most of Proverbs.  I started with the 6,000-year time line and gave several days of general overview of the entire Bible.  It is awesome to see the spiritual hunger in these men.

I have also been teaching math and science to some of the others.  It is great to see convicted drug dealers get excited when they learn fourth grade level math for the first time.  I have spent quite a bit of time with one 29-year-old man who cannot read at all.  I have been teaching him phonics and we are reading Genesis 1, 2, 3 and John 1, 2, and 3.  His face lights up when he sees that he can do it.   I offer commissary items like soup or coffee to men who memorize Bible verses.  There is no way to describe the joy that they show when they get it right.  Many have never memorized scriptures in their life, and maybe that is why they are in jail.  Scripture helps us to “cleanse our ways” Psalm 119:9-11.

Please pray that the judge will rule in our favor and I will be released soon.  If an acquittal is not granted, the appeal can take months and even years.

Meanwhile pray for our little church “G20″.  Our office has addresses if you would like to write to encourage the men.  Many have alienated their families before coming here and get no mail or visits.

You can also write letters on my behalf to the court.  Letters can be sent to CSE, who will give them all to the attorneys.  The letters should be addressed “To the Court”, and may reference such things as our character, our Christian beliefs, and how the CSE ministry has impacted your life and ministry.  These letters must be received by December 9th.

Keep praying for God’s greater glory and that I will be released soon.  Keep winning souls.  Keep listening for the trumpet!

Remember my bonds,
Kent Hovind

Sixty to Zero in One Second Flat…Then Back to Eighty!

As many people who follow our ministry know, on November 2, 2006, a two week trial ended in my wife and I being found guilty of three basic charges related to IRS laws. I am currently in jail awaiting sentencing on January 19th. Below are several points of interest on which I am reflecting:

1) Our attorneys say that there were several key events that must be appealed. Pray that this case will be overturned on appeal.

2) I’m doing rather well considering the circumstances. So far six men have been saved. I have Bible studies three to four times each day with some of the men. Many of the men here are black and most are here for drug related charges. Some of the men, white and black, are loud, vulgar, and play the TV full blast most of the day. Every cop, judge, lawyer, and politician needs to spend a week locked up before they take office. It changes your outlook on many things.

3) I finally got a pillow after only eight days and requests! I am about ready for a new pair of socks next!

4) Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. preached a great sermon nearly thirty years ago about Pastor John Bunyan in England refusing to take a license to preach and spending thirteen years in the Bedford jail for it. While he was there, he wrote a classic, “Pilgrim’s Progress.” David Gibbs, III, his son, who testified against us during the trial, testified that all church ministries should contract with the government by becoming 501 (c) (3). Being 501 (c) (3) is taking a government license to have a church ministry. The second law of thermodynamics applies to things other than matter.

5) I think I have pushed hard for seventeen years spreading creation and if God is done using me in that ministry, I am OK with that. However, I am asking God for this to be reversed and grant me forty more years of preaching His Word out of jail. Even though I am not out preaching, there are still many thousands creation tapes and DVD’s circling the globe and winning souls. Everyone can help us by continuing to get and circulate the creation materials. The ministry is still going with Eric out preaching in my place. Dinosaur Adventure Land is still open at this time with the winter park hours of Thursday through Saturday, and our dedicated staff keeps working on new tools to win souls. Subtitling the seminar in about fifteen languages is one project in the works.

6) Being here gives me a much better appreciation for many Bible characters who suffered for doing right. Abel, Joseph in Egypt, John on the Isle of Patmos, Job, Daniel, Jeremiah, Shadrach, Peter, Paul, and Stephen, just to name a few, and millions of other Christians in the last 2000 years. Acts and Foxes book of Martyrs take on new life for me, as does the story of Corrie ten Boom and Alexander Solzenitzen’s work. The book of Acts records over 50 instances of God’s people being arrested, tried, beatened, or jailed. And that is just the book of Acts!

7) If the case is not reversed, I face anywhere from parole to 7 to 12 years. I am meeting people here that I would probably never had met, had I not been sent here. I yearn for my freedom and family. Paul’s letters written from jail will mean much more to me now. Reading them shows us that nearly everyone forsook him, and most of his needs for physical comfort were ignored. He asked that people “remember my bonds”, yet we don’t know if any ever did. One of the men in here told me that he has been here for eleven months, and has never had a visitor. Our office has a list of men that you could minister to as a pen pal. I will encourage everyone to get a prisoner pen-pal and donate the creation videos to their local prisons. We have donated many hundreds over the years and have seen many saved. This experience will change me for the good forever.

8) I have also been teaching basic math to many of the men. They love it, and are eager to learn. The appalling failure of our education system is evident in here. Even hardened drug dealers react with glee when they finally understand the concepts of calculating the number of yards of concrete needed for their driveway.

9) It seems that most are starved for real affection and a father’s love and approval. One man, with over thirty tatoos, was excited when I made him a bookmarker. I drew his name in such a way that each letter is 1/8″ wide and 8″ long. It can only be read by tipping the paper and looking down the lines. I told him that you have to look at life from God’s perspective to make any sense out of it. They all loved it!

10) When I compare my time in jail to the Apostle Paul’s time, I am forced to realize that I have so much for which to be thankful. I have not been beaten. I have hot and cold water. I have three meals a day. I have clean clothes two times each week. I have climate controlled and sanitary conditions. I have a sink and toilet. I have a phone and can call out to my family sometimes. I have people in here that are saved and supportive. I have people outside that love me and are praying for me. I can look out a window. I have an unlimited supply of sanitary water. (Well, chlorinated, fluorinated, city water.) I am not facing beatings in the middle of the night. I am not facing execution. I have access to medical care. I do not sleep on a bug infested pile of straw, nor a rock. I am not chained to a wall or floor, or a Roman soldier. I have a Bible and reading material. I can receive 2 visits per week. I have a pencil and paper, and can send letters that will get to them in a few days. I am blessed, spoiled, and honored to be a child of God.

Why Did God Allow This? Maybe God wants me…….

1) To receive punishment for my sin.
2) To use me in an area in the jail that needed salt. (Matt. 5:13)
3) To let me be prepared for a new phase of ministry and this is boot camp.
4) To be humbled by God.
5) To allow God to see how fellow Christians react. He is gathering evidence for their day of reckoning. The same is true for me.
6) To give me time off to reflect, refresh, recharge, and renew my Bible study and prayer time.
7) To let me see the anguish my grandkids, who love me dearly, are going through, so that I would be more compassionate with kids to whom I preach, or that are visiting DAL, many of whom have similar experiences with jailed loved ones.
8) To show me how much can be done with so little. These men can make all sorts of things like water heaters from toothbrushes, and tatoo guns from ink pens. Most Christians are wasteful of God’s resources.
9) To give me a better appreciation for our veterans who slept in swamps and other squalid conditions for my freedom. I will hug POW’s from now on.
10) To give me a renewed appreciation for missionaries who leave family and comforts to spread God’s word.
11) To bring my thought, prayers, and concerns into action by inspiring me to visit those in the hospitals who never get visitors.
12) To let me see first hand and up close, the results of sin, drugs, and alcohol in a man’s life.
13) To let me see men pace back and forth like caged lions. Truly the wicked are like the troubled sea that cannot rest. Isaiah 55:20
14) To let me see why God’s law, which is perfect, converting the soul, authorizes: beatings, four times restitution, and execution for crimes, but never imprisonment. Certainly there are Roman and Egyptian prisons mentioned in the Bible, but none were authorized by God. This system costs everyone in many ways, and does little good and much harm.
15) To give me a taste of what awaits in the tribulation. The “state” control in that time will be overpowering.
16) To allow me to experience the joy of holding hands in a prayer circle with nine or ten men on fire for Jesus while facing severe sentences.
17) To make me order my priorities better. I cannot ever let my family fail, while I build a ministry.
18) To make me more like Jesus, the man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
19) To show that God is beginning to take His children out as the tribulation nears. Isaiah 57:1

What Can Be Done?

1. Many of you have called or written to ask if you can write letters on our behalf. We have learned that you can do this. Letters can be sent to CSE, who will give them all to the attorneys. The letters should be addressed “To The Court”, and may reference such things as our character, our Christian beliefs, and how the CSE ministry has impacted your life and ministry. These letters must be received by December 9th.
2. Keep praying and winning souls.
3. Listen for the trumpet!

Remember my bonds,
Kent Hovind

Update on CSE and Dr. Hovind's status.

We have heard from Dr. Hovind. He is faithfully serving the Savior in the Escambia County Jail. He has already lead at least two men to the Lord. The mother of one of the men called to CSE to thank us for an answer to her years of prayer.

CSE continues to operate: Dinosaur Adventure Land and the bookstore are still open during winter hours. We had about 120 visitors last week. The daily radio program on: continues as well, answering live questions on: creation, evolution, and dinosaurs.

We may write to Dr. Hovind. All incoming mail to prisoners is subject to screening and censoring. Dr. Hovind will probably not be able to answer letters sent to him. Pamphlets, books, CDs, or DVDs should not be mailed to him.

If you would like to write to Dr. Hovind, his address is:

Kent Hovind #135733
P.O. Box 17800
Pensacola, FL 32522-7789

To those who do / will  write:

No poloroid pictures -  only pictures printed on regular paper are allowed.  No staples, no money, no stamps are allowed.
Several men in with Dr. Hovind would love to have pen palls including five new converts.  Contact the office, if you would like to get involved in the ministry.

We request your prayers for Dr. Hovind and the Creation Science Evangelism Team.

CSE Staff

Creation Science Evangelism is the Lord's work.

This is a ministry founded eighteen years ago and mentored into its current form by Dr. Hovind. Kent and Jo have been used of our Lord to make this pivotal creation ministry what it is today, giving their entire lives, and home to spreading the Gospel and the truths of creation. As you know, Dr. Hovind has been on the road over half of the year most years.

But as this is written Kent E. Hovind is sitting in jail. We do not know the Lord’s purpose in this, but we know that our Lord is in charge.

Yesterday a federal court decided that Dr. Hovind was guilty of non-withholding of taxes. This is being appealed. Jo Hovind was also charged and convicted in the same trial as the signer of checks. She was freed on bond and was able to come back home last night. Sentencing for both Kent and Jo Hovind is scheduled for January 19, 2007.

Some of the greatest persons in history have suffered time in prison. We are in shock, but we know that our Creator can use even the worst of events towards His Kingdom’s glory. We at CSE request your fervent prayers.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.”

Call to prayer

The great trial continues this week (and maybe next) and then it will be over one way or the other.  Our ministry needs everyone’s prayers now more than ever.  I wish I could share more details at this time but I cannot.  My tendency to debate and expose lies and my desire to defend my reputation and the cause of Christ make silence very difficult but God (and my wife and my attorney) has helped me so far.  All I ask is that everyone pray fervently (James 5:16) for the situation, especially over the next few days.

Dinosaur Adventure Land is still seeing lots of visitors and hundreds keep getting saved through our video series.  The radio program also continues to have listeners from all over the world so the work of the Lord continues.  I now better understand what Nehemiah felt in 4:17-18 as he continued the work while fighting the enemies of the cause at the same time.  More later.  KH

Urgent help!

Our long time friend Richard Mooneyhan suffered a severe stroke in August while singing gospel songs with his quartet. They were ending the concert and singing, “O what a Savior!” when it happened.
He needs about $5,000 for hyperbaric treatments to aid in recovery from this stroke. We have taken up a collection and our staff is sending about $1,000.  If you would like to help raise the rest please send donations to Richard Mooneyhan, 2029 NW 100th Street, Ocala, Florida 34475.

Welfare and the Constitution

Congress, Charity, and the Constitution

The following story, written by a newspaper reporter, is taken from

The Life of Colonel David Crockett.

Crockett was then the lion of Washington. I was a great admirer of his character, and, having several friends who were intimate with him, I found no difficulty in making his acquaintance. I was fascinated with him, and he seemed to take a fancy to me.

I was one day in the lobby of the House of Representatives when a bill was taken up appropriating money for the benefit of a widow of a distinguished naval officer… The Speaker was just about to put the question when Crockett arose. Everybody expected of course, that he was going to make one of characteristic speeches in support of the bill. He commenced:

“Mr. Speaker- I have as much respect for the memory of the deceased, and as much sympathy for the sufferings of the living, if suffering there be, as any man in this House, but we must not permit our respect for the dead or our sympathy for a part of the living to lead us into an act of injustice to the balance of the living… Some eloquent appeals have been made to us upon the ground that it is a debt due the deceased. Mr. Speaker, the deceased lived long after the close of war; he was in office to the day of his death, and I have never heard that government was in arrears to him… We cannot, without grossest corruption, appropriate this money as the payment of a debt. We have not the semblance of authority to appropriate it as a charity. Mr. Speaker, I have said we have the right to give as much of our own money as we please. I am the poorest man on this floor. I cannot vote for this bill, but I will give one week’s pay to the object, and if every member of Congress will do the same, it will amount to more than the bill asks.”

He took his seat. Nobody replied. The bill was put upon its passage, and, instead of passing unanimously, as was generally supposed, and as, no doubt, it would, but for that speech, it received but few votes, and, of course, was lost.

Like many other young men, and old ones, too, for that matter, who had not thought upon the subject, I desired the passage of the bill, and felt outraged at its defeat. I determined that I would persuade my friend Crockett to move a reconsideration the next day…

I broke in upon him rather abruptly, by asking him what… had possessed him to make that speech and defeat that bill yesterday…

I listened, and this is the tale which I heard:

“SEVERAL YEARS AGO I was one evening standing on the steps of the Capitol with some other members of the Congress, when our attention was attracted by a great light over Georgetown. It was evidently a large fire… When we got there, I went to work, and I never worked as hard in my life as I did there for several hours. But, in spite of all that could be done, many houses were burned and many families made homeless, and, besides, some of them had lost all but the clothes they had on. The weather was very cold, and when I saw so many women and children suffering, I felt that something ought to be done for them, and everybody else seemed to feel the same way.

“The next morning a bill was introduced appropriating $20,000 for their relief. We put aside all other business and rushed it through as soon as it could be done… So the yeas and nays were recorded, and my name appeared on the journals in favor of the bill.

“The next summer, when it began to be time to think about election, I concluded I would take a scout around among the boys of my district. I had no opposition there, but, as the election was some time off, I did not know what might turn up, and I thought it was best to let the boys know that I had not forgot them, and that going to Congress had not made me too proud to go to see them.

“So I put a couple of shirts and a few twists of tobacco into my saddlebags, and put out. I had been out about a week and had found things going very smoothly, when, riding one day in a part of my district in which I was more of a stranger than any other, I saw a man in a field plowing and coming toward the road… As he came up I spoke to the man. He replied politely, but, as I thought, rather coldly, and was about turning his horse for another furrow when I said to him: ‘Don’t be in such a hurry, my friend; I want to have a little talk with you, and get better acquainted…’

“I began: ‘Well, friend, I am one of those unfortunate beings called candidates, and-‘

“‘Yes, I know you; you are Colonel Crockett. I have seen you once before, and voted for you the last time you were elected. I suppose you are out electioneering now, but you had better not waste your time or mine. I shall not vote for you again.’

“This was a sockdolager… I begged him to tell me what was the matter.

“‘Well, Colonel, it is hardly worthwhile to waste time or words upon it. I do not see how it can be mended, but you gave a vote last winter which shows that either you have not capacity to understand the Constitution, or that you are wanting in honesty and firmness or to be guided by it… I intend by it only to say that your understanding of the Constitution is very different from mine; and I will say to you what, but for my rudeness, I should not have said, that I believe you to be honest. But understanding of the Constitution different from mine I cannot overlook, because the Constitution, to be worth anything, must be held sacred, and rigidly observed in all its provisions. The man who wields power and misinterprets it is the more dangerous the more honest he is.’

“‘ I admit the truth of all you say, but there must be some mistake about it, for I do not remember that I gave any vote last winter upon any constitutional question.’

“‘ No, Colonel, there’s no mistake. Thought I live here in the backwoods and seldom go from home, I take the papers from Washington and read very carefully all the proceedings of Congress. My papers say that last winter you voted for a bill to appropriate $20,000 to some sufferers by a fire in Georgetown. Is that true?’

“‘ Certainly it is, and I though that was the last vote which anybody in the world would have found fault with.’

“‘ Well, Colonel, where do you find in the Constitution any authority to give away the public money in charity?’

“Here is another sockdolager; for, when I began to think about it, I could not remember a thing in the Constitution that authorized it. I found I must take another tack, so I said:
“‘ Well, my friend; I may as well own up… But certainly nobody will complain that a great and rich country like ours should give the insignificant sum of $20,000 to relieve its suffering women and children, particularly with a full and overflowing Treasury, and I am sure, if you had been there, you would have done just as I did.’

“‘ It is not the amount, Colonel, that I complain of; it is the principle… If you had the right to give anything, the amount was simply a matter of discretion with you, and you had as much right to give $20,000,000 as $20,000. If you have the right to give to one, you the right to give to all; and, as the Constitution neither defines charity nor stipulates the amount, you are at liberty to give to any and everything which you may believe, or profess to believe, is a charity, and to any amount you may think proper… No, Colonel, Congress has no right to give charity. Individual members may give as much of their own money as they please, but they have no right to touch a dollar of the public money for that purpose… The Congressmen chose to keep their own money, which, if reports be true, some of them spend not very creditably; and the people about Washington, no doubt, applauded you for relieving them from the necessity of giving by giving what was not yours to give. The people have delegated to Congress, by the Constitution, the power to do certain things. To do these, it is authorized to collect and pay moneys, and for nothing else. Everything beyond this is usurpation, and a violation of the Constitution…

“‘ So you see, Colonel, you have violated the Constitution in what I consider a vital point. It is a precedent fraught with danger to the country, for when Congress once begins to stretch its power beyond the limits of the Constitution, there is no limit to it, and no security for the people. I have no doubt you acted honestly, but that does not make it any better, except as far as you are personally concerned, as you see that I cannot vote for you.’

“I tell you I felt streaked. I saw if I should have opposition, and this man should go talking, he would set others to talking, and in that district I was a gone fawn-skin. I could not answer him, and the fact is, I did not want to. But I must satisfy him, and I said to him:

“‘ Well, my friend, you hit the nail upon the head when you said I had not sense enough to understand the Constitution. I intended to be guided by it, and thought I had studied it full. I have heard many speeches in Congress about the powers of Congress, but what you have said there at your plow has got more hard, sound sense in it then all the fine speeches I ever heard. If I had ever taken the view of it that you have, I would have put my head into the fire before I would have given that vote; and if you will forgive me and vote for me again, if I ever vote for another unconstitutional law I wish I may be shot.’

“He laughingly replied:

“‘ Yes, Colonel, you have sworn to that once before, but I will trust you again upon one condition. You say that you are convinced that your voice was wrong. Your acknowledgement of it will do more good than beating you for it. If, as you go around the district, you will tell people about this vote, and that you are satisfied it was wrong, I will not only vote for you, but will do what I can to keep down opposition, and, perhaps, I may exert some little influence in that way.’

“We shook hands and parted…

“NOW, SIR,” concluded Crockett, “you know why I made that speech yesterday. I have had several thousand copies of it printed and directing them to my constituents when you came in.

“There is one thing now to which I will call your attention. You remember that I proposed to give a week’s pay. There are in that House many wealthy men- men who think nothing of spending a week’s pay, or a dozen of them for a dinner or a wine party when they have something to accomplish by it. Some of those same men made beautiful speeches upon the great debt of gratitude which the country owed the deceased- a debt which could not be paid in money, particularly so insignificant a sum as $10,000, when weighed against the honor of the nation. Yet not one of them responded to my proposition. Money with them is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the people. But it is the one great thing for which most of them are striving, and many of them sacrifice honor, integrity, and justice to obtain it.”

The Latest News – 09/27/06

What’s Happening at CSE? Actually, lots of stuff. First, we are currently without a web master (and looking for one) so I must apologize for the web site not being updated often. This does not mean nothing is being done here however.

Second, several thousand people have enjoyed the in depth study into God’s creation that was provided by the four college level creation courses in our 100 series. If you enjoyed the 100 series you will love the 200 series! Our college class CS 201 is available Oct. 1. We plow over some of the same ground but plow deeper and longer this time. Creation speakers or those just interested in expanding their knowledge base will benefit greatly from the latest information in this fascinating field of research verifying God’s Word. The materials for the 15 hour course is $75. Each student wanting to get credit should send an additional $25 with no limit for the number of students using the same materials.  CS 202 is under construction now.

Third, the IRS battle will be over in the next few weeks one way or the other (win or lose). I have had dozens of lawyers and tax specialists look at our ministry and tell us that we are not breaking any laws and the three charges they brought against us are bogus but, we are not in Kansas anymore. In Oz things are different. With the IRS, everyone is guilty until proven innocent. As for the media, well, they just need a new piece of meat to grind up every day to sell their papers. Truth and the destruction of innocent lives mean nothing to them. They just want to keep the paycheck coming in. See I Tim. 6.

Since the paperwork to dismiss the case had not been filed to be part of the public record until today, I was instructed not to discus things or defend myself (this has been hard to do) but now I can share a few details. The IRS charged us with, A. 12 counts of not withholding taxes from “employees,” B. 46 counts of taking money out of the bank to pay ministry bills (they called it structuring) and C. one count of threatening an agent because I filed a complaint with his boss for his numerous violations of the law over the last 5 years he has been trying to indict me on something.

Since the following documents were created in a different format there are a few spacing and punctuation glitches here that do not appear on the original. With my limited computer skills I did not attempt to fix them. Click here to see our motion to dismiss counts 1-12 and 58 (motion to dismiss counts 1-12 ), and here (motion to dismiss 13-57) to see the motion for counts 13-57. The government has 14 days to respond.

So where does Romans 8:28 fit in? As a result of the charges and pending trial several churches have cancelled seminars. Only two called to talk with me first. Scores of articles attacking our ministry and accusing us of breaking the law have appeared in news media all over the world including many “Christian” media outlets. None called me to verify the story before they bore false witness against us.

Several of our staff have left the ministry here. There is a great spirit among the remaining ones and the work continues at a slightly less hectic pace. Dinosaur Adventure Land is still open and doing fine but the attendance has dropped off some due to the negative publicity coming primarily from the stupid Pensacola News Journal article claiming we are closed. The reporter either lied or was just incompetent but the result was the same. It still saddens me to know that so many Christians just believed him and repeated the lie. Their conduct violates many scriptures about gossip, bearing false witness, slander, and speaking evil of a brother. The Christian army is the only one where they shoot their own wounded!

On the positive side, the three months being at home with only a few local meetings have been a great ‘vacation’ time to spend with my family, grandkids and staff as well as DAL visitors. After 17 years of preaching nearly every week and being gone from home over 200 days each year this was a welcome change. I also had time to start new projects and finish some old ones.

I can only guess what God allowed this for but here are some of the options we have thought of so far: God is testing us like Job. John 9:3. God is punishing us for sin. God was testing other Christian leaders to see how they would react toward us. God is going to use this to expand our outreach with the creation message even more. God is going to expose the evil in the world system. God wanted me to have more time to read and study. God is preparing us to be a better comfort to others. II Cor. 1:4. God is going to do a Mordecai type rescue. See Esther 6:4 with Esther 7:10!

What I have learned so far: The love of money is the root of all evil. I Tim. 6:10. Some people should not be given a badge and a gun. Prov. 30:22. Who my real friends are. Pro. 17:17. The Lord is the only one I can count on. Josh. 1:5. The founding fathers of America did a great job writing the Constitution. Many in government today ignore what it says. The cost of defending yourself against the IRS is staggering! God supplies our needs even in great testing. False accusations and threat of trial and jail puts an unbelievable strain on people and families. Never trust the media and cancel your newspaper subscription. Use the money for missions. My wife is a great friend. The book of Job means more to me now more than ever. All Job’s friends offered wrong reasons for why Job lost everything. They all assumed he was guilty of some sin and told him so. I’m sure Job made all the headlines of his day with negative articles and know-it-alls spouting off in their Sunday School classes and pulpits about his sins. God’s grace is sufficient.

Trial, if they don’t drop the charges, is Oct. 17. Please pray the case is just dropped soon. This would demonstrate the grace and power of God!

What you can do: Pray for God’s deliverance. Correct the people in the media and internet that are spreading false accusations, send them a link to this blog. Send a link to everyone on your mailing list. Keep supporting our ministry by getting DVD’s and books and sharing the creation message with others. Send help to our legal defense fund by phone, letter, in person or e-mail. Contact radio stations to have me on as a guest to spread the creation message. Come visit Dinosaur Adventure Land and bring people with you. They will have a blast, get witnessed to and learn a lot. Keep winning souls and listening for the trumpet!

More later. KH

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