Five Year Anniversary

November 2, 2011

Five years ago today, Judge Rodgers’ gavel came down with the words, “I sentence you to ten years…” I was immediately handcuffed and taken to county jail, as the prosecution alleged that I was a flight risk and posed a danger to society. Today is my five-year “prison anniversary.”

Yet, God has been s-o-o-o-o-o good through this trial. (Duh! Isn’t He always!) Like Moses, we always see God after He passes by. I have read many hundreds of stories of others who suffered so much for their faith that I feel like a wimp when I complain about my situation to the Lord, or anyone for that matter. I read a book from Voice of the Martyrs ( called “I Will Die Free” about a black youth pastor named Alexander Nobel in Cuba who was arrested when Castro came to power in 1962. Of course, they never give the real reason you are sent to prison. Maybe it’s to justify their actions or salve their conscience, but they always find some evil sounding charges to lay on believers. They did the same with Jesus and in many cases today.

In I Will Die Free, Nobel was snatched off the street by Castro’s thugs and his wife and one-year old had no idea what had happened to him for almost a year! He finally went to “trial” where he was accused of trying to blow up Castro’s private plane in 1963. They asked if he had anything to say. He said, “I’ve been locked up here since 1962. How could I try to blow up his plane in 1963?” The prosecutor came over and slapped him on the mouth and the “trial” continued! He was found guilty and sentenced to twenty years! He served twenty-two! Finally enough Americans began writing and putting political pressure on Castro’s government that he was released. By then his wife had left him (as over 85% do in America today when a man is locked up over a year which is one of the MANY reasons God’s Word never authorizes prison for punishment) and his health was pretty bad. Nobel moved to someplace in America. If anyone can locate him if he is still alive and send me his address I would be most grateful! I would love to tell him that his book has helped sustain me in my time of discouragement.

When I read stories like his or Night or Gulag Archipelago or the monthly Voice of the Martyr’s magazine — I feel ashamed! I have clean, safe living conditions. I saw my family eight months ago. I have plenty of food and warm clothes. I can write letters and stories, receive mail, read a score of books, have Bible study several times a day, have a copy of the Bible, have people all over the world praying for me, win souls without fear of being beaten, and the list of blessings goes on and on.

This holiday season is always hardest on the men in here. Please pray God will use me to influence more of them for His kingdom. I hope and pray this is the LAST “prison anniversary” for me. Please pray they let me out soon!
Keep serving the Lord, wherever!

Kent Hovind

When I Was a Boy in Fourth Grade

Psalm 119:163I hate and abhor lying: but thy law do I love.
Matthew 12:34O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

Stephanie Hovind was riding in the van with Grandpa one day. She saw the green button on the dash and it reminded her of the time they had pushed it before. It made them go back to visit Grandpa when he was a boy her age. Now that she was in fourth grade she wondered what Grandpa was like in fourth grade.

“Hey, Grandpa, some of the boys in my class say bad words and then laugh about it. I don’t think it makes Jesus very happy. Did kids do that when you were in fourth grade?”

“Oh, Steph! You wouldn’t believe me if I just told you. I think I would need to show you how it was in my school. Would you like to push the button again and go back to visit me when I was in fourth grade?”

“I’d love to go, Grandpa!” she said excitedly.

“OK, but remember, we can’t tell him who we really are. He will never understand you are his granddaughter from the future. We will just tell him we are visiting from Florida. Can you handle that?” laughed Grandpa.

“I sure can,” said Steph. “Let’s go visit your school.”

“I know just the time when we need to visit, too. You won’t believe it but this really happened. Buckle up, hang on and push the button please.”

Steph held tight to Grandpa’s arm and pushed the green button and POOOOOF! Before she could even blink they were in East Peoria, Illinois at Pleasant Hill Grade School standing in the hall way. Just then the bell rang for the kids to go out to recess and about thirty kids came out of the fourth grade class room all excited to go play. The last boy out was walking kind of slow and looking sad. He had short blond hair. He didn’t follow the other kids out to play. Instead he walked to the principal’s office, walked inside, and sat in a chair by the wall.

“Grandpa? Is that you?” whispered Stephanie.

“Yep! That’s me,” sighed Grandpa. “Let’s go talk with him for a minute. You can ask him why he is here.”

“They walked in the office and sat in the other chairs beside young Kent and Steph said, “Excuse me young man. You look sort of sad. Why aren’t you out at recess with the rest of the class?”

“Oh, hi,” said Kent in a sad voice. “My name is Kent. I’ve been coming into this office every recess for two weeks now. They say I wrote a note with lots of curse words in it calling my teacher lots of bad names and put it in her car window during recess. I denied it but they won’t let me go out for recess until I confess to writing the bad note.”

Just then the school principal came in and sat at his desk. He looked pretty mean! He had a hook instead of a right hand because his hand got cut off when he was younger. He also had one eye that was blind. Instead of a black spot in the middle it was white! He was big too! Kent held very still. The sign on the desk said, “Mr. George Bunell~Principal.”

Mr. Bunell leaned over the desk and handed a note to Kent along with his book where Kent had practiced his penmanship. “Now listen here, Kent Hovind,” he said in a voice that even scared Stephanie, “You’ve been coming in here every recess for two weeks now. I have asked you every time if you wrote this note and you say no. Look at this note and then look at your penmanship book. The handwriting is exactly the same. Your teacher said she saw you go over to her car and throw something in the window during recess the day she found this note in her car. I think you wrote this note and I think you are lying to me. Did you write this note?”

Young Kent looked at the note and the book and said, “No sir. I did not write this note.” Steph couldn’t believe it! Even Steph could tell he was lying about it but he was stubborn! He would NOT admit he had written the note!

Just then the phone rang and Mr. Bunell answered it. He had just started talking and was leaning w-a-a-a-a-a-y back in his big wooden chair to put his feet up on his desk when c-r-a-a-a-c-k! The chair broke into a hundred pieces and Mr. Bunell fell to the floor! Kent was s-o-o-o-o-o scared by the noise of the chair breaking and seeing Mr. Runell fall down! Mr. Bunell jumped up off the floor, slammed his hook down on the desk with a loud bang, looked right at Kent, and yelled, “DID YOU WRITE THAT NOTE?!?!”

Kent burst into tears and said, “Yes! I wrote that note and I am s-o-o-o-o-o sorry!

Mr. Bunell said, “Would you like me to tell your teacher?”

“No, sir,” said Kent as he wiped the tears away. “I would like to tell her.”

Mr. Bunell pushed a button on the intercom and called the fourth grade classroom. Pretty soon, a tall, stern-looking teacher came in the office.

“Mrs. Albright, Kent would like to tell you something,” nodded Mr. Bunell in Kent’s direction.

Mrs. Albright sat down in one of the chairs and looked at Kent. “I’m sorry Mrs. Albright. I did write that note and throw it in your car window and I’ve been lying about it for two weeks. Please forgive me.”

Mrs. Albright gave him a big hug and said, “I do forgive you, Kent. Thank you for being honest with me. I want you to remember this lesson for the rest of your life and never lie to your teacher again. Do you promise to try to do that?”

“Yes, Mrs. Albright. I never want to lie again to anyone!” sobbed young Kent.

“Alright then. You may go outside and play now.”

Kent went out the door and Steph and Grandpa followed him. “Wow!” said Steph. “When that chair exploded I almost wet my pants!”

“Me, too,” said Kent. “I’m sure glad that’s over! I’ve been in that office t-o-o-o-o-o long! I’m ready to go out for recess! It feels good to finally admit the truth. I should have done that right away.”

“What did the note say?” asked Steph.

“Well, all the boys say bad words so I just wrote them all down and called my teacher all the bad words. I don’t even know what most of them mean but I wrote them anyway. That was pretty stupid wasn’t it?”

“Hang on, Steph,” said Grandpa. “Time is up. We are headed back.” Just then POOOOF! They were back in the van again.

“Wow, Grandpa!” said Steph. “Did you really do that?”

“I am sorry to tell you that I did, Steph. I didn’t know Jesus back then. I didn’t get saved until I was sixteen years old. That was seven years later. I sure wish someone would have led me to Jesus when I was younger. It sure would have saved me a lot of trouble!”

Steph was really quiet for a few minutes. Then she said, “Grandpa? I’m sure glad I know Jesus already. I read His Word and try to obey Him as best as I can.”

“I know that, Granddaughter, and that makes me s-o-o-o-o-o proud! Maybe some of the boys in your class don’t know Jesus and that’s why they say the bad words? Maybe you can tell them about Jesus during recess or after school. You could always give them one of the Creation DVD’s to watch. At the end of every DVD it tells people how to be saved. The Bible says in Matthew 12:34-36 that what is in person’s heart is what comes out of their mouth. Those boys don’t just need to stop saying bad words. They need a new heart. Only Jesus can do that!”

“That’s a great idea, Grandpa! I’ll try that tomorrow.”

And THAT is a true story!

The Great Pumpkin

It was October and the pumpkins were getting ripe. All the Hovind grandkids went with Grandpa to pick pumpkins to make decorations and so that Granny Jo could make some of her yummy pumpkin pie! There were pumpkins a-a-a-a-a-l-l-l over the field! Hundreds of them! The boys were running around to see if they could lift the biggest ones.

Matthew said, “Hey, Grandpa? How much do these pumpkins weigh?”

“I would just be guessing,” said Grandpa as he lifted one. “But I think an average pumpkin weighs about 20 pounds. This big one here may weigh 35 pounds or so.”

“What’s the biggest pumpkin in the world?” asked Jordan.

“You would never believe me if I told you,” laughed Grandpa. “I would need to show you and even then you may not believe it.”

“Show us!” they all shouted at once.

“OK. You asked for it,” smiled Grandpa. “Let’s get these pumpkins home and go in the Science Center to the magic globe. We can all take a short trip together and learn about God’s a-m-a-a-a-z-i-n-g plant – the pumpkin.”

S-o-o-o-o-o, they drove home, washed the pumpkins off, and all went into the Science Center. Grandpa handed the tiny key to Kailey. She knew just what to do. She put it in the little hole at the South Pole and turned it a quarter- turn. The globe began to h-u-m-m-m-m softly. The kids were all excited! They l-o-o-o-v-e-d taking trips with Grandpa and they especially l-o-o-o-v-e-d using the magic globe!

“Hmmm?” said Grandpa as he scratched his chin. “The biggest pumpkin in the world was grown by a man in Wisconsin this year. Let’s go see it. Does anybody know where Wisconsin is on the globe?”

“I do!” said Stephanie excitedly. “We are learning all 50 states in my class at school. It is right above Illinois where, you, Granny Jo and all our dads and Aunt Lissa were born.”

“Very good!” laughed Grandpa. “You sure are smart! You must be a Hovind.”

“Sure am!” she laughed, “From the top of my head to the tip of my toes.”

“OK, Steph. You know how this works. Take us to Wisconsin, please,” said Grandpa.

“Everybody hold hands,” said Stephanie as she spun the globe to find Wisconsin. She reached out and touched it and POOOOF!! Before they could even blink, they were in Wisconsin at a pumpkin farm. A man was standing next to the biggest pumpkin they had ever seen! It was s-o-o-o-o-o big that all of the five Hovind grandkids could fit inside at the same time! They couldn’t believe it!

They walked closer and the man said, “Hello there folks. My name is Chris Stevens. How do you like my pumpkin?” The kids were almost speechless! Finally, Angie spoke up.

“We like it! We are the Hovinds visiting from Florida and we wanted to see the biggest pumpkin in the world. I never d-r-e-e-e-a-m-e-d it would be THIS big!”

“This is it,” said Chris proudly as he patted the pumpkin. “It weighs 1,810 pounds. That’s more than lots of small cars. It’s not good to eat, but it is sure cool to look at! The skin is about 16 inches think. It is strong! You can climb on it if you like.”

The kids all climbed up on it and stood still while Grandpa took a picture. “This is a-m-a-a-a-a-z-i-n-g!” exclaimed Matthew as he tapped on the hard skin. “Is the pumpkin good for anything besides making a pie?”

“Oh my, yes!” said Chris. “Many people eat the dried seeds. They are GOOD! Lots of people make pumpkin pudding, pumpkin soup, and even just eat it cooked. It is a member of the squash family like zucchini and makes a great vegetable for dinner. It grows on the ground on a long vine. Usually there are several growing on one vine, but to get the giant ones, we cut off all the other flowers and pumpkins so only the big one gets all the nutrition from the vine. If it shared it with others, they would all be smaller.”

“Do you think they were this big in the Garden of Eden?” asked Jordan.

“Oh, I bet they were even bigger than this in the Garden of Eden,” said Chris.

“I can’t wait until God fixes the world back like it used to be before Adam sinned!” said Angie. “A-a-a-a-a-a-l-l the fruit will be HUGE like this I think.”

“I think so, too,” said Grandpa. “We’ll have to wait and see. We need to get back home now kids. Hold hands and thank Mr. Stevens for telling us about pumpkins.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stevens!” they all shouted at once. “We l-o-o-o-o-v-e-d seeing and touching your giant pumpkin!”

“You are welcome, Hovind kids,” said Chris. “Come visit anytime. I might grow a bigger one next year.”

All the Hovinds held hands and suddenly POOOOF! They were standing back in front of the globe in the Science Center. Kailey turned it off and handed Grandpa the tiny key. They all just stared at the globe for a few minutes as it slowly stopped humming. Finally, Stephanie spoke up. “Hey, Grandpa? Why did Adam and Eve have to sin and mess up God’s beautiful world?”

“Well,” said Grandpa as he slowly rubbed his chin. “They didn’t HAVE to sin but they sure did mess things up when they did! I think any of us would have done the same thing. People sure love to go their own way and disobey God. Do you kids always obey the Lord?”

They were really quiet for a few minutes and finally Kailey said: “Hmmm? We better not answer that one, Grandpa. Let’s go help clean out those pumpkins we bought so Granny Jo can cook them into a pie.”

“Great idea, Granddaughter,” laughed Grandpa. “Let’s go and maybe every time we see a pumpkin or the color orange, it can remind us to check our hearts to be sure they are right with God.”

S-o-o-o-o-o, they did!

US Budget Crisis

October 24, 2011

US budget crisis; expensive, overcrowded prisons that don’t work; really low science test scores; and the unscientific evolution theory. What’s the connection? More than you would think.

The budget is in the news a lot these days. (Actually there is no budget so they just spend, spend, spend while they can.) Even the huge BOP (Bureau of Prisons) budget made USA Today, I understand. It’s about time! America locks up about 760 per 100,000, while most European countries lock up 80 per 100,000. Hmmmm? Are Americans 10 times more wicked than Europeans or are we fighting the wrong battles? In spite of spending a royal fortune on education, American school students test twenty-third against the rest of the world. Hmmmm? Well, let’s look at some obvious connections and fixes.

First, we teach the kids the unproven evolution theory which teaches students that they are just animals. Then we sit back and wonder why they act like animals. Hmmmm? Let’s get this evolution-religion out of science class and put it in a religion class if it is taught at all. It is a waste of science class time and science textbook space and by mixing true science and religion, it only confuses the kids. No wonder they test low in science. See Creation Seminar Part 4 for lots more on that! This problem didn’t exist when we taught our students, “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator…” Let’s shut down the entire Federal Department of Education and let states run their own schools. Parents know best; not politicians in Washington, DC.

Next, let’s totally stop federal involvement in scores of things for which the Constitution does not allow. If the Federal government simply followed the Constitution that elected officials all swore to uphold, much of the budget could be eliminated. We lock up 2.3 million bread winners and put most of those families on welfare and wonder why the economy has problems. Hmmmm? Ya don’t need to be a genius to figure that out.

I’m not Republican or Democrat but Ron Paul, who the media is trying desperately to ignore, seems to have many of the puzzle pieces laid on the table. I urge you to listen carefully to what he says.

The only REAL solution is 2 Chronicles 7:14. Both the problem and the solution are spiritual. Let’s read that one carefully today and check our hearts. Are we right with God? Is our sin helping bring on God’s judgment? Hmmmm? Thankfully, we have 1 John 1:9. God has already provided our propitiation for us! Let’s apply that to our everyday walk with God.

Kent Hovind

The Magic Globe Series: Kailey and Grandpa Visit Haiti

Kailey Hovind was really quiet after church as she rode home with Grandpa. “What’s on your mind there granddaughter?” asked Grandpa as they got out of the van.”

“I’ve been thinking, Grandpa, maybe God wants me to be a missionary someplace when I grow up. How do I know for sure?”

“That’s a great question!” said Grandpa. “I think God wants ALL His kids to be missionaries and to win souls to Him but He does call on some of His kids to quit everything else and go preach and teach about Him full time. There are some missionaries who feel led of the Lord to minister here in this country, and some who feel led to go to a foreign country. Is there any particular place you think God might want you?”

“I’ve been wondering about Haiti,” said Kailey. “Can we go visit it to see what they need down there?”

“I think that is a great ideal!” said Grandpa. “Let me call your mom to be sure it is OK first.” Grandpa called Danielle and she said it would be fine if they were back in time for lunch.

S-o-o-o-o-o, Grandpa and Kailey went into the science center and Grandpa handed Kailey the tiny key. She put it in the little hole at the South Pole of the Magic Globe and turned it until the globe began to hmmmm quietly.

“Do you know where Haiti is, Kailey?” asked Grandpa.

“It’s an island between Florida and South America,” she said as she began looking at that part of the globe.

“It sure is!” laughed Grandpa. “You sure are smart! You must be a Hovind!”

“I sure am, Grandpa, all the way to my toes!” she laughed as she wriggled her toes. “I see it Grandpa! Hold my hand tight and let’s go!”
She touched Haiti and POOOOOF!!!! Before they could even blink they were in Haiti on a hill looking over the huge city of Port-au-Prince. There were people everywhere and the city was a mess! There were tents set up all over the hills and lots of smashed houses. Most of the people seemed happy though and were smiling and singing as they walked. Almost all of them were black and wore bright colored clothes!

One black girl about Kailey’s age came over to walk with them. “Hello and welcome to Haiti!” she smiled. “My name is Renee.”

“We are the Hovinds visiting from Florida. My name is Kailey and this is my grandpa. We were hoping to learn about Haiti,” said Kailey.

“I would be glad to tell you about it!” said Renee. “I’ve lived here all my life and have studied lots about it in school. Haiti has lots of mountains as you can see. We are on half of an island and the Dominican Republic is on the other half. Our country is about 1/5 as big as Florida but we have almost 9 million people here, so it is pretty crowded. Most of the people are very poor.”
“Why are there so many tents all over the place?” asked Kailey as she looked around.

“We had a really bad earthquake in January of 2010. It knocked down thousands of homes and buildings and killed thousands of people. LOTS of people came to help build new houses but it will take many years to fix all the damage,” Renee said sadly.

“What was the date of the earthquake in Haiti?” asked Kailey.

“It was January 13th. Why do you ask?” inquired Renee.

“January 13th! That is my birthday!” replied a shocked Kailey. “I was eight years old that day and was busy celebrating my birthday. We sang songs about Jesus and had birthday cake. I didn’t know you were having a terrible earthquake at the same time! How can people here in Haiti still be happy? I see them smiling, but how can they smile with all this mess everywhere?”

“We have had LOTS of problems like hurricanes, floods, disease and even earthquakes but we just smile and keep going. We are a happy people most of the time.”

“Do lots of people here go to church?” asked Kailey.
“Some people go to church,” replied Renee. “About 80% of the people are Catholic and 10% are Baptist. Even though some people go to church not very many are really saved and try to serve Jesus. The majority of the Haitian people practice Voodoo.”

“What is voodoo?” asked Kailey with a questioning look on her face.

“Most of the people here are descendants of slaves who were brought here from Africa over 200 years ago. In Africa they worshiped lots of spirits and even their dead ancestors. When they came here and the Catholic priests tried to teach them the Bible they mixed both religions together. They do lots of singing, dancing, and sacrificing of animals. They believe this will keep the evil spirits from hurting them,” said Renee. “My aunts and uncles practice voodoo ceremonies all the time. I tell them it is really Satan worship and God does not like it but they won’t listen to me.”

“They need somebody to teach them the truth about Jesus and the Bible!’ said Kailey.

“There are missionaries here who have tried to do that!” said Renee. “There are some really good churches here with people who really love the Lord, but s-o-o-o-o-o many of the people are ignorant of God’s love and are s-o-o-o-o-o afraid of evil spirits that it is hard to get them to listen to the truth. Most people here never finish school and lots of them cannot even read. Satan seems to be extra busy on our island trying to keep people from getting saved.”

“I’m praying about being a missionary here, too.” said Kailey.

“That would be great!” said Renee. “We can always use more. There are lots of countries that need missionaries. Just work hard in school to learn all you can and stay close to the Lord. He will guide you.”

“Time to go home Kailey,” said Grandpa. “Hold my hand and say goodbye to our new friend, Renee.”

“Goodbye, Renee. Thanks for telling me about Haiti. I’m glad you know the Lord and are trying to tell others about Him,” said Kailey. “I’ll come visit again when can.”

Suddenly, POOOOOF!!! They were back in front of the Magic Globe in the Science Center. Kailey turned it off and handed Grandpa the tiny key. It slowly stopped humming. “Grandpa, what does a missionary need to know?”

“THAT’S a good question!” nodded Grandpa. “The more the better. Some missionaries study about medicine so they can be a nurse or doctor to be able to help the sick people while they preach to them. Some missionaries learn how to help build things. Those folks in Haiti sure needed lots of houses built! Most of the people in Haiti speak a language that is sort of half French. It is called Creole. It may sound funny but the more you study English, the easier it is to learn another language. You need to really study the Bible, too! THAT’S what those people need most of all. I’d say that if I thought God might want me as a missionary in Haiti or any other country I would study lots of English, lots of math and lots of history. I would also learn lots of stuff about health and how to fix things. It might be good to even go to school to be a nurse.

Even if God wants you to stay and be a missionary right here, you can always use those things. I feel God wants me to be a missionary to people all over the world who are fooled by the evolution theory. THAT’S my mission field.”

“Hmmmm,” said Kailey as she slowly turned the globe. “There are about 200 countries in the world. LOTS of them need missionaries. I’ll work hard to learn everything I can and just let God show me when it is time.”

“Great idea,” laughed Grandpa. “You can start being a missionary right now. Give your friends at school tracts and tell them how to be saved. You don’t need to wait till you grow up for that.”

“I already do that!” said Kailey. “It is fun!”

“Let’s go eat some lunch, granddaughter. I’m starving!” laughed grandpa. “We’ll visit more countries later.” S-o-o-o-o-o, they did!


Salvation For My Celly!

August 25, 2011

Well, what a great day! I am thankful for the godly prison Chaplin here who preached at the church service last night. My celly, Sammy (Servando Ordonez Jr. #68421-280) sat and soaked in the Word of God as it was preached and trusted Christ. Afterwards, there was a baptismal service and Sammy wanted to get baptized! The prison has a canvas box about 6′ long, 4′ wide and 2′ deep they fill with water for baptisms. About five men were baptized out on the sidewalk while lots of men watched. Sammy was s-o-o-o-o-o excited to follow the Lord!

Another fellow inmate, Adrian, was watched with his mouth open. He had never seen an adult baptized before! We walked and talked for about twenty minutes after that and he was still amazed at what he had seen. He said, “I thought baptism was just for babies.” The baptismal service opened the door for more questions and a great conversation about biblical Christianity. Adrian is still trying to understand all this “born again stuff.” God is working on him in a great way. Pray for Adrian.

Sammy gets very little mail and would be thrilled to get some. You can also include one (1) tract if you like.
You use the same address as you do to write me:

Servando Ordonez Jr. #68421-280
FPC, Box 5000
Florence, CO 81226 USA

Sammy is twenty-six, of Mexican heritage, from El Paso, and is serving four years for drugs. We read the Word every day and he is eagerly taking it in! Pray God uses me while I’m here to reach others and sends me home soon!

Kent Hovind

Letters For Inmates

August 8, 2011

Well, I need help again! The three other times I’ve asked people to send letters to inmates here many of you have responded. I was s-o-o-o-o-o blessed to see the response! Some of these guys get no mail, no visits for months or years! This system destroys lives, families and civilizations. God’s Word and His law is perfect (Psalm 19) – Duh!

Inmate Michael Write #21627-047 is a friend here that has not gotten any mail in a l-o-o-o-n-g time! I get a pile every day. He saw me in the chapel and I could see the sad look on his face. He said, “I sure wish I had some mail.” I said, “Are you serious?” He said, “Yes! I’d love to get some mail.” I said, “OK! Lots of folks who love the Lord have responded to requests to encourage inmates so I’ll see if I can get you some mail.”

In light of our command to fulfill Matthew 25:34-46, please send Mike some mail—any mail. Church bulletins, a single gospel tract, a simple note saying, “I’m praying for you.” I don’t know him very well other than he is divorced, has three children, is lonely here, and is from Nebraska. Pray about it and if God leads, send him a letter. It may be you in prison one day. Read Matthew 24. The scripture Galatians 6:7 may be really handy! Keep close to the Lord and win souls!

Kent Hovind

Vaccinate with Truth!

August 11, 2011
Vaccinate with Truth!

Once in a while a leading evolutionist admits the obvious. Swedish botanist, Dr. Heribert Nilson, admitted years ago that there is no evidence for evolution. He searched for forty years for missing links and finally said, “Deficiencies are real. They will never be filled… The idea of an evolution rests on pure belief.”

I’m sure Nilson would lose his job in a typical American university today. Anyone who even has doubts about evolution will be “expelled” as shown clearly in the movie by that title available at The Creation Store (formerly our shopping page).

School has started up again. Be sure to get your students “vaccinated” with the truth so they don’t get infected with any dumb ideas put forth as science in our science textbooks. You could possibly change a student for life, and even for eternity, by giving them the two Help books or the Creation Seminar Series. Offer to pay them $20 to watch the series if you have to. That will get their attention! Time to win souls with a passion, folks. Nothing else will matter soon.


Special Message from Dr. Hovind!

Hey folks!
Congress is considering cost cutting measures (about time!) including cutting the BOP budget. They are getting some pressure to pass HR 223 but need LOTS more! HR 223 would cut prison time to 50% for 45 and older, first time, non-violent inmates. That would send me home! Please encourage your friends and family to go to this site and vote YES, “like it” to add support.

Click here to vote:
Vote for HR 223

or, copy and paste this URL into your web browser:

Thanks for your help!
Kent Hovind

It Never Gets Old…

August 12, 2011

It never gets old! Leading people to Christ is a precious privilege! New men come to the prison camp all the time. I have made it a little ministry for my years in prison to try to intercept the new guys and give them a tour and take away some of the anxiety that comes with walking in the prison doors. I also try to witness without pushing too hard.

August 11, I gave three new guys a tour, answered questions, and made sure they had the little stuff they needed. The next morning, I was in the chapel by myself working on my time lines (I love visuals!) and one of the new guys came in as well as another man who has been here for over a year. They were looking at my seven-foot-long charts and began asking questions about end times. Everyone with a brain can see world events look bad and they are wondering, “What on earth is about to happen?”

One thing led to another and they both accepted the Lord! It was great! It never gets old! Forty-two years ago I led my first soul to Christ at the Heart of Illinois Fair and was hooked! I asked the Lord if I could do that the rest of my life. God has been s-o-o-o-o-o good to allow me to do this over and over for the past forty-two years. I hope I get forty-two more years!

If you have never led anyone to Christ, do it today. MANY are listening that would never have listened before. This is indeed a GREAT time to win souls and win crowns! The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few. He that winneth souls is wise!

Stay the course.


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