Diesel Therapy, Again: Part Four

Diesel Therapy Again
My Journey from Jesup, Georgia to Florence, Colorado

June 24, 2011

Well, yesterday was quite a day! I’m in Florence, Colorado now at the new camp. My last night in Okklahoma, I was able to lead my cellmate to Christ before we went to sleep! He is being deported back to Mexico in a few weeks. It was so sweet to hear him pray for God’s forgiveness and salvation! I never tire of that!

At 5:00 am, they came and said, “Pack up.” I went to R&D and was put in a 28×32 holding pen with fifty others. While there, I met Ray and was able to lead him to Christ as well. It was like picking ripe fruit! God had softened his heart. At 7:00, I was put in shackles again and loaded on the plane. We flew all the way to California to drop off and pick up other prisoners, and then, after an hour on the ground without air conditioning, we flew back to Colorado. We then boarded a bus for our hour-ride here. Finally at 5:00 pm, I got the shackles off. Only ten hours in shackles this time compared to twelve hours last time. This system needs serious overhaul!

The new camp is nice with lots to do and about 550 guys. It’s next to a low security prison with over 1,000 men, and also next to one of the highest security level prisons, a super-maximum with some Al Qaeda folks. New mission field!

My new address is:

Kent Hovind #06452-017
FPC Satellite Camp Florence
P.O. Box 5000
Florence, CO 81226 USA

More later.

Diesel Therapy, Again: Part Three

Diesel Therapy Again
My Journey from Jesup, Georgia to Florence, Colorado

June 22, 2011

Hey folks! What a day yesterday was! We were awakened at 3:30 am and told to get our stuff together to be moved. After the typical lengthy paper work and procedures, at 6:30 am we finally were taken to the out processing area, at 7:00 am we were handcuffed to a chain around our waist, shackled at the ankles, and then put on a bus to Jacksonville, Florida.

After the 2 1/2 hour drive, we sat in the parking lot till the plane arrived. We then stood by the plane out on the blacktop for about an hour while the 40+ various officials did all their paperwork. It was well over 90 degrees by then. Once all the bureaucrats had done whatever it is they do, we were loaded on the plane where we sat without air conditioning for another hour till while they did more checking. Finally, we were airborne for Atlanta to drop off a few and pick up a few, and then flew on to the Tulsa, Oklahoma processing center. At 6:45 pm, the handcuffs and shackles finally came off and I could scratch my head! I was often reminded of Christ on the cross who could not move his arms to scratch anything! I wonder about flies and biting insects being drawn to the blood of the ones crucified. Hmmmm? You never hear about that or think about the thousands of little miseries that go with crucifixion besides the obvious pain of hanging by nails through your wrists and rubbing the nerves and bones raw. I thanked my Lord Jesus a hundred times for doing all that for me! Just the minor irritations I had were a great reminder to be thankful!

Here in Oklahoma the room is large and clean and holds about 120 guys. I’ll be here about a week they say before being either bussed ten hours, or flying part way and then being bussed to Florence, Colorado. I was told that the BOP adopted a policy June 1, 2011, that inmates such as myself, who are in the lowest security level and referred to as “campers”, who are being transferred to another camp are supposed to be furloughed to get to the destination. The term “furloughed” means transported by family. THAT would have been much better! The cost of this huge system of transporting thousands of people all over the country every day is staggering! If anyone out there can find out the real costs, please write me and let me know. America has a prison system ten times larger per capita than just about every European county and three times larger than Russia! Ya think there is another picture we need to look at? Follow the yellow brick road—the money (I Timothy 6:10). Try to shrink the number of inmates with shorter sentences, more parole, HR 223 etc. and watch those who profit from this prison system scream. One man I traveled with had asked his counselor why they didn’t give more halfway house and home confinement time like the law passed years ago says they should, and the counselor said, “We can’t afford it.” Hmmmm?

“When He saw the multitude He was moved with compassion…” Jesus saw the need and that moved him. Scores of people in the Bible were called to meet a need when they saw the need. Nehemiah saw the need and built the wall. Moses saw the cruel treatment of God’s people and led them out. Some wonder why I have added “prison reform” to my long list of “dogs to kick as I walk by.” I have seen the need, that’s why. When I saw the need for fourth-grade level information on Creation, I sought to fill it.

God’s Law is perfect (Psalm 19) and never calls for prisons at all! Crime needs to be punished, that is not the question. How to carry out the punishment is one of the questions and why should the government and lawyers and courts profit from it is an even bigger question.

Meanwhile, this week I get time to read and write! What a change from the hectic travel schedule I kept for seventeen years. Eric can handle that now. He’s doing a great job of it by the way! Lots of projects going on at CSE. Check CSE (for Dr. Hovind)Dr. Hovind Update 4 Comments

Diesel Therapy, Again: Part Two

Diesel Therapy Again
My Journey from Jesup, Georgia to Florence, Colorado

June 11, 2011

Hey all! What a time this has been! I’m in Tallahassee for two weeks until they fly me to Oklahoma for an un-designated amount of time in that human – transfer center. Then, not to Pekin, Illinois, but to Florence, Colorado! The excuse given for my move was that the Jesup camp was overcrowded. Ironically, I met five men today who are on their way to the very same camp in Jesup that they just moved me out of! All five of us they moved from Jesup have cases pending in the courts. Could that be the reason behind the move?

This transfer center in Tallahassee is nice. There is a large, open room with lots to do from 6am – 10pm. At night, we are locked in quiet two-man cells. After nine months living where I was in the dorm only five feet from the microwaves and sink and doors, the quiet was strange! I loved it! The coveralls they give everyone in the transfer centers are not comfortable at all and I lived in them for four and a half months at the county jail and for fifty days while in transit last time. My first day here, I was put in a room with a very nice guy who works in laundry. He gave me shorts, extra oranges to eat (I LOVE oranges!), a real pillow! and other odd stuff I needed. God is good! Pretty good library and food here, too!

My first night here, they had a Bible study with about seven guys. I attended and everyone introduced themselves. The group leader asked if I would lead the study last night! I cried. They told me both in Edgefield and in Jesup that I was not to lead any Bible studies even if it was only with one other person! I’ve been taking in for months with no outlet. I felt like the Dead Sea! What a blessed release to share my faith and teach the Word of God again!

The counselor in Jesup had told me my first week there that if he wanted to, he could send me where I would never see my family! (Some people need a job mowing grass not dealing with people.) All the inmates including me avoided him but I must have gotten on his radar somehow. Hmmmm? I feel certain it is a Genesis 50:20 thing. We’ll see the Romans 8:28 of this one day. I just reread the words to the song “Farther Along”. Wow! Perfect fit for my case! I continue to file motions with both the 11th Circuit court and the District court.

I’ll do my best to keep everyone up to speed as I hear what is happening. There are about 80 guys in this dorm so it is a whole new mission field for two weeks!

Thanks for your prayers.

Diesel Therapy, Again: Part One

Diesel Therapy, Again
My Journey from Jesup, Georgia to Florence, Colorado

June 9, 2011

WOW! I was told that I “volunteered” to move out of the over-crowded Southeastern Division of the prison system. If all goes according to what I have been told, I will be moved tomorrow morning. Not sure where or why but I suspect Genesis 50:20 for the why; and, rumor has it that I will be moving to Pekin, Illinois for the where. I’ll know in a week or two and let you know. My email will follow at each place as I go on the diesel therapy. My last move took 50 days to go 100 miles!

I heard that Sheila Jackson re-introduced her bill in congress. Last time it was HR223 and called for first-time, non-violent offenders, who were 45 and older, to serve 50% of their sentences and go home. If passed, that bill would send me home. If anyone can find out a status on this bill, please send me a copy of the bill. Tell others to call, email and write congress, letters to the editor and talk shows to PASS that bill! Congress needs lots of letters, calls etc. supporting HR 223. They are afraid to be seen as “soft on crime” so they need pressure to vote for this bill.

God has been soooo good here! Great weather, lots of free time to read and write. Nearly finished my dissertation for another doctorate in biblical ministry.

Pray I can win souls along the way. Lots of Bible characters went through exactly what I’m going through in lots worse modes of travel and prisons to write in! No complaints from me! Romans 8:28.

Thanks for your prayers in this trying time.

Gas Prices

Jim: Hey, Brother Hovind, what do you think about the way gas has gone up these last few years?

KH: What makes you think it has gone up?

Jim: Man! It’s gone from $1.70 to $4.00/gallon! I’d say that is going up!

KH: I think you are looking at it all wrong, Jim. Gas is cheaper now than when I was a kid. I remember getting gas for my go-cart for 17.9 cents/gallon during a gas war in East Peoria.

Jim: How can you say it’s cheaper? Don’t you know anything about math? Four dollars is more than seventeen cents, you know.

KH: Actually, I taught high school math and science for fifteen years and know quite a bit about it. Let me explain why gas has gone down.

Jim: Please do!

KH: When I was a kid, a $20 gold piece weighed one ounce and was worth about $30. Today that same $20 gold piece is worth about $1,430. At $4/gallon that ounce of gold will buy 358.75 gallons of gas today.

Jim: I’m with you.

KH: Back when an ounce of gold was $30, at 17.9 cents/gallon, that ounce of gold would only buy 167.6 gallons or about 1/2 as much. There are 2,000 pennies in $20, right?

Jim: Right.

KH: At $1,430/$20 gold piece each 1/2000 (1 cent) is worth 71.5 cents; so it only takes 5.6 cents to buy a gallon of gas these days based on the gold standard. Gas has gone way down, not up. It’s about half the price it used to be.

Jim: So gold has gone up, right?

KH: Well, it looks that way but actually, No. The dollar has gone down. They keep printing more “dollars” so they become like wall paper. Gold stays about the same but the dollar value goes down as the economy crumbles.

Jim: So we should invest in gold, right?

KH: Maybe a little, but there is an even better investment for the trying times that are coming.

Jim: What’s that?

KH: When Jesus sent out His disciples to preach He told them, “Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses…” Mt. 10:9. He promised He would provide their needs. He had already told them not to worry about what they would eat or drink or what they would wear. He said they should “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33. Rough times are coming to planet earth and this will be a test to see if we can trust the Lord to provide.

God told Elijah to go hide by a brook for a while and ravens brought him food, then God told him to go live with a poor widow and her son (I Kings 17) and He provided miraculously for them there as well. I think we are headed into times where those close to the Lord will get to see God’s miraculous provisions again. Most American Christians are pretty soft and nowhere near ready to live totally by faith.

Saving up tons of gold won’t help. Jesus told of a time coming when the rich men would “weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as if it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.” James 5:1-3.

It is not possible to save up enough to cover all the problems that are coming soon.

Jim: So what should we do?

KH: Exactly what Jesus said. Seek His kingdom first and He will take care of all those things you need. God blesses us with the privilege of witnessing for Him. Win souls and you will be wise. Proverbs 11:30.

Jim: So, don’t worry about the $4.00/gallon gas?

KH: I would be LOTS more concerned about staying really close to the Lord. He can supply even if gas is $10,000/gallon. Stay under the umbrella of His protection and all will be fine.

Jim: Sounds simple.

KH: It is. I wouldn’t get too excited about gas or gold. We will need no gas in Heaven and gold will be the blacktop we walk on. (Revelation 21:18).

The New CSE “Current” Magazine

I got a copy of the new CSE magazine called “Current” in the mail today. Wow! I was blown away. This can’t be from the same son who, when he was 11 … never mind. You did an awesome job son! I’m proud to be your dad. Keep spreading the creation message and winning souls! Time is short. If any of you are not on the mailing list to get a copy of this brand new Summer Issue of “Current” GET ON IT NOW! (and then tell all your friends and even enemies to get one) Great articles and project update. It is such a joy to see the ministry we began over 20 years ago keep going and growing and bringing thousands to the Saviour. That’s ALL that will mater in 1,000 years!

I was informed this week that I am being moved this Friday (June 10), and we do not know the location yet. A statement will be published as soon as we know. Thanks for all your prayers!

Until then, keep serving the Lord.
– KH

The Most Fun Thing to do in the World! | Chapter Ten

Stephanie Helps Missy Learn the Truth About Evolution

One day after school Missy called Stephanie with a question. “Hey, Steph, today our class learned that we all came from monkeys. Is that true?”

“We have a few boys in my class at school that sure act like monkeys,” laughed Steph, “and one or two that even look like monkeys! But, no, we did not come from monkeys. That’s a silly idea. The Bible says God made man in His own image. I guess they are already starting to teach the evolution theory in your school. Most public schools teach that. That’s one reason my parents put me in a Christian school. I’ll see if Grandpa will bring me over to your house Saturday so we can talk about it.”

“That would be great! I’ll check with my mom and call you later,” said Missy.
Everything worked out and Grandpa drove Steph over to Missy’s house the next Saturday morning. Grandpa helped Mike with a project in his shop while Stephanie talked with Missy.

“Hey, Missy!” said Steph with a big hug, “I brought over the first three DVD’s of my grandpa teaching about creation. Maybe you and your mom and dad can watch them later. They are great! My daddy also has lots of videos on creation that you would love!”

“Thanks, Steph! Dad said all he was taught in school was the idea that we came from monkeys and he wants to learn the truth, too. We have been reading Genesis a little every night for family devotions like your grandpa said we should do. That’s a really cool book!”

“I know!” said Stephanie excitedly, “There is so much to learn in that book! It tells about the creation and the flood. Let’s read the first three chapters now.”

As Stephanie and Missy took turns reading verses, Stephanie explained how God made Adam and Eve in His image and that God is no monkey!

“But,” said Stephanie with a sad look on her face, “some people don’t want God telling them what to do, so they would rather believe the evolution idea than obey God. It’s sad really, because knowing and serving God is the most fun thing to do in the whole world! There might be some problems down here on earth for God’s kids, but He has a home ready for us up in Heaven that is a-m-a-a-a-z-i-n-g!”
“I’m sure glad I’m going there one day,” smiled Missy. “It’s a good thing you and your grandpa stopped to help us and tell us about Jesus. I think that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Grandpa poked his head in the room, “Hey, Steph, we need to go now. Mike said they would all watch the videos later tonight.”

As they drove home, Steph was quietly looking out the window and thinking. Suddenly she turned and said, “Hey, Grandpa?”

“Yes ma’am?” smiled Grandpa as he winked at Shephanie with his “I know what you are going to say” wink.

“Doing what Jesus told us to do really is easy and it is the most fun thing to do in the w-h-o-o-o-l-e world, isn’t it?”

“I’ve never found anything better, Steph. Helping people who need help, making new friends, winning them to Jesus, and then watching them grow in the Lord till they also can tell others about Jesus is s-o-o-o-o-o fun! I’ve been doing it for over forty-two years and I never get tired of it!” He handed Steph his pocket sized New Testament and said, “Read Matthew 28:19-20 to me, please.”

Steph found it and read, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

“Hmmm,” said Steph as she looked at the verse. “That’s what we are doing with Missy’s family, isn’t it?”

“Sure is,” Grandpa affirmed. “It’s really pretty simple. Go. Win people to Jesus and get them baptized. Then, teach them to go and do the same thing. Mike tells me he is telling people he works with about Jesus now.”

“Missy told me she wants to tell others about Jesus, too! It feels s-o-o-o-o-o-o good to know that I’m busy doing what Jesus said.”

“It not only feels good,” smiled Grandpa, “it’s also the most fun thing to do in the w-h-o-o-o-l-e world” they both said together. They rejoiced and laughed all the way home!

The End

The Most Fun Thing to do in the World! | Chapter Nine

Missy Goes to School

Over the next few weeks Missy and her family went with the Hovinds to church every Sunday and Wednesday night. They were growing in the Lord s-o-o-o-o-o fast! It was fun watching the changes in their life! Missy found the money in the Bible and bought her mom a present. She, too, was learning how fun it is to give!

One evening, the Johnson’s had the Hovinds over for dinner. After supper everyone helped clear the table and do the dishes. Then Missy and Stephanie went in Missy’s room to play some games while the adults sat and talked.

“Hey, Stephanie? Today at school some of the girls were saying bad words and laughing. It felt strange inside but I wanted to just get away from them. What should I do?”
“I know how you feel, Missy. The more I read my Bible and learn about what Jesus wants me to do, the more I DON’T want to hear kids say bad things or be with them when they disobey God. It’s sort of like it makes me feel dirty inside.”
“That’s exactly how I felt! Sort of dirty. S-o-o-o-o-o what should I do?”
“Well, my grandpa says you are better off with NO friends than to have BAD friends. You always have Jesus for a friend. Grandpa says just walk away from them. He says when that happens there is usually some other person God want you to be with or to help. I just leave when they say bad things and look for somebody who needs a friend to play with. It works every time. Plus, it makes the ones doing bad things think about what they are doing. If I stay there and laugh with them, they will think I agree with what they are doing. That would make Jesus sad.”
“That’s a great idea, Steph. Thanks.”

The girls played games and laughed and giggled for over an hour. Then they took turns reading verses from the Bible. Missy loved reading the Bible and she was learning s-o-o-o-o-o much!

Later that evening Grandpa got everyone together in the living room for devotions. They all got their Bibles and followed along as Grandpa read First John chapter 1. It’s w-a-a-a-y in the back of the Bible. After he read verse nine, he said, “This is one of the most important verses for a Christian. Once you ask the Lord to save you, He comes and lives inside. But, what if you sin after that? It’s sort of like when Mike comes home from working hard in a really dirty job. He needs a bath! You only get born once in your life but you take HUNDREDS of baths! In God’s family, you only get born again one time but you need to do what this verse says many times every day. It says, “If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” You don’t need to get saved all over but you do need a spiritual bath! You need to make it a habit to ask God for forgiveness every time you sin. Keep your heart clean.”
They all held hands and prayed. Mike thanked God for his job so he could provide for his family. Mary thanked God for saving them and letting them all grow to love the Lord together. Missy asked God to help her find good friends at school and thanked God for her new friend Stephanie.

A few days later Missy called Stephanie after school. She was s-o-o-o-o-o excited!
“Hey, Steph, guess what happened at school today?”
“What happened?” asked Stephanie.
“I did what you told me and it worked! Those girls were saying bad words so I walked away and asked God to show me who needed a friend. Right away I saw Carla sitting by herself and looking sad. She is a new girl and is kinda overweight. Nobody has made friends with her so I prayed quietly to the Lord and asked Him to let me be a friend. I went over and sat by her and asked if she wanted to play some games with me at recess. She was s-o-o-o-o-o happy! She smiled and said she would love to! S-o-o-o-o-o, at the next recess we played together the whole time. She is a really nice girl. I don’t know why none of the other girls play with her. She is really good at math, too, and she said she can help me study because it is sort of hard for me. It’s amazing how the Lord works! She got a friend and I got a friend and someone to study math with all at the same time!”
“Wow, that i-i-i-i-i-s amazing!” said Steph. “Maybe you can invite her to church with us, too. If she is new here, maybe her family doesn’t have a church yet.”
“That’s a great idea!” said Missy. “I’ll ask her at school tomorrow. I need to go help mom cook supper now. I’ll call you tomorrow and tell you what she says. And Steph?”
“Yes, Missy?”
“When I walked away from the girls who were saying bad words I felt clean inside. It was great. I sure love trying to please the Lord!”
“Me too, Missy. Me too!”

When they got off the phone Stephanie went to her room and got down on her knees and prayed, “Thank you, Lord, for letting me have Missy for a friend. And thank you for letting me watch her grow closer to You. Helping this family trust You as their Savior and then watching them grow as Christians is the most fun thing to do in the
w-h-o-o-o-l-e world! Thank you, Jesus, for letting me learn about this. I think I want to do this the rest of my life! Amen.”

To be continued…

The Most Fun Thing to do in the World! | Chapter Eight

The Bible

When Steph had the box ready she called Grandpa. “Hey, Grandpa, Mommy and I have the box of stuff ready. When can we take it over to their house?”
“How about in the morning about 9:30?” said Grandpa. “I’ve got a staff meeting at 8:00 and I should be done by then. I’ll come get you in the van.”
“Sounds perfect,” said Steph. “I bet they will sleep late after all that work today, so 9:30 sounds great. I’ll be ready.”

The next morning they loaded the box in the van and drove over to Missy’s house. Mike and Scott were pulling in the drive as well.
“Good morning, Brother Hovind,” said Scott as they shook hands. “I think Mike is the perfect man for the job. I showed him everything we need fixed and he thinks he can get it all done in about four weeks. Maybe by then I’ll have more work or I can call some of my friends at other real estate offices to find him some work. I think we will keep him busy for quite awhile.”
Mike shook Grandpa’s hand and looked like he might cry happy tears, “Thanks, Brother Hovind, this job is perfect! God sent you two yesterday to our house. How can I repay you?”
“You already did,” laughed Grandpa. “Remember, you let me tell you about Jesus and you asked Him to save you. If you want to do anything else, all I ask is that you help somebody in need like we helped you.”
“Oh I will!” nodded Mike. “I see now how helping others changes lots of lives. I’ll stop and help anybody with a moving truck in their yard, that’s for sure!”

Grandpa carried in Steph’s box to give to Missy. Steph smiled and winked at Grandpa, then gave Missy a hug and said, “Let’s unpack this last box, Missy.”
“Last box?” questioned Missy. “I thought we got them all yesterday?”
Steph winked at Grandpa again and said, “I guess we missed one.”
Grandpa smiled and winked back, then quietly walked back out to talk with Mike and Scott. When the girls opened the box and took out all the stuff Missy’s eyes got s-o-o-o-o-o big. She hugged Stephanie and was s-o-o-o-o-o happy! They put all the clothes and toys away then Steph handed her the Bible and said, “Missy, the best present is this book. It tells us everything we need to learn to grow closer to God, and it tells us how to live to please God. Then He is happy with us and can bless us.”

For the next ten minutes, Steph explained to Missy about the Old Testament being the part about the creation and the flood and all the things that happened before Jesus came. She told her about the great videos her grandpa had made about the Garden of Eden, dinosaurs, and the flood and promised to bring her some next time she came. Then she told Missy that the last part of the Bible was the New Testament about Jesus and the church and even the future of the world.
“You mean this tells me about what is going to happen in the future?” said Missy.
“It sure does,” said Stephanie. “It tells us Jesus is coming again one day to take us to a b-e-e-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l home that He is making for us in Heaven. It’s only for the ones who have asked Him to save them.”
“I did that yesterday!” exclaimed Missy. “Does that mean I get to go live in that b-e-e-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l house in Heaven?”
“It sure does, Missy,” explained Steph as she smiled. “We will live there forever and never get sick or old. That will be s-o-o-o-o-o cool!”
Grandpa and I can pick you up for church Sunday and we can start learning the Bible together. This book will change your life!”
“I can’t wait to start reading it!” said Missy as she gave Steph another hug. “And thank you s-o-o-o-o-o much for all the clothes and cool toys, too. Wow!”

Grandpa poked his head back in the door and said, “We need to get home Steph. We’ll see these folks Sunday morning.”
“I’ll be right there, Grandpa,” said Stephanie in her always cheerful voice. “Hey, Missy, let’s pray together.” They held hands and Stephanie prayed, “Dear Jesus, thank you for my new friend Missy. Please help her read the Bible and grow closer to You every day. Help her make new friends in school next week. And thank you, Jesus, for the promise of a new home in Heaven. We love You Jesus. Amen”

As she was leaving Stephanie said, “Hey, Missy, my grandpa showed me a cool verse yesterday. It’s Acts 20:35. See if you can find it tonight and tell me what you think Sunday.”
“OK,” said Missy and she hugged Steph one more time. “See ya Sunday.”

As Stephanie and Grandpa were driving home Stephanie was really quiet and looking far away with her nose sort of wrinkled up.
“Whatcha’ thinkin’ so hard about there, granddaughter?” laughed Grandpa.
“I’m thinkin’ LOTS of things, Grandpa. I’m thinkin’ how glad I am that I asked you about the most fun thing to do in the world because this has sure been fun! I’m also wondering if Missy found the money yet.”
“What money is that?” said grandpa with that “I already know” smile of his.
“I put some of my lemonade money in the Bible for her to find later,” said Steph as she leaned over and hugged Grandpa’s neck. “I got the idea from what Aunt Lissa did yesterday.”
“You hid money in the Bible? Hmmmmm. I think you will make a fine secretary one day,” said Grandpa as he winked at Steph.
Steph winked back and said, “It’s fun to help people isn’t it?”
“It’s all part of serving Jesus,” laughed Grandpa. “And that’s the most fun thing to do in the w-h-o-o-o-l-e world,” they said together as they laughed and laughed and laughed most of the way home.

To be continued…

The Most Fun Thing to do in the World! | Chapter Seven

The Box

Stephanie rode her bike home, which was only two houses down the street, and ran in the house s-o-o-o-o-o excited! “Mommy! Mommy! Guess what Grandpa and I did today?”
Tanya picked up Stephanie and gave her a big hug. “I don’t know what you did today but it sure made you happy and it sure made you sweaty! P-e-e-e-u-h! You need a shower girl! What on earth have you and Grandpa been doing?”
“Oh, Mommy it was s-o-o-o-o-o fun! It’s the most fun thing to do in the w-h-o-o-o-l world!” exclaimed Stephanie. “I need you to help me go though my closet to get a box of stuff for my new friend Missy and she is almost my size and we’re the same age.”
“Slow down, girl!” laughed Tanya. “Aren’t you even going to tell me what you two did?”
“Oh mommy, it was s-o-o-o-o-o fun! We helped a new family unload their truck and clean their house and Missy and I scrubbed out the frig and Granny Jo brought groceries and Aunt Lissa brought supper and left $50 under the plate and Grandpa got their lights turned on and helped Mike get a job and they all prayed and asked Jesus to save them, and I made a new friend and they all want to come to church with us and. . . Wow! That was fun!”
“Slow down, girl!” laughed Tanya again. “You might have a heart attack! What does all this have to do with a box of stuff from your room?”
Stephanie took a big breath and tried to slow down, but she was still s-o-o-o-o-o excited. “They just moved here from Ohio and Missy doesn’t have many clothes or toys and I have s-o-o-o-o-o much stuff and I think Jesus wants me to give some of my stuff to Missy because the Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive and BOY was that FUN giving today! I want to do it again tomorrow!”
“I’m s-o-o-o-o-o proud of you, daughter!” said Tanya as she gave her a big hug again. Then she held her back away at arms length and said, “Let’s hurry and get this box of stuff ready so you can take a shower!”

Stephanie and her mom worked for over an hour picking out clothes and books and toys to give to Missy. “Hey mom?” asked Stephanie as she held up her extra Bible, “I’d like to give this Bible to Missy, too. Would that be alright?”
“Of course, Stephanie. That’s the best gift of all,” whispered Tanya with a sad sort of smile. “There was a time in my country in Ukraine when people would go to prison just for having a Bible. God has sure been good to us in America. We can have all the Bibles we want!” ,

“Mom?” said Steph as she got that far away look in her eyes like she was thinking about something very important, “You know how I’ve been selling lemonade and raking yards to earn money for some toys?”
“Yes, daughter, you have been working hard that’s for sure.”
“Well, would it be OK if I gave some of my money to Missy?”
“That’s a great idea, Steph. What are you thinking?”
“I think I will mark Acts 20:35 in this Bible and put $20 in the Bible right there. That way Missy will find it later like when Aunt Lissa hid some money under the top plate.”
“That’s perfect!” assured Tanya. “Now, close the box and go take a shower before you stink up the w-h-o-o-o-l-e house.”

To be continued…

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