The Three Bears and the Eyed Click Beetle

In addition to writing “Dear God” letters, “Knee-mails,” and “Creation and Common Sense” articles, I really enjoy writing stories for my five grandchildren. Trying to maintain a relationship with them and seeing them only once or twice a year is a very difficult task. This is one way I am trying to teach them via our long-distance relationship. I encourage other incarcerated men to write stories for their children. Several have discovered the joy of turning their hearts toward their children in this way (Malachi 4:6).

Possibly some of you must also try to maintain a long-distance relationship with your children or grandchildren. I hope this concept of writing to them will help you as you love them and train them, even thought you are separated from them at times.
S-o-o-o-o-o-o… pretend you are five again and listen as Grandpa Hovind tells you a story about the three bears!

The Three Bears and the Eyed Click Beetle

Dear Grandkids,
I love you and miss you s-o-o-o-o-o much. I think about you and pray for you a lot! The other day I saw a really strange looking… well, I’ll let Baby Bear tell you about it.

Once upon a time there were three bears. Daddy Bear, Mommy Bear, and Baby Bear. They lived in a house in the woods. They loved each other s-o-o-o-o-o much and they loved God.

Every day they went for walks or rode the Kawasaki Mule to explore God’s beautiful creation. One day Daddy Bear was washing his hands before they went for a ride. Baby Bear was already sitting in the Kawasaki Mule ready to go when he heard a “click” sound behind him in the back of the Mule. He turned around in the seat to see what it was and… he thought he saw two eyes looking at him, so he yelled, “Daddy! Come quick!” Then he realized it was only two black spots on the back of a big beetle!
Daddy Bear came running out of the house and said, “What is it, Baby Bear?”
“Oh, Daddy, I’m sorry I scared you – but I was scared for a minute when I saw two black spots that I thought were big eyes, but it’s just a beetle,” said Baby Bear.

“What kind of beetle are you?” asked Daddy Bear.
“I’m an eyed click beetle. My name is Billy. God made me really special. I can ‘click,’” said Billy.

“Why do you click?” asked Baby Bear.
“Well, God gave me a thick shell to protect me from other animals that try to eat me. I love my shell! It’s my house and I carry it with me. All my beetle cousins have shells too, but only we click beetles can bend in the middle. My shell has two parts. The top part covers my head and chest. The bottom part covers my belly and back legs. The problem is, it’s kind of heavy. If I fall on my back, I couldn’t turn over if I couldn’t click,” said Billy.
“I heard you click, but I didn’t see you do it,” said Baby Bear. “How do you do it?”
“My Creator, God, is s-o-o-o-o-o smart!” said Billy. “He made a special place on my top shell that snaps into my bottom shell if I stretch my head back. If I fall over on my back, I just lift my belly up in the air until I feel it snap in place. Then I relax and it ‘clicks’ so hard it hops me way up in the air. When I come down on my feet, I can walk away, but if I land on my back, I just ‘click’ again until I land on my feet. Try it. Turn me over on my back.”
Daddy Bear carefully turned Billy over on his back and Billy lifted up his belly and clicked so fast they couldn’t believe it! It made him hop way up in the air! In proportion to the size of his beetle body, Billy’s hop would be like Baby Bear jumping over their house! It was amazing! Billy landed on his feet this time, so he didn’t need to click again.

“That was amazing!” said Baby Bear. “Your click made you hop up over a foot and you are only one and a half inches long! Does it hurt when you click?”
“No, not at all,” said Billy. “I told you God made me special.”
“Boy, He sure did!” said Baby Bear. “What are the two black spots on your shell for?”
“That’s to scare away my enemies so they won’t eat me,” said Billy. “They think I’m lots bigger than I really am.”
“It sure scared me!” said Baby Bear. “God is sure smart!”
“I know!” said Billy. “He made me to show off I think. I live inside rotten trees and they are always falling apart or rolling over, so I land on my back pretty often. I don’t worry though. I just click. It’s really fun to see how high I can go.”
“I can’t click like you can,” said Baby Bear.
“You don’t need to,” said Daddy Bear. “You don’t have a heavy shell and you can just roll over any time you want to. God gave you everything you need. He made you special too, Baby Bear! Now, let’s go for our Mule ride while Mommy Bear fixes supper. Do you want to ride with us, Billy?”
“I’d love to,” said Billy. “I can hang on tight. God gave me special little claws on my feet to hold on with. Say, what do you bears eat for supper?”
“Why, porridge of course,” said Daddy Bear, and off they went on the Kawasaki Mule.

Stephanie, Angie, Jordan, Kailey and Matthew— God made each of you VERY special, too! In Psalm 139:14, God tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made! When Billy, the eyed click beetle clicked and it made him hop, it would be like Matthew jumping over Uncle Eric and Aunt Tanya’s house!
I miss you!


The Dog Died

Note: This is the next blog that we have from Dr. Hovind. It’s feels awkward to post a “funny one” when his circumstances are so dire to us right now – especially to Mrs. Hovind. But Dr. Hovind is amazing and seems to never loose his sense of humor; and Mrs. Hovind wanted others to see that and be encouraged by it. Hope you all enjoy it! Remember, the joy of the Lord is our strength; and laugher does good like a medicine!


The Dog Died – by Kent Hovind,
written December 20, 2009

I was asked to do games for the annual Christmas Party here at the camp. It was my third year to do the games. The guys had a blast! As part of the party, I wrote a funny story. Everyone loved it and laughed until their sides hurt, so I thought you might like to see what kind of things my eclectic mind can produce at 3:00 am after eating a late night snack the night before! Enjoy —“The Dog Died!”


Phone rings…Kent answers. Hello! Joe’s place, Kent speaking.

Joe: Hey Kent, how are things going?

Kent: Hey Joe! Everything’s fine. Just fine. Are you and Denise enjoying the Bahamas?

Joe: Oh man! We are having a great time! It’s beautiful here this time of year. Thanks for watching the farm for us, so that we can take this vacation trip.

Kent: Hey! Don’t mention it. That’s what brothers are for! E-n-j-o-o-o-y your vacation. You guys have earned it.

Joe: Hey Kent, nobody answered the home line, so I called your cell phone. Is everything going OK?

Kent: Fine! Just fine! I’m out by the mail box. Well…I don’t want to spoil your trip, but there is one bit of sad news, but it can wait until you get back.

Joe: No, tell me now, so I won’t be wondering about it for two weeks.

Kent: Well, . . . the dog died.

Joe: Oh! That is sad. I’m sorry to hear that. He was getting old though and we knew it would happen one day. How did ol’ Rosco die?

Kent: Well, Grandpa walked over to tell you hello. He’s getting pretty senile with his Alzheimer’s you know. He forgot that you left two days ago.

Joe: Yes, the mind is a funny thing. Some days he’s just fine and then other days . . . Well, anyway, what happened?

Kent: Oh we talked for a while. He was sitting on the porch swing like he always does, so I ran down to the corner store for some milk, and well, when I got back, Rosco was dead.

Joe: That doesn’t make any sense. How did he die?

Kent: Oh he didn’t suffer at all. He never knew what hit him. A piece of shrapnel went right through his heart. Don’t you worry one bit. E-n-j-o-o-o-y your vacation. I’ll bury the dog.

Joe: Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t hang up! Shrapnel!? From what?

Kent: I’d say it was a piece of the Hummer. It must have come off when it exploded. It looks like it went clean through the walls of the dog house where he was hiding to get away from the noise and the heat. You know how scared ol’ Rosco gets when there are loud noises. Anyway, it was a one in a million shot! It got him right in the heart. He didn’t suffer at all. Don’t you worry a bit. E-n-j-o-o-o-y your vacation. I’ll bury the dog.

Joe: Wait! The Hummer exploded!? What happened?

Kent: I’d say the gas tank got too hot from the flames.

Joe: What flames?

Kent: It looks like sparks from the house started it. I’ve heard people say that cars burn good once they get started. Boy that’s the truth! It musta had a full tank of gas when you parked it by the house. It only burned about fifteen minutes when the tank exploded and the shrapnel went clean through the dog house and hit ol’Rosco. But now don’t you worry about a thing. E-n-j-o-o-o-y your vacation. I’ll bury the dog.

Joe: Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t hang up! Sparks from the house!? Do you mean the house burned? What happened? Did the house catch fire?

Kent: It’s hard to tell for sure from the tiny pile of ashes, but I’d give you hundred to one that it was sparks from the barn that started it. The house went down pretty quick. Those cedar shake shingles look pretty, but boy, do they make a hot fire! All those old paintings your wife had sure added to the fuel, too! Boy, those flames went up over fifty feet! I think the Hummer was just too close to the heat. But hey, don’t you worry about a thing. E-n-j-o-o-o-y your vacation! I’ll bury the dog.

Joe: Wait! Don’t go! Sparks from the barn? What set the barn on fire?

Kent: I’d say it caught fire pretty quick after the plane hit it. All that hay up in the loft went up fast! Those flames had to be 100 feet high! You could see it for miles! The new John Deere Combine musta been full of fuel too! People heard it explode over a mile away! One of the front tires landed up by the store. Bubba called and said the other front tire landed near his pig pen, but don’t worry, none of the pigs were hurt. He’ll keep the tire in his barn until you get back. Anyway, some of the sparks musta landed on those cedar shakes and set fire to the house. But don’t worry about a thing. E-n-j-o-o-o-y your vacation! I’ll bury the dog.

Joe: No, No, No! Hold on! What plane hit the barn?

Kent: I’d say it was your King Air. The Piper is still parked out by your runway. It’s fine! Don’t fret now. E-n-j-o-o-o-y the Bahamas. I’ll bury the dog.

Joe: Wait! Don’t hang up! Who on earth was flying my $300,000.00 King Air?

Kent: Oh, that was Grandpa. He’s pretty senile you know. He musta been remembering the war again. The mind is a funny thing. But don’t you worry. I’ll bury the dog.

Joe: Wait! Grandpa hasn’t flown a plane in fifty years!

Kent: That’s what I was thinking too. I’m surprised he got it off the ground. Why, I never would have dreamed he could even climb up on the wing at his age, let alone remember how to get it started and get it flying. The mind is a funny thing. Anyway, don’t worry about a thing. E-n-j-o-o-o-y your vacation. I’ll bury the dog.

Joe: No! Don’t hang up! Are you telling me that Grandpa flew my King Air into the barn; set it on fire; which then set the house on fire; which then set the Hummer on fire?

Kent: Yep…And killed the dog. But ol’ Rosco didn’t suffer none. Judging from the way the plane came down, I’d say Grandpa didn’t suffer either. I’d bet his heart gave out while he was flying. He musta been thinking he was dive bombing the Japs in the war again. He was on a perfect dive for the barn when his heart gave out. He just never pulled up. It was a perfect hit. Had to be over 300 miles an hour! His squadron leader would have been proud. Grandpa never felt a thing. He was gone before the plane hit the barn. But hey! Everything is fine here. E-n-j-o-o-o-y your vacation. I need to go now. The police are here. Don’t you two worry about a thing. I’ll bury the dog.

Update on Dr. Hovind

Dr. Hovind has moved from the correctional facility in Edgefield, SC to Atlanta, GA!

Here’s a note from Mrs. Hovind:

Kent called this morning and conditions are better than when he was in Atlanta before, and better than “the hole” in Edgefield. He is supposed to get out of the cell for one hour per day, and so far has actually been given that opportunity at the Atlanta prison, whereas he was not in the hole in Edgefield for the past three weeks.

During this one hour, he can shower, eat lunch, do his laundry exchange, and have limited phone privileges, and limited email something he has not had previously! He does not know how long he will be there, but typically it is about three to four weeks. However, the man across the hall from him has been there for FIVE YEARS waiting to be moved!

You can write to him now at:
Kent Hovind #06452-017
USP Atlanta, U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 150160
Atlanta, Ga 30315

All mail is supposed to be forwarded to him when he moves.

Thank you for writing him.

Mrs. H

Knee-Mail: The Scoffer

Knee-Mail: The Scoffer
From: Kent Hovind
Sent: May 19, 2010
Posted: August 2, 2010
To: Jon
Subject: Scoffers

Dear Jon,

Thank you so much for your letter! In my 42 months of incarceration, I’ve been privileged to receive dozens of letters every week, yet only 3 or 4 from scoffers and atheists. Yours is only the second one in three and a half years that had a return address! I’ve found over my 21 years of dealing with skeptics, scoffers, and atheists, that they very rarely give a return address since they really don’t want an answer to their questions or comments. Thank you for writing and supplying your return address!

In light of this rare event, I thought I would use the opportunity to comment both to you and to those who read my blog site if you like. I will protect your identity other than simply “Jon,” and let you comment on the blog site. Even our ministry will not get your contact info from me.

To save time and space, I will quote portions of your letter and embed my comments/answers within your letter. PLEASE write back with more questions or comments. As I traveled and spoke for many years, I always had Q & A sessions and loved the “hostile” atmosphere some seemed to produce. Some seem to get really upset when their basic world view is challenged. You would think that in a liberal university where people are free to think and challenge the established paradigm, this would be welcomed and encouraged rather than resisted as it is. In my 100 debates, I don’t think I “converted” any of my opponents, but it sure helps the audience to see the issues clearly, strengthening some’s faith in God’s Word while challenging others to re-think their religion.

Jon: “I have grown up evangelical, lost faith, graduated from an accredited University, started listening to Dawkins, Hitchens, Demett & Harris and figured out the truth.”

Kent: Your story can be repeated thousand’s of times over! In our Creation Seminar Part One, I cover how 70% of kids from Christian homes, who go to secular colleges and universities, lose their faith after one year! When you factor in that this is often their first time away from home and not under parent’s rules; high hormone levels; the intense desire for freedom from what they think are God’s restrictions to keep them from having fun; and the intense propaganda pushed on them by professionals who often delight in destroying the Christian faith of their students (funny they don’t target Muslims or other religions), then it is easy to see why so many young people fall away from their faith! I don’t know which of the above factors turned you away, but my extensive experience in dealing with people in your position has shown me it is nearly always hormones rather than scientific evidence that makes them want to accept the evolution religion in order to give them freedom from God. BTW—God’s rules are for our GOOD. People who follow them have great marriages, no alimony, experience real love not just biological gratification, and enjoy life without artificial stimulants. My wife of 37 years and I did things God’s way in our dating and marriage and, if I had it to do over again—I would do it the same way! Even if the Bible were not true and Christianity were a false religion, following its teachings would sure make for a great society!

Jon: “However, along the way, fortunately, I found you. Hopefully, you have heard enough how CRAZY and fanatical you are, so I won’t waste my time or yours.”

Kent: I’m also glad you “found” me, Jon. We have produced about two million videos and DVD’s over the years and have always let people copy them for free distribution because we want to reach people like you. ?I need to caution you—our DVD’s are secretly coded so you cannot stop the message from getting into your sub-conscience and eventually getting you converted. You have been warned! ?

Jon: “As I listen to Rush Limbaugh for entertainment, my friends and I have ‘watch Kent Hovind parties’, we get drunk, smoke pot, and laugh our *** off at the debates and lectures we find on YouTube. When you get out of prison PLEASE do not stop giving people what they want.”

Kent: I’m so glad you not only watch my tapes, but share them with your friends. God often uses unusual methods of spreading His Word. See Numbers 22:28 for an example. I’m sure in your “evangelical” upbringing you had plenty of sermons about what the final outcome of your chosen lifestyle will bring both in this life and in the one to follow, so I’ll spare you the sermon. I fully intend to keep preaching the truth as I see it in God’s Word when I get out, and I’d be honored to have you and your friends come to a seminar if I get in your area. I’ve preached in the central Texas area scores of times. I’ll even take you to lunch and answer any questions you have if you like. You will find I don’t have horns or a tail and I know how to have fun.

Jon: “I hope your conditions are well enough.”

Kent: Conditions here are fine. I cover the ineffectiveness of our prison system as a means of punishing crime on several blogs, as well as the book, “The Kennel” available from [email protected] Our prison system has very little to do with crime and lots to do with big business and profits for those who run it. America has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners! We have about 750 per 100,000 locked up, while Norway has about 85 per 100,000. I don’t have internet access to get exact numbers, but something is seriously wrong! I suspect I Timothy 6:10 holds the answer!

Jon: “I could hardly believe you were in prison over taxes when you always say, ‘I don’t want my tax dollars going to teach evolution,’ when you never were paying them illegally.”

Kent: First, scores of people have reviewed our case and realize that we did not do anything illegal. We believe in obeying the law. We did not know anything we did was even questionable. Read the details on and check Proverbs 18:13 before you speak next time. Second, our case is still not over. There are several more appeals yet to be completed. We may yet be exonerated in the courts. Third, even a quick review of history will show that innocent people often go to prison. Lots of the Bible was written from prison. Fourth, school tax money comes from real estate taxes, not income taxes. Our case was not about either. I suggest you read the charges and our responses and understand the real issues.

Jon: “How do you stay busy? Do you preach/teach in prison?”

Kent: I keep really busy here! I do get to preach and teach a little, but most of my time is in research, reading, and writing. I’ve written twenty books and booklets that are in various stages of production. I’ve read two-thirds of the encyclopedia, and over 400 books. I spend lots of time answering mail, writing for my weekly blog, and working on various aspects of our case. I even read a good bit of your hero Richard Dawkins’ book, “The Ancestor’s Tale.” I suggest you read pages 29-31 where he tells about the Russian experiment where they took wild foxes and bred them for ‘tameness.’ They were startled to find that the foxes became very dog-like in only twenty years. They “behaved like Border Collies, actively seeking human company and wagging their tails when approached…they looked like collies. They grew black and white coats, with white patches and muzzles…they developed lovable floppy ears. Their reproductive hormone balance changed, and they assumed the habit of breeding all year round instead of in a breeding season. …It took only twenty years to turn foxes into dogs by artificial selection.”

Now that’s interesting! All the dogs in the world could have easily come from a generic dog-kind on Noah’s ark 4400 years ago. Variations within the same kind are all that mankind has ever seen or been able to produce. I suggest you watch our Creation Seminar Part Four when you are sober to better understand this point. Dawkins also admits on page 19 that writing was only invented about 5,000 years ago.

I offered to debate Dawkins when I was in England, but he refused for any amount of money. You may want to watch the interview Ben Stein did with Dawkins on the movie “Expelled.” (Go to if you have not seen this documentary film.) Dawkins looked REALLY foolish! Choose your heroes carefully.

Jon: “Do you get visitors?”

Kent: Yes, God has been good to me. Several friends live nearby and visit as permitted. My family comes a few times each year. The nine-hour drive one way makes it difficult for them to visit more. Many men here get no visitors at all. This warden will not let my wife visit. I have not seen her in over two and a half years now.

I’m only allowed to keep twenty people on my visitor’s list, but I would ask someone to go off if you would like to come. The CSE Offices can give you the details. If you are a sincere seeker of truth, I think a weekend visit would be a great time to get your questions answered. If you really don’t want to believe in God, and you love the false intellectual security that the evolution religion gives, then it’s best not to waste your time.

Jon: “Have a nice day!”

Kent: Thanks. I will. You too. I’m also concerned about you having a nice eternity. Keep in mind that you will be dead for a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time! Think about that! It’s 8:00 and sunny outside. I pitch for our softball team. We are in the championship game tonight at 6:30. I’m in the top ten batters even though I’m 57. God has been good to preserve my health! I pray that you enjoy good health, too. Your current lifestyle may make that short term.

Thanks again for writing and giving me a way to actually answer your letter! If you have any specific issues in my seminar (not just generalities as in your last letter) about which you laugh, please let me know. I will defend my position or alter it if I am wrong.

Have a nice day, Jon!


Kent Hovind

God Plans Ahead and Has a Sense of Humor!

From: Kent Hovind
Sent: July 21, 2010
To: Jacob Miller
Subject: God Plans Ahead and Has a Sense of Humor!

Dear Jacob,

You were unwittingly an answer to prayer last night. It’s a crazy story of God’s providence and sense of humor. Let me explain.

Yesterday, July 20, at 8:00 a.m. my name was called on the prison loud speaker to come to the office—seldom a good thing! I have three pro se motions into the court, any of which could set me free, and so I hoped it was the call to go home. It wasn’t.

They said, “Pack your stuff. You are going next door to “the hole.” When I asked why, they said (in typical BOP Bureau of Prison fashion) “We can’t tell you.”

S-o-o-o-o-o I packed all my books, files and manuscripts and personal belongings into 2 duffel bags and was taken next door to the medium security prison to go to the SHU—Special Housing Unit—a.k.a.—the hole. After spending nine hours in a holding cell with no bathroom, I was put in room 119 in the hole.

Knowing it could be weeks before I saw my property again, I asked seven guards for a Bible. None of them had one or would get me one. Throughout the long day in the holding cell I prayed several times for God to supply me a Bible to read while they s-l-o-o-o-o-w-l-y figure out what to do with me. Apparently, I’m not in trouble, but am probably being moved. You never know for sure when you are in prison.

Knowing that I would not get my Bible for weeks, and that the BOP book cart would probably only have NIV’s or other modern translations which have thousands of problems (See Seminar 7), I prayed for God to specifically provide a King James Bible for me.

I had only been in the room about thirty minutes when they brought mail. That is another miracle in itself, that mail came to the hole the first day! In the mail for me were three books from you, Jacob. A Cruden’s Concordance (for which I was also praying, because I had loaned mine out at the prison camp and forgot to get it back in my haste to pack), a book about Free Masonry, and a 1611 Edition King James Bible! I was s-o-o-o-o-o happy God answered my prayer s-o-o-o-o-o fast! I opened it to read a passage I’d been thinking about all day, and quickly realized that this was really a 1611 KJV before English spelling was standardized in later editions. For example, the word “he” is spelled “hee” and “hie” in other various places, as well as lots of other ancient spellings.

I have always wanted to own and read the 1611 version, but it struck me as funny that God answered my prayer e-x-a-a-a-c-t-l-y as I had prayed! I said, “Real funny, God! You gave me what I prayed for alright. I guess I should be more specific next time and ask for the standardized spelling too!” God and I had a good laugh. Then I realized that God had to have spoken to your heart weeks ago in order for those specific books to arrive right on time!

Thanks for the books and thanks for being sensitive to God’s voice. The whole incident reminded me that He is working on a much bigger picture. I can sit back and relax and read the book I’ve wanted to read for years while I “wait on the Lord.”
The passage that had been on my heart all day reads like this in the Bible you sent. Pfalmes XLV 1:10 “Be stil, and know that I am God: I will bee exalted among the heathen. I will bee exalted in the earth.”

I don’t know how long I’ll be here (the man across the hall has been in the hole for over a year!) but as I stay in this cell twenty-three hours a day; comb my hair with a plastic “spork”; write with a 4? rubber pen; and eat some cold french fries for supper; I’ll be continually reminded of God’s wisdom and providence as I read the books you sent.

Thank you, Jacob!

In Christ,
Kent Hovind

P.S. The Web Site will list my location and address for those who wish to write. Mail really helps when you are in prison, but I may be slow to respond for now as there is very limited paper, envelopes, and stamps when you are in the hole. And no, those cannot be sent to me. I must buy them through the prison system. I’ll answer mail when I can.

Knee-Mail: “Hold Your Position”

Knee-Mail: Hold Your Position
From: Kent Hovind
Sent: December 9, 2009
Posted: July 16, 2010
To: Four Soldiers in Afghanistan, Pastor Jones
Subject: Trusting God’s Leading

GOD: Good morning, Son!

kh: Lord! It’s 2:30 am!

GOD: Not where we are going Son. It’s supper time. You’ve been wondering why I’ve kept you there for so long haven’t you?

kh: Yes, Lord! Every day! Do I finally get an answer?

GOD: That depends on how well you listen, Son. Let’s go . . .

kh: Wow! It’s chilly here. Where are we Lord?

GOD: In the hills of Afghanistan, Son. Do you see those four US soldiers behind the rocks on that hill?

kh: Yes, Lord.

GOD: Go listen to them, Son. They won’t be able to see you.

kh: OK, Lord . . .

Private First Class: Hey, Sarge. We’ve been here for five days and nights now and haven’t seen a single person. There is nobody out here. There is a whole war going on just forty miles away and we are missing it. Why does the General keep us here? I’m trained to fight. This sitting is wearing on my nerves. What good are we doing here?

Sargent: I don’t understand it either, Private, but I’ve been a soldier a long time. I’ve learned to just obey orders. Especially from General Jacobson. He has never been wrong since I’ve known him. I know we’ve been up here a long time and we are all tired, lonely, itching for a fight and bored half out of our minds. I know it seems like we have been forgotten, but we haven’t been. Just hold this position as ordered.

Corporal: Hey, Sarge. It’s 1800 hours. Time to check in with HQ. Should I send the signal?

Sarge: Yes, Corporal, one flash only. You know we can’t use the radio so you will have one try to hit that mountain with the laser. It’s 20K away. Take your time and aim carefully!

Corp: Yes, Sir! I can hit it first try.

Headquarters Colonel: General Jacobson, we just got the single flash from hill 1403. Those men have got to be tired, bored and wondering why you left them way out there alone. Can we give them any message?

Gen: Colonel, the Taliban cave is ten meters right under their feet and our men don’t even know it. That whole hill is full of caves. Our intel says there are at least forty Taliban fighters in there with enough explosives to take out half a city. If we move our men out, the next night those Taliban will come out like a swarm of angry bees and kill hundreds of people. Our men can’t move and we can’t tell them why. The Taliban has got to be running low on food, water, supplies, and patience too.
As long as our men stay put, it foils the plans. You know I’d love to tell our men how important that position is but I can’t right now. We will call them home soon and explain the whole thing. Until then, they have to just wait (Psalm 27:14; Psalm 46:10). I chose that squad because Sarge has been with me for years. He’s a good soldier and he trusts me. He will follow orders. Send two flashes only . . .

Corporal: Sarge. I got the message back. Two flashes only.

Sarge: OK, men. You know what that means. Hold this position. Keep an eye out.

PFC: For what, Sarge? There aren’t any enemy fighters within forty miles of here! I really want to do something for the war effort. Sitting out here on this little hill makes no sense.

Sarge: It doesn’t make sense to me either, Soldier. It doesn’t have to. Hold your position.

GOD: Let’s go home, Son. . . . Did you get your answer?

kh: I think so, Lord. I don’t need to understand. I just need to trust You to see a bigger picture and keep me where You need me (Romans 8:28).

GOD: Very good, Son! You are slow but there is hope. If those four lonely soldiers left their post, evil would burst out of the hill like fizz out of a warm, well-shaken can of coke. Just a few well-placed men stopped it. I have My children scattered in various spots all over the planet, Son. I’m keeping evil in check. Once I remove My children (I Thessalonians 4:17), evil will explode all over the world (II Timothy 3:13).

kh: I see, Lord.

GOD: Two more stops, Son, before you go back to bed. . . . This is Pastor Jones’ office. He’s been pastor of this little church for thirty-five years. He’s praying the same prayer he has prayed several times a day for thirty-five years, but you need to hear it . . .

Pastor Jones: Dear Lord, why do You keep me here? I’ve been faithful for thirty-five years to preach Your Word, yet only twenty-seven people come to church. This tiny town has another church. I know the pastor is a liberal, but, Lord, I’ve knocked on every door in these hills and witnessed to everyone who will listen. My brother and I were both called to preach on the same day and went to the same school to train. Now his church has 2,000 every week and his TV ministry reaches thousands more. There is nothing here for me to do, Lord. Would You please let me move? I don’t understand it, Lord, but I trust You.
Please give me grace to endure. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

GOD: I send him two flashes each time, Son. Hold still. Come with me and I’ll show you why . . . Do you see those three men in the woods by the campfire?

kh: Yes, Lord.

GOD: Go listen, Son (Ezekiel 8:5-18).

Mayor: Good evening, Friends. Thanks for meeting me out here. I won’t be long. Is everything set?

Sheriff: It’s all set on my end, Mayor. I’ve got the right people in place at our little airport and the contacts in Columbia are ready to do business. Once the final obstacles are cleared, we will have the biggest drug and sex-slave route in the country. Nobody would ever suspect our sleepy little town of any wrong. Everyone looks at us as fine upstanding pillars of the community. Ha! We will be rich!

Pastor: Well, I know it all rests on me. I’ve been doing all I can do to discredit and discourage that crazy old fundamentalist preacher. I take jabs at him nearly every sermon to keep people from listening to him. He has less than thirty people going to his church now. He will get discouraged and quit soon, I’m sure.

Mayor: It’s a shame his church and parsonage are so close to our only airport. If we started getting lots of late night flights he would get suspicious and alert the authorities. We can’t have that. He has to go. That’s all there is to it. Let’s keep working on that.

Sheriff: I can’t find any dirt on him. He’s as clean as a hound’s tooth. If I hassle him or arrest him without good cause, it will just tip him off to a problem. I’ll watch him though.

Mayor: OK, Gentlemen, keep a low key and keep working to get rid of him. Until then, we must just bide our time. We need to hurry though. We are losing a fortune every week (I Timothy 6:10). Let’s cross hands, recite the oath and get home before our wives get suspicious.

kh: Wow, Lord! That discouraged preacher is keeping a lid on evil and doesn’t even know it, does he?

GOD: He knows there is a spiritual battle, all right, but he has no clue how deep it goes in his own little area. Sometimes I call on My children to serve in hard or lonely spots like your prison, pastoring in a small town or mission field or even staying faithful in a bad marriage to keep the children or spouse from going wild (I Peter 3:1). Esther had a pretty bad marriage. She had to share her husband with scores of other women, but she stayed faithful to Me and saved her entire nation (Esther 4-9). John served Me for many lonely years on the Isle of Patmos, but while he was there, I showed him the future and had him write The Revelation. Now millions have been saved and encouraged by knowing what’s coming. Joni Ericson Tada has spent many lonely years in a wheelchair, but her faith has inspired millions.

kh: Including me!

GOD: Including you.

kh: Is my presence here needed to keep a lid on something, Lord?

GOD: Not just there, Son. Study the history of Edgefield. There is more evil hidden in the hearts and minds of people involved in and watching your case than you would believe. When My people are removed, the evil will explode all over the planet. Evil is getting worse, son (II Timothy 3:13). All My children need to keep the whole armor of God on (Ephesians 6:10-17) and be ready to stand fast (Galatians 5:1). I know this is hard for you, son, and that you want to go home. There are men in the dorm and people on the outside that are watching you even if you don’t see them. I’ll reward those who are faithful to Me, beyond their wildest dream! Especially those who are called on to suffer for My name (II Timothy 2:2-12; Revelation 2:10). Hold your position! I’ve got your back.

37 Things I love About Jo Hovind

July 14, 2010 will make 37 years of my being married to Jo Delia Hovind. Wow how time flies! Thank you for all these wonderful years Jo. So, since she surprised me last year {“Thirty-Six Things I Love and Appreciate About Dr Kent Hovind”}, to commemorate the occasion, here are…

37 Things I love about Jo Hovind (in no particular order- the way my eclectic mind works).

1. I love the way we met. I was sharing my testimony and singing (yes, I know it is hard to believe!) with a friend at her church youth group October 4, 1970. She came up after-wards crying for joy that there were other teens who loved Jesus and weren’t ashamed to share Him! Meeting at church is a great way to start a relationship! The next night was our first date.

2. On our first date my old 1962 VW blew the motor on the way back from a youth activity. {“First Date”} She never complained that I had a “clunker.” I love the fact that she has been content even though we have never had a new car. She’s content with her 15 year old Mercury with 150,000+ miles. Just so it starts and is clean. Thanks Jo for being so easy to please about cars! It makes me love you and want to get you a better one someday. (I know, just so it’s another Grand Marquis! Yes Dear!)

3. I loved the way she never complained as we conserved money during our dating life by double dating a lot with her parents or mine. She was always so content to just be with me and help my parents build their house. She was never demanding (and still is not) about going out to spend lots of money. Hot dogs over an open fire at the construction site were fine with her. I love her I Timothy 6:8 attitude toward money. She truly is content with what God provides for us in every area.

4. I loved it as we dated that she memorized Proverbs 31 and sought all her life to be the “virtuous woman” described in there. She has come the closest of any woman I’ve ever met or heard about!

5. I love the way she reminds me of Rebekah in Genesis 24. Both Rebekah and Jo were answers to prayer (v. 12-14) {“Dear Rebekah”}. My mom told me that when I was born she put my little hands in hers and prayed, “Dear Lord, Please find a godly wife for my boy some day.” Boy did God answer that prayer!

6. J She was very fair to look upon, a virgin” (v. 16). For nearly 40 years now I have loved looking at her. She keeps herself beautiful for me. Rebekah must have done the same – (Gen. 26:7) Thank you Jo!

7. Just as Rebekah was busy working for her father (v. 16), Jo was always the ideal daughter to her parents. I loved seeing her interact with her parents. I wanted a daughter like that! (And I got one!)

8. Just as Rebekah saw a need without being asked or told and offered the man a drink (Gen. 24:18), Jo can always see when people have needs or are hurting and quickly volunteers to try to meet the need (I’m considerably more oblivious in this area!). Jo is always quick to help others without question and without complaint. I love her giving heart!

9. Just as Rebekah not only saw the thirsty man’s need and filled it, she also volunteered to water his 10 thirsty camels! With a bucket from a well! Did you know one camel can drink 10 gallons of water?! VERY few women will ever volunteer for really hard jobs! But all our married life, Jo has done that over and over. She is the hardest working woman I have ever met! She is self-sacrificing with everyone. I love your spirit Jo!

10. Verse 20 says that Rebekah “hasted” and “ran” to do this huge job of watering the camels! Jo works hard, fast, efficiently and without complaining! What a rare trait in girls and women these days! I love you for being that way Jo!

11. Even after all that hard work, Rebekah was still sweet and hospitable to this stranger at the well. Even after working hard, Jo is still sweet and hospitable. When our kids were little we had fun family devotions that LOTS of people heard about and wanted to see. We had families over after just about every church service (and many other evenings) for snacks and devotions for years. We think we had between 4,000 and 5,000 people come join us. She’s the most gracious host and giving (even though we were SO-O-O-O-O broke in those days!) woman I have ever met. I love watching her be hostess and share her house with many thousands over these 37 years of marriage. You are truly amazing Jo! I am blessed to be your husband!

12. When Rebekah was asked if she would move 500 miles away (v. 58), she never complained. She just said, “I will go.” God has led us to move many times – Illinois, Texas, California and Florida. She just packs up and goes with me wherever God leads. I love her attitude about serving God any place He calls, even far from home.

13. When Rebekah saw Isaac for the first time “she took a veil and covered herself.” (v. 65). In the 2 ½ years we dated, she never tried to attract me (or any other boys) by being immodest. She was and is always modest and keeps herself only for me. I love her attitude towards dress! My daddy said, “If you’re not in business, don’t advertise!” Even though she is incredibly beautiful, she is modest and doesn’t flaunt it like so many women do today. She is a great role model for girls to follow (I Tim. 2:9; Matt. 5:28)!

14. As we dated and helped my parents build a house she always jumped in to clean up our messes! She was not very good (actually pretty bad) at pounding nails, and at only 5 feet ½ inch tall, not much help lifting walls or carrying plywood. But she worked as hard as us men in doing what she could. All God ever expects from us is that we do what we can (Mk. 14:8). She has always jumped in and done what she could. I love her work ethic!

15. I love the fact that when she cleans, She CLEANS! She has never been content with doing a job 1/2 way. The kids bought her a used refrigerator last month and she spent 4 hours cleaning it! She will scrub every nook and cranny till it gleams. She is almost a fanatic about cleanliness in everything, house, clothes, dishes, grand-kids, yard…She does a very thorough job at whatever she cleans. While I am definitely NOT as fastidious (I’d have spent 30 minutes on the fridge…OK, maybe 20!). I love the fact that she is such a great worker in cleaning whatever she puts her hands to. I’m honored to be her husband!

16. I love her tender heart and purse for the things of God. When she hears of missionaries in need she opens her heart and purse to give what she can. She is the most unselfish woman I have ever met! I love her giving spirit.

17. As our ministry grew and we had to have help, she gladly let us put offices in the house. It grew to where there were 10 ministry offices, 7 phone lines and 180+ VCR’s in her house! (Not to mention a very busy Dinosaur Adventure Land theme park and science center in her back yard!) How many women are so dedicated to getting the gospel out they would even give up their house!? I love her 100% commitment to God’s work!

18. As I began to travel more and more she readily let me do the work God had called me to. She traveled with me when she could, but stayed home and was mom and dad to the kids while I was gone 2-4 days each week.

19. I loved watching her as a mother! She was totally dedicated to seeing to it that our children worked hard in school and were involved in lots of wholesome activities at church and school. She was very focused on being a good mom and, as our kids will all testify, she was great! I couldn’t have chosen a better mom for my children (or better looking)!!!

20. I love the way she patiently teaches her piano students! Since shortly after we were married she took in students to help pay the bills. She is not only a fabulous pianist, but a great teacher! Her students all love her and work hard to please her. She makes learning fun while pushing to get the most out of them.

21. I love the way she seeks to use music for God’s glory! She has no taste for the heathen, worldly music that promotes sin and wickedness (Col. 3:16). She has always used her incredible music skills to further the cause of Christ. I love listening to her play and sing. She and my daughter are a fabulous duet! I get a LOT of requests, but sometimes I sing anyway! She is a godly example for all to follow in the field of music.

22. I love her organizational skills! She has all 28 file drawers of her music organized beyond belief! Her filing system is light years ahead of my piling system! When she was put in charge of the Pensacola Music Teacher’s Association Sonata Contest, she took it from an average of 200 participants to set a new United States record with 650 students participating in one music competition! She had judges, rooms, times, and everything including parking and awards ceremony well organized! She is awesome!

23. I love her attitude toward fame. She shuns the spotlight. She really does what she does so God alone gets the glory! If she does a project it will be done right and few will know she was involved! She really has a servant’s heart. I love that!

24. Proverbs 31:11 says, “the heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.” I love the fact that I can trust her completely in every area even though this silly court case and cruel prison system has made it to where I’ve not been allowed to see her for over 2 ½ years now! What joy to have a wife I can trust! MANY men in here don’t have that!

25. Verse 12 says, “she will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.” She has never done one evil thing to me since we met almost 40 years ago. She has been a model Proverbs 31 wife in so-o-o-o-o many ways! I love her for her efforts to follow God’s word. All girls should do this! What a world that would be! (Titus 2:4)

26. Just as the Proverbs 31 woman is careful to provide proper food for her household (vs. 15). Jo has always been a great cook and provider of nutritious meals for our family. I lo-o-o-o-o-ve her cooking! Can’t wait to get some again! (Soon if this motion gets granted!) I especially love her bacon! We never get bacon here. It’s a good thing I’m Norwegian not Jewish! I LOVE bacon!

27. “Her husband is known in the gates.” (vs. 23) Jo, being a very private person and not seeking any glory has done very well dealing with all the fame, notoriety and then bad press over our ministry and this case. God has allowed us to put out over 2 million videos and DVD’s in 30 languages all over the world. Without even trying, her husband has become well-known (good and bad). There are about 2,000 anti-Hovind websites! Without her support, I would never have been able to travel and stir up the atheists to these heights of agitation and we never would have seen the tens of thousands of souls saved and lives changed for the Lord. This virtuous woman will get rewards in Heaven for her support, so God can use her husband. Thanks Jo. I love you!

28. Just as the Proverbs 31 woman looks for ways to supplement the family income with wise investments (vs. 13, 16, 18, 19, & 24), Jo has always helped without complaint. There is no “her money” or “his money,” just “God’s money.” I love her attitude toward the family budget. What a wife!

29. “She eateth not the bread of idleness (vs. 27).” Truer words could not be spoken of Jo Hovind. From the time she gets up till late at night – she works! It’s a rare thing to see her just sit and relax.

30. I love the way our children respect her (vs. 28). She was and is an awesome mother. Even though they are in their 30’s now, all of our children live next door and love their mother. She was a great daughter to her parents and is now reaping what she sowed. (Galatians 6:7) I love to see her interact with her children and now 5 grandchildren. The world would be a MUCH better place with millions of mothers like Jo. She took being a mom serious and worked hard to do a good job.

31. I love the fact that she doesn’t waste time on T.V., soap operas, movies, and games. She could care less about sports (like me) and focuses on things of eternal value. I love her proper perspective on life. She can spot things that are a waste of time and avoids them.

32. I love the way she is kind to people even if they are not kind to her. Many hurtful and untrue things were said and printed about us over the case (and still are). Even many Christians who should have known better were vocal and even vicious in the evil things and false reports they spread about us. She quietly cried and never retaliated in word or deed. I love her sweet forgiving spirit!

33. I love taking walks with her and the family. She is a blessing to just be with! She is always looking to help people and on our family walks, she will pick up even the neighbor’s trash to clean the street and neighborhood. We all tease her about wanting to clean the whole world, but I love being married to a woman like her!

34. I Timothy 3 gives the qualifications of the wife of a church leader. She meets them all. I love the fact that she has never tasted alcohol or taken any illegal drugs and has no desire to (nor have I BTW). What a blessing!

35. I love her attitude towards clothes. She is content with not having the latest and most expensive fashions. I’ve never seen her splurge on expensive clothes, shoes, or jewelry. She has a great attitude toward the real long term value of these things – they are all going to burn!

36. I love snuggling with her! She loves to lay on my shoulder and talk about her day and her dreams. I love listening to her voice. She is kind and never loud or screaming like some women I know (Proverbs 7:11)! What a wife!

37. I love lots of other things, but I’ll save them till I get home and tell her personally! J Soon I hope! Thanks for being such a godly wife for all these years and through all these trials. I love you Jo. This too shall pass! I’ll be home soon (Pro. 18:22).


Knee-Mail: Dear Stephen R. Adams

Knee-Mail: Dear Stephen R. Adams
From: Kent Hovind
Sent: December 8, 2009
To: Mr. Adams
Posted: June 26, 2010
Subject: Thank you for your service to God!

Dear Mr. Adams,

As far as I know, we have never met. I don’t know anything about you except that you wrote only one song in the song book used here at the prison. I don’t know if you have written hundreds of other songs, or if God just called you to write this one. Many people in the Bible seem to only have been called on by God to accomplish one thing with their life. He used Bezaleel to build the furniture for the tabernacle.

Exodus 31:2-5 “2 See, I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah: 3 And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, 4 To devise cunning works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, 5 And in cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving of timber, to work in all manner of workmanship.”

It doesn’t say what he did after that. Maybe it doesn’t matter. That one job was enough to bless millions for many years to come.

I just wanted to let you know that your song, “Where the Spirit of the Lord Is” has blessed and helped me greatly. As you said in the song, God’s Spirit will give comfort in life’s darkest hour. Thanks for that reminder. I know that millions have had it so much worse than me over the centuries and that Christians today, especially in America, are weak, soft, spoiled, and not ready in the least for real trials or tribulation, but even so, there have been plenty of “dark hours” for me in the last few years and your song has been a blessing beyond words. Thanks for writing it.

If you read this, please write to me, and let me know what motivated you to write that song, and tell me a little bit about yourself. If you did nothing else for the Lord with your life, that song will still live on and reap a harvest for the kingdom. It has comforted me greatly in my dark hours. I get letters telling how my simple creation videos have helped people to be drawn to the Lord. It is such a blessing to hear that God has, is, and will continue to use our feeble efforts for His glory!

I only play the piano with two fingers, and very slowly at that. It is a rainy day here. I haven’t seen my wife of 36 years in over two years. The government is attempting to destroy our ministry if they can. Certainly, the press has not been our friend! Yet, God has sustained us through it all. Even if this is the only song you have written, I pray it will motivate thousands to do something, even if only one thing, for Christ. I just came from the totally deserted Chapel where I sat and played it over and over. God used it to comfort me. Thanks! I thought you might need to know.

In Christ,
Kent Hovind

Knee-Mail: Barnabas—The Starter Motor

Knee-Mail: Barnabas—The Starter Motor
From: Kent Hovind
Sent: September 24, 2009
Posted: June 21, 2010
To: Barnabas
Subject: Encouragement

GOD: Hey, Son, are you ready to learn something?

kh: Sure, Lord. What is it today?

God: Do you remember the problem with the van on the trip to Arkansas?

kh: Yes, Lord. The starter motor went out and I couldn’t get it started until I replaced it. It was tough repairing it on the side of the road with only a few tools, but I did it.

GOD: Was anything wrong with the motor?

kh: No. That 350 four-bolt main was a strong engine! It ran great!

GOD: If you got it started.

kh: Of course.

GOD: So all that horsepower would be wasted without a starter motor to get it going, right?

kh: Right.

GOD: Let’s go meet Barnabas. He is doing mission work on Cyprus… That’s him under the tree. Go talk with him, Son.

kh: Ok, Lord.

KH: Excuse me, Barnabas. May I ask you some questions?

Barnabas: Sure! Have a seat. How can I help?

KH: Well, what got you started in mission work?

BA: I was raised here on Cyprus. I’m a Levite. I was in Jerusalem when the great revival broke out (Acts 4:31-33). It was incredible! Souls were being saved and lives were being changed. God filled us with His Spirit and we preached boldly to all who would listen. If anyone had needs ,we sold things to meet those needs. I sold a piece of land I had to feed the poor. I love helping people. My name even means “son of consolation.”

KH: If you are from Cyprus, what were you doing in Jerusalem?

BA: My aunt Mary and my cousin John Mark live there (Acts 12:12; Col. 4:10). Mary’s husband died and left her the big house to take care of. I go visit once-in-a-while to check in on her. Jesus even held his last supper at Mary’s house years ago. I became very active in the Jerusalem church. When we heard about Greeks being saved in Antioch, the church sent me with several others to see if God was really working with Gentiles now.

KH: What did you find?

BA: Oh, He was working alright! I stayed there about a year exhorting them to stay close to the Lord (Acts 11:23). The church really grew and souls were saved (Acts 11:24). It was great!

KH: So what did you do after that?

BA: I went to Tarsus to seek Saul (Acts 11:25).

KH: Wow! That’s quite a journey. Isn’t Tarsus about 150 miles away by land and over the Nur Daglari mountains?

BA: Yes, it is. But, the trip was worth it. Saul had gotten started serving the Lord a few years back (Acts 9:26-27). I helped him then, too. He seemed to get discouraged and sort of went home and quit. I knew God could use him in a great way if somebody could encourage him and get him started again.

KH: Did it work?

BA: Wow! It sure did! He has been one of the most zealous evangelists in the whole world for years now. He and I went on a missionary journey starting churches all over Cyprus and Turkey (Acts 13-14). He is a brilliant Bible scholar and can answer any questions the skeptics give him. He proves that Jesus is the very Christ.

KH: Does that upset some people?

BA: Oh man! It sure does! They got so angry in Lystra, they stoned him to death (Acts 14:19), but God raised him up to continue preaching. We had a great trip!

KH: So why aren’t you with him now?

BA: We had a little falling out over my cousin John Mark (Acts 15:37) and split up into two teams. God used it for good. I hear Paul is all the way over in Greece now starting churches and winning souls. He will do far more for the Lord in his lifetime than I will ever do. He’s smarter, more zealous, and a better preacher than I will ever be.

KH: Does that make you jealous?

BA: No way! We just want to win souls and glorify God. I’m just glad I helped get him going again after his lapse into discouragement.

KH: So you were sort of like a starter motor.

BA: A what? What’s a starter motor?

KH: Never mind. Those won’t be invented for hundreds of years. My bad. Now I see why God wanted me to talk with you. We may not be the point guard to do great things for God, but if we can help encourage others to get moving for the Lord, we have done our job.

BA: Not sure what a point guard is either, but I do try to encourage people. I do my best to serve God and try to motivate others to do the same. If they end up doing more than I, then “Praise God!”

KH: Thanks, Barnabas. I’ve enjoyed talking with you. Oh, and when we get to Heaven, I’ll explain what a starter motor and a point guard is!

GOD: Let’s go home, Son. …Does that help you?

kh: Wow, Lord! Yes! I can’t do everything that needs done for your kingdom, but I can encourage others to do great things.

GOD: You can and you have. You got your children going for Me as well as lots of others. Sit back and watch what I do through them now. I’ve got your back.

Knee-Mail: Drusilla! How Could You Do That?

Knee-Mail:    Drusilla! How Could You Do That?
From:    Kent Hovind
Sent:    September 25, 2009
Posted: June 11, 2010
To:    Drusilla
Subject:    Injustice and Money
Acts 24: 24-27    24And after certain days, when Felix came with his wife Drusilla, which was a Jewess, he sent for Paul, and heard him concerning the faith in Christ.  25And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered, Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season, I will call for thee.  26He hoped also that money should have been given him of Paul, that he might loose him: wherefore he sent for him the oftener, and communed with him.  27But after two years Porcius Festus came into Felix room: and Felix, willing to show the Jes a pleasure, left Paul bound.

kh:    Lord, the more I talk with people who have been hurt by the injustices in our land, the more I wonder how evil people can do what they do and still sleep at night. Doesn’t their conscience bother them?

GOD:    At first, it does. But if a person does evil long enough, their conscience becomes seared with a hot iron (1 Timothy 4:2). They lose feeling and can do evil and sleep just fine. It’s like they are walking dead men (Ephesians 4:19; Jude 12-16). Several people in My Word got that way. Let’s go visit Drusilla. She’s a good example. …There she is, Son. Enjoy your visit.

kh:    Thanks, Lord.

KH:    Excuse me ma’am. May I talk with you for a minute?

Drusilla (Dru): Yes. How can I help you?

KH:    Well, you look like a queen of some kind. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Dru:    Yes. I’m a Jew (Acts 24:24) and I am married to Felix the procurator of Judah.

KH:    What does a procurator do?

Dru:    He is a governor of sorts, but he answers directly to Caesar instead of the Roman Senate. Caesar puts them in charge of provinces that cause trouble. People say my husband is cruel and greedy, but he simply has a hard job to do. Two years ago he heard a case involving a man named Paul. I sat in on that one. It was obvious Paul was innocent, but Felix felt it was best to leave him in prison. Sometimes people will pay money to get out of prison.

KH:    Sort of like ransom?

Dru:    We look at it more like the cost of doing business. And besides, we were worried about what the Jews would think (Acts 24:26-27). In this troubled province, it’s simply easier not to make waves.

KH:    But what about the fact that Paul sits in prison for two years even though he didn’t break any laws?

Dru:    That’s just an unfortunate side of politics.

KH:    Does it bother you?

Dru:    It did at first. It really bothered my husband for a while after Paul preached (Acts 24:25).

KH:    What did he preach about that bothered your husband?

Dru:    Oh, it bothered both of us! He preached about righteousness and we don’t have much of that. My great grandfather killed a bunch of babies in Bethlehem years ago. It had to be done to protect the throne. My dad Herod Agrippa I, killed James (Acts 12:1-2). My brother, Herod Agrippa II, married our sister Bernice. That upset lots of people!

Paul also preached about self-control. Ha! We definitely don’t have much of that! But the worst part was when he preached about a coming judgment (Acts 24:25)!  My husband was shaking! He sent Paul away until he calmed down. After that, he talked with Paul a lot (Acts 24:26), but it never bothered him as much as that first time.

KH:    Does it bother him now?

Dru:    Oh, we don’t talk about it or worry about it much. We just go about our life. Paul gets fed and we let him write letters and stuff, so he’s fine.

KH:    How can you say he’s fine? He’s unjustly imprisoned.

Dru:    We don’t look at it that way. His peers think he did something wrong even though we couldn’t find any evidence to substantiate that, so we simply blame Paul’s condition on his peers. They are happy as long as he is imprisoned. We keep hinting that Paul could be released if he offered enough money (Acts 24:26), but no one has met our price yet.

KH:    So it’s all about the money (1 Timothy 6:10)?

Dru:    Isn’t it always?

KH:    Yes. Just like in the movie,  “Follow the yellow brick road.”

Dru:    What’s a movie?

KH:    Never mind. That would take a while to explain! So do you sleep alright at night.

Dru:    Most nights. If I have trouble there are plenty of drugs or drinks to help with sleep.

KH:    I see. Well, thanks for your time. I need to go.

Dru:    You are most welcome.   …

kh:    Some things never change do they, Lord?

GOD:    Not yet, Son; but, they will when I take over! Go walk the track. I’ve got your back.

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