Call to prayer | Dr. Kent Hovind's Blog

The great trial continues this week (and maybe next) and then it will be over one way or the other.  Our ministry needs everyone’s prayers now more than ever.  I wish I could share more details at this time but I cannot.  My tendency to debate and expose lies and my desire to defend my reputation and the cause of Christ make silence very difficult but God (and my wife and my attorney) has helped me so far.  All I ask is that everyone pray fervently (James 5:16) for the situation, especially over the next few days.

Dinosaur Adventure Land is still seeing lots of visitors and hundreds keep getting saved through our video series.  The radio program also continues to have listeners from all over the world so the work of the Lord continues.  I now better understand what Nehemiah felt in 4:17-18 as he continued the work while fighting the enemies of the cause at the same time.  More later.  KH