Update on CSE and Dr. Hovind's status. | Dr. Kent Hovind's Blog

We have heard from Dr. Hovind. He is faithfully serving the Savior in the Escambia County Jail. He has already lead at least two men to the Lord. The mother of one of the men called to CSE to thank us for an answer to her years of prayer.

CSE continues to operate: www.drdino.com. Dinosaur Adventure Land and the bookstore are still open during winter hours. We had about 120 visitors last week. The daily radio program on: www.truthradio.com continues as well, answering live questions on: creation, evolution, and dinosaurs.

We may write to Dr. Hovind. All incoming mail to prisoners is subject to screening and censoring. Dr. Hovind will probably not be able to answer letters sent to him. Pamphlets, books, CDs, or DVDs should not be mailed to him.

If you would like to write to Dr. Hovind, his address is:

Kent Hovind #135733 G203 P.O. Box 17800

Pensacola, FL 32522-7789